Best Cheap Chainsaw 2023 – 7 Affordable and Reliable Options

Obviously, the trees keep on spreading young branches uncontrollably and create a wild look unless you provide incision for changing their appearance. An off day spent in the yard has always been a decent idea. With the latest trends in the market, you need not worry about the heavy expenditure on the tools. You now find the best affordable chainsaw quite easily from the market. 

One thing to note is that cheap does not mean sub-standard items. Cheap means the best chainsaws which show a better result than the price. Most of the products discussed below are corded electrical. Actually, corded electric chainsaws are better in many ways than other products, with some other power sources, in the same range of price. You will find a detailed discussion on such devices underneath.

Whenever I find any friend of mine, taking suggestions in opting for anything of daily use, I always tell him to select the cheaper one. The reason is not only one that it saves the bucks.

Actually, there are many vivid reasons. Pricey items are made pricey by using some superior rudiments which improve the presentation but not the performance. Mostly those costly components are only used to decorate the appliance. 

Best Cheap Chainsaw

You know, there is no end to the variety of gears. A dozen of styles are found only in handles. Each element of an apparatus becomes more and more sophisticated with each dollar added to the price.

Similarly, when turning from manual to automatic, you have to pay surplus money with every new kind of comfort. Hence, I always suggest my friends to buy cheap items instead of precious ones.

Best Cheap & Budget Friendly Chainsaws in 2023

Engine Power
Oregon CS1400
2400 HP
Check Price
WEN 4017
12 Amp Power Input
Check Price
4.5 HP
Check Price
WORX WG 303.1
0.5 HP
Check Price
Ryobi P546
Battery Powered
5 HP
Check Price
Remington RM1645
3.2 HP
Check Price
Greenworks 40V
Battery Powered
3.5 HP
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1. Oregon CS1400

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 2400 HP | Weight: 13 Pounds | Electric Input : 15 Amp

Finding a budget-friendly and good quality chainsaw is not a simple project. This project means creating a budget device that must display the same performance in cutting and shaping the hedges which a pricey module delivers.

The provision of the best suitable tacks makes Oregon CS1400 a fantastic chainsaw. The popularity it gains is not a deniable fact. 

Oregon CS1400 is furnished with a structure that is resilient and durable. Better speed is made possible by dint of electric power that runs the chainsaw.

Saving the natural environment is another advantage because electrical chainsaws produce no smoke or other harmful gases.

The pretty module is only 13 pounds in weight and hence very handy in the time taking activity. You are not required to burn your stamina while working with Oregon in your hand.

Oregon CS1400 is an economical appliance as you don’t need to keep it running when it is in idle condition. Your apparatus needs less maintenance as it excludes any spark plug or a carburetor. Loaded with ControlCut saw chain you are provided with precision cutting. This unique property brings Oregon equally popular among men and women, old or young. 

Low vibration and low kickback turn the machine into an ideal gadget. The automatic oiler assures accurate lubrication of the chain and then does not let the chainsaw wear sooner than expected. Tool-less chain and bar tightening system keeps the chain at the exact tensioning position during your operation without the hassle of keeping tools with you and spending a good time on maintenance.


  • Low vibration
  • Equipped with ControlCut saw chain
  • Automatic lubrication technology
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Over-moulded comfortable handle
  • Translucent window for checking oil level


  • Requires both hands during operation

Personal Experience Review

Oregon CS1400 is the finest piece of tool available in budget price though its performance is nowhere less than any highly-priced apparatus. For instance, a 15-ampere motor provides you with 2888 feet per minute speed which is enough to bring you a powerful execution.  Moreover, integrated chain brake and robust hand guard save your hands and arms from any accidental injury. The machine creates less noise and keeps your environment healthy.

2. WEN 4017

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Torque: 2.2 NM | Weight: 10 Pounds | Power Input: 12 Amp

WEN 4017 is primarily engineered with the opinion to enter the market as an affordable and good quality chainsaw, without leaving a single chance for the shrewd critics to pick a flaw in the module.

