Husqvarna 135 Mark II Review – 38cc ( 16 inch ) Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 135 Mark II is a second-generation, gas-powered chainsaw that replaced the Husqvarna 135. By now, this versatile power tool has gained quite good popularity among homeowners and ranchers who are in the search of a durable cutting tool to make DIY projects and cut messy firewood.

Husky 135 Mark II offers increased horsepower by 0.09 than its previous model – the size of fuel tank is also bigger in the size. Users of the previous model of husky 135 used to appear with a complaint about its starting mechanism, however, the problem has been solved in 135 Mark II.

Now, the fuel tank has the capacity to keep the chainsaw running for 20 minutes which was around 15 minutes in the previous model. So far, it has been an excellent power tool that can serve your cause in the best possible way.

Meanwhile, similar to 120 Mark II, 135 Mark II is also reliable, robust, and convenient-to-use chainsaw that delivers ample cutting performance for DIYers and homeowners.

It starts easily and the user can handle it without being worried. Side-mounted chain tensioner eases the process of adjusting the tension in the chain in no time. Overall, this is an incredible chainsaw perfectly suitable for homeowners and DIYers.

Salient Features of Husqvarna 135 Mark II

Most of the chainsaws manufactured by Husqvarna such as Husqvarna 130 exhibit excellent endurance and remain very popular among users, and there is no exception with 135 Mark II. It is an up-to-the-mark power-cutting tool that is capable of dealing with regular wood-cutting jobs. Followings are important features of 135 Mark II;

1. Performance 

When it comes to the performance of Husky 135 Mark II, it ranks out most of the conventionally available chainsaws. Centrifugal air cleaning system checks the way of large dust particles, and stops them from going into the combustion chamber – this factor saves the engine from wear and tear.

Meanwhile, the smart start mechanism provides users with the ultimate convenience of starting the engine of a chainsaw in a few attempts.

Similar to other Husky chainsaw models, the 135 Mark II has an engine with patented X-Torque technology. This technology reduces the consumption of fuel by 20%. It does not leave any unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber which ultimately reduces the emissions.

2. Advanced Safety Mechanism 

Chainsaws are extremely powerful and possess the ability to penetrate any rough or hard surface – this is the reason that necessitates the need for proper safety gear for the user. Meanwhile, Husqvarna also takes care of the safety of its users which led them to introduce the feature of inertia activated brake in the chainsaw; this brake engages itself automatically if the kickback occurs, and the user remains unharmed.

Furthermore, Husky 135 Mark II is equipped with a LowVib mechanism that absorbs maximum vibrations, and the user can keep using a chainsaw for long period without any problem. Due to absorbed vibrations, the user does not feel fatigued and completes the task.

3. Design 

The design of the 135 Mark II is almost similar to other chainsaws such as Husqvarna 440 and 450 Rancher – the design of the chainsaw offers ultimate convenience for the handler. There is a way to adjust the tension in the chain of the chainsaw from one side of the machine.

This side-mounted chain tensioner allows users to adjust the tension in the chain without spending too much time. Turning the tensioning pin in a clockwise direction increases the tension while turning it in an anti-clockwise direction reduces the tension.

For further convenience of users, there is a combined choke/stop control mechanism that helps users to start the engine faster. This adjustment saves the engine from flooding, and the chainsaw starts sooner. An air purge is also instrumental in eliminating the air from the combustion chamber.

4. Ergonomics 

Inarguably, the ergonomics of this power tool are laudable. This lightweight chainsaw is easy to hold and handle, while its LowVib mechanism further eases the working process. The compact design of this chainsaw makes it a perfect choice for users who climb up trees to cut branches.

Hold it firmly from the rear and front handle and start firewood cutting or tree pruning. In short, users remain in comfort while using this machine.

Instead of its commendable ergonomics, it has excellent cutting power which is perfect for small to medium-sized tasks.

5. Automatic Oil Delivery 

Lubrication of the bar and chain of the chainsaw is one of the most important things to keep your chainsaw serving in the longer run. Usually, there needs to do manual lubrication while using conventional chainsaws, however Husky 135 Mark II has an automatic oil delivery system that steadily delivers oil to the chain and the bar.

This is how users do not need to lubricate the bar and chain on their own. Automatic lubrication sets you free from the anguish of manual lubrication which might not be enough.

What I Found About Husqvarna 135 Mark II?

I used Husky 135 for a long; however, 135 Mark II is way better than its predecessor. Recently, I bought Husqvarna 135 Mark II for cutting branches and pruning trees.

Having six months of experience with this machine, I am sure to recommend this to you for your light to medium-duty tasks.

Based on my personal use of this chainsaw, I will rate its features out of 10. These ratings will help you know about the credibility of this power tool, and you will better be able to take decision about this;

Build Quality
Fuel Consumption
Cutting Speed
Run Time
Ability to Handle Heavy Jobs

Overall Rating

Considering these features of this chainsaw, I will give the rating of 8 out of 10 to this machine.

In the meantime, I will recommend it for those who are looking for a compact and light-weight gas-powered chainsaw for their medium-sized wood cutting jobs.

Echo CS 3510 Chainsaw can also be a good choice for homeowners and for those who usually do light and medium cutting jobs.

Overall Rating

Husqvarna 135 Mark II Specifications

Here are important specifications that can help you understand the overall performance of this power tool.

Husqvarna 135 Mark IISpecifications
Oil Tank Volume2.6 litre
Power Output2.1 Hp
Cylindrical Displacement2.3 cu.inch
Recommended Bar Length16 inch
Maximum Speed9000 rmp
Sound Level Measured114.34db
Fuel Consumption725 g/Kwh
Idling Speed3000 rmp


Reading this review will help you decide if you should buy this chainsaw or not. There is no transport guard for guide bar in this chainsaw, but its other features back this minor drawback and make it a perfect power tool for homeowners and DIYers.

All problems associated with the previous model of this chainsaw have been eliminated in Husky 135 Mark II – now, you can have a more powerful, and more compact chainsaw in reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What cc is a Husqvarna 135 Mark II?

It delivers a good amount of power output using which you can easily complete your wood cutting, pruning, and trimming jobs. The cylindrical displacement of this chainsaw is 36.7cc.

Q2. How much horsepower does Husqvarna 135 mark II have?

The power output of this chainsaw is 2.1 horsepower. This is a commendable power that allows you to complete the job without any problem.

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