Sun Joe SWJ807E Review 2023 – 8 Amp Convertible Pole Chainsaw

It has been a long since chainsaws have been around – meanwhile, the mainstreaming of electric chainsaws has further eased the jobs for homeowners and loggers. Usually, electric-powered chainsaws are used for light to medium-duty cutting jobs; however, they are quite convenient to maintain and handle. Amid a massive number of electrical-powered chainsaws available in the market, Sun Joe has gained a good reputation because of its manufacturing quality and admirable features.

Sun Joe SWJ807E is a 10 inches pole saw which can also be converted into a chainsaw.

Being an 8 Amp electrical convertible pole saw, it consumes a minor amount of electricity while offering enough amount of power to cut limbs and small-sized logs.

You can easily cut down even the most stubborn tree limbs whose diameter is up to 9.5 inches.

This chainsaw has been designed to offer a perfect combination of performance and power – it has reputation for being stubborn against the roughest woods.

So, if you are looking for a durable chainsaw for your yard work, Sun Joe SWJ807E is there as one of the most feasible choices. Meanwhile, depending on your needs, you can also convert it into a pole saw.

Detailed Features of Sun Joe SWJ807E  

This is a beginner’s or entry-level chainsaw just like Echo CS 3510 chainsaw that can be used by someone who is not experienced in operating the chainsaw. However, it is still very important to wear all safety gear before you start working with this machine. To effectively use this power tool and cut wood, it is recommended to know about the proper use of a chainsaw.

1. Convertible Pole Saw 

Among all its features, the most impressive one is its ability that allows it to be converted it into a chainsaw from a pole saw. While choosing the pole saw, the most important thing is to check its length – it helps you ascertain if it would be able to reach the branches on the top of the tree or not.

Fortunately, the length of Sun Joe SWJ807E is enough to reach any branch of the tree. You can adjust the height according to your requirements.

On the other hand, you can also use it as a chainsaw – adjust the length of the bar, and start cutting whatever wood you want to cut up to the thickness of 9.5 inches.

2. Power and Performance

When it comes to buying any power tool or cutting tool, its speed, performance, and power are fundamental factors that must be checked. Sun Joe SWJ807E has a motor of 8 amperes which delivers an output of 0.8 horsepower.

With this much power, you can easily trim the branches of the toughest woods. Because this is a corded chainsaw, it is necessary to connect it to a power source while using it for your purpose.

As far as its performance is concerned, it is truly one of the best chainsaws in the category of electrical-powered chainsaws. It offers good performance with excellent durability.

3. Telescopic Mechanism 

The secret of the good reputation of Sun Joe SWJ807E lies in its ability that permits users to adjust its height. Sometimes, you might need a cutting tool with an extended bar length to cut or trim distant branches of the trees, and here you come across the need for this incredible machine.

Its telescoping mechanism allows users to adjust the height of the pole saw, and every time after using this product, you can detach the saw head and store it.

Meanwhile, the Sun Joe SWJ807E has an extendable pole whose length can be adjusted. Adjusting the length of the pole, you can reach even the highest branches on the tree.

4. Ease of Use

Comfort and ease of use should be at the top of your priority list when it is to buy a pole saw. When you buy a pole saw, you intend to use it for a long time, so it must be ensured whether it is convenient to use or not.

Do not forget to look into the features such as the length of the handle that comes in the package and the length of the chain. Luckily, Sun Joe SWJ807E has all those features and offers extremely easy handling during use.

Similarly, this is a lightweight saw that you can use for a long without being exhausted. You can easily hold it while standing on the ladder.

5. Auto-lubrication Mechanism 

Lubrication of the chain and bar is very important to keep your chainsaw functional; otherwise, you might need to compromise on its efficiency. Meanwhile, you also have this facility in Worx WG384 which is another excellent electric-powered chainsaw.

Usually, chainsaws are required to lubricate manually, however, this is not the case with Sun Joe SWJ807E because it has an auto-lubrication system that provides bar and chain with enough lubrication. This is how, the sharpness of the chain prevails longer, and you can use it with the best of its efficiency.

Tested Review of Sun Joe SWJ807E

I purchased Sun Joe SWJ807E a few months back – my purpose in buying this machine was to use it for regular cleanups and trimming of trees. It will not be wrong to say that it is one of the best electric-powered chainsaws I ever used.

Although, some users complain about its starting mechanism, still, it is hugely worthwhile for those who are tight on budget. The followings are my findings about this chainsaw which you can better understand in the form of ratings;

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cutting Speed

Overall Rating

Based on my personal use of this pole saw, I would recommend this to all those users who are looking for a good quality pole/chain saw for regular cleanups and trimming. However, those who want a heavy-duty chainsaw, they should better see into the details of Husqvarna 135 Mark II or Echo CS 590.

Overall Rating

Specifications of Sun Joe SWJ807E

This power tool has amazing specifications which are enough to grab the attention of any chainsaw user. These specifications will show you a bigger picture of the worth of this chainsaw;

Sun Joe SWJ807ESpecifications
Length of Chain10 inches
Motor 8 Amperes
Power Produced0.8 HP
Weight8.4 Pounds
Power SourcesCorded Electric


There are different types of chainsaws, and each type is suited for a specified nature of task. If you are looking for a light weight chainsaw whose length could be adjusted according to the requirements, this one is among the most suitable choices.

This is light-weight saw which allows you to trim or cut distant branches of the tree, adjust the length of the pole given with the saw, and start cutting or trimming the branches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you store a Sun Joe Pole saw?

This is an electric-powered chainsaw that is perfectly suitable for small-scaled wood cutting, trimming and pruning jobs. Before you store this pole saw, it is recommended the clean the chain of the saw thoroughly, and then store it.

Q2. How much horsepower does Sun Joe SWJ807E have?

If you are looking for a compact-sized, easy to handle and relatively cheaper pole saw, Sun Joe SWJ807E is a perfect choice. It generates the power of 0.8 horsepower which is desirable to perform cutting jobs at some height.

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