Actually, cost-effective devices often lack some significant part of an item that either affects the performance of the instrument or makes the cutting operation a taxing job.

This is not the matter with WEN 4017. You will find no factor of maneuvering or convenience missing in the gadget. The 12-ampere motor assures the speed of the chain up to 44 feet per second.

This is enough speed to make your incision easy even if you are working on quite a stubborn stalk or stem of a hardwood tree.

Lightweight material enables you to work for long enough which may satisfy your passion for accumulating a good pile of wood.

WEN 4017 is equipped with an automatic oiling system which ensures the lubrication of the chain at a very suitable level. This technology not only enhances the lifespan of the bar and the chain but also increases the period of working on sharpening the teeth of the chain. The tool-less tensioning system lets you perform the job of chain tightening in the wink of an eye. 

For chain tensioning you are only required to spin the two knobs with your thumb and finger and the job is done. This feature enables you to forget the chain and bar tensioning tools for good. A durable and nice-looking hand guard secures you from the flying rubble of the cut wood. Secondly, a single tug on the hand guard in case of kickback actuates the chain brake before it can be grim for the health of the logger.


  • Tool-free tensioning system
  • Wraparound bar handle
  • Automatic lubrication technology
  • Tool-less chain replacement
  • Cable strain relief notch
  • Transparent window to check oil level


  • Needs wires to supply the power

Personal Experience Review

As conversed earlier, electrical chainsaws can be the only option that can deliver you all the best prospects of performance and convenience in a cost-effective range. An electrical chainsaw is perhaps at the top in delivering you the easiest start. Simply you need to insert the switch into the plug and the job starts. With 2.2 Nm torque, WEN 4017 provides you with an effective incision in a smokeless and silent environment.


Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 6 Inches | Engine Power: 4.5 HP | Weight: 6.5 Pounds | Cut Capacity: 4 Inches

Black + Decker Lopper is the unique production of the latest technology and is very accurately acknowledged as a cheap and commendable chainsaw. As an innovation in the assortment of chainsaws, it is silently and briskly creeping inside the walls of every house.

The alligator lopper offers amazing help at the place where the speediest and strongest chainsaws fail to work. 

Black + Decker Lopper gets the fame of lopper by dint of the small size as well as the robust clamping jaws.

A single branch or a muster of small branches grows in an awkward position that the common chainsaws fail to create an incision is easy prey for the Black + Decker Lopper.

This happens when the branches are not stuck hard at their position but our tool clasps them hard before starting the cutting operation and does not let them slip from the alligator jaws.

Black + Decker lopper is advertised as the substitute for the manual lopper but there are some basic differences. While working with the manual loppers you need to grab a hard branch and then you need to press the wood this side and then that side, grinding your teeth, and clenching your fists and then you are hardly able to cut something. All these expressions are not required with Black + Decker.

Black + Decker Lopper consumes electric power for the action. Black + Decker lopper grabs and cuts in an easy motion. Metal guards deliver good safety against a strong kickback or sudden jerk of the device. The light in weight machine is convenient in utility. Clasping handles are wrapped around with resilient but spongy plastic material that offers you a good grip as well as a velvety texture.


  • Equipped with clasping jaws
  • Heavy duty cutting bar and chain
  • Metal guards for safety
  • Scissors like easy motion
  • Package includes wrench and oil bottle
  • Light in weight


  • Manual oiling
  • Tooled chain tensioning

Personal Experience Review

Black + Decker Alligator Lopper consists of a heavy-duty chain and bar which support your strenuous jobs without any slackness on its part. Secondly, the continuity of the power as well as compatible mechanical command gives no relaxation to the awkwardly grown shoots all over your place. While being in your mediocre budget, this can be the best choice to make.

4. WORX WG 303.1

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 HP | Weight: 11.1 Pounds | Power Input: 14.5 Amp

WORX 303.1 is a cheap but, sure enough, not a sub-standard chainsaw and comes up to all the requirements of pruning and trimming trees at the domestic level. Small in size and light in weight apparatus is really perfect in maneuver and resilience.

