Echo CS 3510 Review – 16 Inch 34.4cc Gas Chainsaw

For homeowners, Echo CS 3510 appears to be a suitable choice – having maintained the highest power-to-weight ratio, this chainsaw offers perfection for all firewood cutting, trimming, and pruning. Meanwhile, this cutting tool has also been impressive a lot for after-storm clean-ups, messes, and light-felling applications. Weighing only 8.2 pounds, this is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a powerful, easy-to-start, and durable chainsaw.

There is a 2-stroke professional-grade engine in this chainsaw that has a displacement of 34.4cc. Being a gas-powered chainsaw, it has quite low expenses associated with its maintenance.

The multiple-stage air filtration mechanism of this power also allows users to use it in the long run without cleaning its filter. Anyhow, you may need to clean the air filter once a month – depending upon your use.

In short, it perfectly suits the needs of homeowners who want to do their wood-cutting tasks on their own.

Furthermore, this is a fair-priced chainsaw that comes with multiple features enough to attain the attention of seasoned chainsaw users.

Whether you are a beginner, or you have good experience using your chainsaw, it will equally suit you. You should only know how to use the chainsaw, and you are ready to use this incredible machine.

On the other hand, if you need a chainsaw that can do heavy jobs, you can better look into the details of the Echo CS 490 and Echo CS 310.

Echo CS 3510 Features

Echo CS 3510 is a lightweight power tool that fits homeowners; especially, those who are concerned about budget. The followings are distinguishing features of this cutting tool, based on these features, you can better analyze the veracity and capacity of this machine.

1. Engine and Performance 

There has been installed a 2-stroke engine whose cylindrical displacement is 34.4cc. The engine delivers enough amount of power required to cut deep down some hard as well as soft wood.

With its 16 inches long bar, it can easily cut down logs up to 28 inches. Whether it is about a sturdy and robust tree, or it is about a soft-wooden tree, you can easily get the job done. So, if you are tight on budget, you should consider this chainsaw.

For improved and more convenient performance while doing the job, there is a side-mounted chain tensioner – it helps you tighten the chain in no time.

2. Ease of Use 

When it comes to its ease of use, this chainsaw straightforwardly outclasses local chainsaws. The engine of the chainsaw is equipped with an i-30™ starting system – this mechanism has been installed to start the engine with little effort.

With this, it simply reduces the effort incurred to start the engine by 30%. You can start the engine in two to three attempts only. Along with this, there is an automatic clutch-driven system responsible for the timely lubrication of the chainsaw. 

Furthermore, there is a 3-stage filtration system in this chainsaw – dust particles aren’t allowed to enter the filter, and you will rarely come across the need of replacing or cleaning it. 

3. Safety Measurements 

Heavy-duty chainsaws might be dangerous if not used considering safety precautions – however, there is nothing different with light-duty and light-weight chainsaws as well. Though Echo CS 3510 is a comparatively light-duty chainsaw, still it must not be operated without proper safety precautions.

Do not forget to wear proper safety gear, and the chainsaw also has a chain brake system that stops the chain from rotating on the bar of the chainsaw.

Being a gas-powered chainsaw, it is also much more environment-friendly than other chainsaws, a very rare number of emissions comes out of the exhaust while working.

4. Ergonomics 

Usually, all chainsaws available in the line Echo CS possess a similar design and style. This design of the chainsaw is massively favorable for users. They can hold the chainsaw from the rear and front handles, and keep using it without any problem.

Meanwhile, to provide users with more comfort, there is a three-point spring vibration reduction system that massively reduces the vibrational effect of the chainsaw on the hands of users.

Due to this vibration reduction mechanism, the user is able to keep using a chainsaw for an extended period of time without being exhausted.

Echo CS 3510

5. Automatic Lubrication System 

To ensure the best efficiency of the chainsaw and maintain its sharpness of chainsaw chain, it is inevitable to lubricate it enough – otherwise, the chain chainsaw will become damaged, and you might need to replace it.

But this is not the case with CS 3510, it is equipped with an automatic clutch-driven chain lubrication system. This is how, you are free from lubricating the chain manually, instead the chainsaw will do it on its own.

Meanwhile, the oil will only be delivered to the chain when it will be working. This is how a considerable amount of lubricating oil can be saved.

Personal Test Review of Echo CS 3510 2023

Echo CS 3510 is among the most favorite chainsaws for me – its lightweight, and easy handling makes it a perfect chainsaw for users. It has been months since I have been using this chainsaw, and not even a single time have I found it inconvenient to use.

On the basis of my personal experience with this chainsaw, I will rate some of its important features – this is how you can analyze the quality of this chainsaw;

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Run Time
Ability to Handle Hard Jobs

Overall Rating

So, based on my use of this chainsaw, I would recommend this to all homeowners, and loggers who are looking for a light to medium-duty cutting jobs. For hard cutting jobs, Husqvarna 450 Rancher can be considered as a feasible choice. On the other hand, if you need a lightweight convertible chainsaw, you should look into the details of Sun Joe SWJ807E Review.

Though this chainsaw is also suitable for beginners, but still, it is very important to know how to use the chainsaw, and for better life of your chainsaw, you must know the proper method of storing it.

Overall Rating

Specifications of Echo CS 3510

Here I am going to tell you about certain specifications of this cutting tool.

Echo CS 3510Specifications
Engine Displacement 34.4cc
Recommended Bar Length16 Inch
Minimum Bar Length14 Inch
Fuel Capacity 9.5fl.oz
Ignition SystemDigital
Warranty 5 years consumer / 1 year commercial


If you are looking for a good a good quality chainsaw in moderate range of budget, Echo CS 3510 can be a prudent choice; especially, for home owners. It is a complete chainsaw that comes up the requirements of all homeowners and loggers who want to do moderate level wood cutting tasks; pruning, trimming and bucking.

However, it should always be remembered that chainsaws might be dangerous if not used with proper care. So, if you are beginner, do learn to use chainsaw first, and then start using it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the gas mixture for Echo CS 3510?

Your Echo chainsaw is a two-stroke gas-powered chainsaw that uses mixture of oil and gas to generate power. The ratio of fuel with the oil is 50:1.

Q2. How many CC is a Echo CS 3510?

This is a powerful machine that enables you to cut some of the hardest woods as well. with cylindrical displacement of 34.4cc it delivers commendable power.

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