This power tool is furnished with all the best properties that only an electric machine can afford. The fabulous gear works as the best gardener under your command.

You don’t need to wear headsets to reduce noise. The device is already noiseless and works quietly. The marvelous gadget is equipped with a low kickback chain and bar; you will feel secure during your operation.

To enhance security, Worx is furnished with a pretty nice hand guard that activates the chain brake with a single unusual jolt. Patented tensioning technology is an exceptional utility that keeps the chain at the best level of tensioning by using two knobs provided for this purpose. This feature not only ensures the long life of the machine but also reduces your manual work of honing the chain earlier than needed. 

An automatic lubricating system is also a great facility. You are not required to make the presence of the oil bottle compulsory for lubrication. Worx WG303.1 offers another great feature. That is the over-moulded grip that makes your clasp stronger and more convenient. Wraparound handle bar ensures the shaping of the hedges and branches at various angles; vertically or horizontally.


  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Wraparound bar handle
  • Equipped with spike bumper
  • Easy to start
  • Built-in cable strain relief notch


  • Lacks protective casing in the package
  • Needs an extension cord

Personal Experience Review

It is equipped with a couple of distinctive features and all of them you get at a very reasonable price. Metal spike bumper is a good example of a utensil that is rare in other modules. This fabulous bumper does not let the rubble enter the chain which often makes the chain rough. Secondly, it enhances a good grip on the wood for cutting.

5. Ryobi P546

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Engine Power: 5 HP | Weight: 5.8 Pounds

It is merely an illusion that only pricey tools can be durable in structure and permanent in performance. Such an example is Ryobi P546 which you can trust as a reliable chainsaw.

Small in size and light in body, this module is specifically invented for pruning and trimming but not for cutting huge stumps. This grand gadget can also be used favorably for carving.

The most appealing part of this small machine is the over-moulded rear handle. The unique structure of the handle offers a better clasp and then gets more effective in the cropping process.

The apparatus is equipped with a couple of solid security features. The first one is the grand hand guard which saves your hand from any chopped fragment of some rigid or rough wood.

Secondly, even though the chain is provided with a low kickback capacity, still in case of any bump the chain brake initiates automatically and stops the chain immediately. Thirdly, an easily accessible security switch offers you enhanced control of the chainsaw. 

If we talk about mechanics, Ryobi P546 is again loaded with rich ingredients. The potential of an 18-volt battery gives a long period of maneuvering. Being battery operated tool, you need not tackle the mess of the wires or pull the rope time and again to start. It produces no smoke to pollute the environment. Automatic lubrication keeps the chain in a vigorous state all the time.


  • Light in weight
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Robust handle bars
  • Effective hand guard
  • Window for oil level checking
  • Convenient in use


  • Wrench and screw driver are required to tighten the chain

Personal Experience Review

Ryobi P546 is my favorite tool as it fulfills all my requirements in the garden without being costly. You know it is equipped with a 10-inch chain. With this small size, I feel at home with the tool while snipping the extravagant branches of the plants in my small garden.

Only a 5.8-pound weight keeps me very comfortable while performing a time taking operation.  A powerful 5 HP engine cuts the hard branches easily. The wraparound bar handle is actually the provision of easy grip and convenience in pruning at a variety of angles. A transparent window offers you a peep inside the reservoir to check the level of the oil.

6. Remington RM1645

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 3.2 HP | Weight: 9.2 Pounds | Power Input: 12 Amp

A versatile unit is here to prune for you in the backyard. In the low price range, Remington RM1645 Versa electric chainsaw is precisely the best chainsaw under 200.

Loaded with a number of unique features, this powerful machine is being very warmly received by diverse people.

Light in weight and small in size, Remington is proving a giant of gardening along with the best qualities of incision and trimming. 

Remington RM1645 is fitted with a powerful 12-ampere electric motor which provides you with a huge output in a single session.

Over-moulded comfortable handle makes the job easy and convenient. Besides the little weight, the apparatus creates very low vibration which keeps your energy intact for a long and you don’t feel exhausted even after a long period of maneuvering in the backyard.

Automatic oiling technology is integrated into the manufacturing of Remington RM1645. This technology ensures a suitable flow of the lubricant from the reservoir to the chain. Versatility increases the utility of the apparatus in various ways. You can use it not only for trimming the branches and shaping the hedges but for also cleaning purposes.  

A clear window is located at a prominent place to observe the level of the lubricant in the reservoir. For chain tensioning you need only a wrench along with a screwdriver. Chain tightening is an easy operation and you get an expert in bringing the chain to a proper level of tension after a couple of tries. The wraparound hand guard is another unique thing that is found only in Remington. It facilitates you to use the apparatus in multiple angles.


  • Equipped with robust electric motor
  • Low kickback guide bar and chain
  • Wraparound hand guard
  • Over-moulded comfortable handle
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Clear window for oil level checking


  • Needs a little better skill in chain tensioning

Personal Experience Review

Remington RM1645 Versa Saw is not as pricier as its rival chainsaws might be which are consisting of the same features. It comes fully assembled and you can start your maneuvering as soon as you open the box. No need to fill the gasoline or mix the oil. No need to charge the batteries. Only you have to make the reach of electrical wires possible around the area and the operation starts.

7. Greenworks 40V

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 12 Inches | Engine Power: 3.5 HP | Weight: 6 Pounds | Battery Capacity: 2 Ampere Hour

We find good competition among the chainsaw industrial companies, benefiting the customers in two ways. Those benefits are the induction of better elements into the tool and second, the reduction of prices.

Greenworks 40V is battery operated gadget and comprises 40 volts, 2-ampere battery. This is a powerful combination that keeps you busy for long enough that you complete your job before the battery needs a second charging.

The beautiful module is really perfect for homeowners and amateur gardeners. It works faster and piles up the surplus branches in no time.

For lopping and limbing, the 12-inch chain size is picture-perfect. Perhaps you have experienced that chainsaws with larger bar lengths are not suitable for trimming as they are mostly heavy in weight and not much handy for pruning and shaping plants and hedges. They are more beneficial for the cutting process. In fact, for occasional work, Greenworks 40V is a matchless tool. 

In mechanics, Greenworks again dominates the whole mass of rival chainsaws. The tool-less tensioning system reduces your manual services and the automatic lubrication system makes the device worth attaining. With a powerful 3.5 horsepower motor and only 6-pound weight, Greenworks is an invincible machine throughout its operation in the garden.


  • Very light in weight
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to start
  • No fumes or gases
  • Ergonomic design
  • Large and robust hand guard


  • Not made for heavy stumps and trunks

Personal Experience Review

Greenworks is gaining popularity by dint of providing standardized gadgets at a very reasonable price. It comprises an efficient motor which resides in a strong, durable but light in weight chassis. A robust bar makes long-life assurances. Without any plug or carburetor, Greenworks plays the role of a very economical device that you feel pride in presenting before your guests and visitors.


No wonder that today chainsaw manufacturers have greater competition in the prices of their products than any other factor. The reason is obvious. Every customer searches for the best item at the lowest possible rates. On the other hand, the customer is also not ready to compromise on the efficiency and splendid appearance of the gadget. In this respect, it is not easy to satisfy a customer. 

It is wonderful to note that each product mentioned in this article comes up to all the demands of the customers. The best cheap chainsaw glitters with the best basic elements and is available at a very affordable price. Resilient structure, sublime performance and economical maintenance are the basic faculties of the mentioned products. Three more popularized implements are:

  1. Oregon CS1400
  2. Remington RM1645
  3. Greenworks 40V

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Are cheap Chinese Chainsaws any good?

Sometimes you find a little problem in using cheap Chinese chainsaws. Hence, if you are not a good expert in the mechanism of the chainsaw, it is better that you avoid them.

Q2. How can you find a good and budget friendly chainsaw?

To find a budget-friendly and quality chainsaw, you need to define your requirements first. Once you are clear about the use of your chainsaw, you can easily find a reliable one. You can have a look at aforementioned chainsaws and pick any of them depending upon your requirements.

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