Best Chainsaw under 200 in 2023 – Expert Reviews

Quite contrary to my expectations, the pursuit of discerning some of the best chainsaws under 200 dollars remained an interesting adventure. In fact, I tried my level best to bring only those chainsaws under my reflection, which were not only less pricey but also competing against the trendy and expensive gadgets in superficial beauty as well as mechanical performance.  

It is true that a high-profile chainsaw is not a prerequisite for domestic use. However, the selected gadget must comply with your best requirements like size, speed, security features, convenience in use etc. For that, you must take note of the size and texture of the timber that you need to cut or prune. First, you must see your requirements and then you decide about the device finally.

Here is a list of some of these characteristics to give you info on what to observe before choosing a device. At the domestic level, you don’t need to select a device that is capable of working for many and many hours without a break. Your chosen machine should provide sufficient timing that may be equivalent to three to four hours consecutively.

For example, if you select a battery-operated gadget, you will get the same timing without any fear of inhaling harmful smoke. 

However, if your lawn or the garden requires longer timings and you are also fond of working for longer spells, you may select gas chainsaws.

Gas chainsaws, you know, are speedier, consisting of robust motors and energetic engines. 

Best Chainsaw under 200

The last choice is an electric chainsaw. With the only restriction of wires, electric chainsaws are again robust and powerful. Furthermore, you will have no limit on working duration as well.  Here is a list of the seven best chainsaws under 200 dollars. These belong to the categories of electric, battery-operated and gas chainsaws. You may study their characteristics before you reach the final decision.

Chainsaws Under $200

Engine Power
Battery Powered
Battery Power: 550 watt
Check Price
Oregon CS1500
Electric Powered
0.5 HP
Check Price
Worx WG303.1
Corded Electric Powered
0.5 HP
Check Price
Greenworks 40v
Battery Powered
2.3 HP
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Ryobi P546
Battery Powered
5 HP
Check Price
Battery Powered Chainsaw
Battery Power 40v
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Earthwise CS33016
Corded Electric
3.5 HP
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Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 12 Inches | Battery Power: 550 watt | Weight: 8.8 Pounds

Dewalt DCCS620 is an economical device and comprises a number of fine characteristics which bring it into the class of reliable chainsaws. Being battery operated, Dewalt DCCS620 has no cords to tackle with.

It is equipped with a brushless motor with an input power of 550 watt that not only supplies you with better speed but also creates less noise.

Brushless motors also require less maintenance. This distinctive quality saves both, your money as well as your time. Dewalt DCCS620 is light in weight and comprises a low kickback chain and bar.

This quality saves even the novice from the sudden jerk of the machine if it accidentally rubs against the earth or some hard object.

For further security, the hand guard comes active with a single push and stops the chain before it can be dangerous for the torso of the logger. You may trust Dewalt in many ways. Automatic lubrication is a fine property that you will like very much. No need to take the strain of lubricating the drying chain throughout your cutting session.

It increases maneuverability as well as the life of the chain. For further ease, the machine is equipped with a front window to peep into the level of the oil in the reservoir. Tool-less tensioning system is another advantage that turns the machine into a precious module. You can rotate two ergonomic knobs to bring the chain and the bar to the proper tensioning state. 


  • Automatic lubrication technology
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Window for checking the oil level
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Up to 90 cuts per charge
  • Long life 5 mAh battery


  • Residual oil oozes out slowly if not carefully drained

Personal Experience Review

I found Dewalt DCCS620 very convenient and comfortable in utility. I like it as it carries all the good characteristics of a pricey chainsaw at a low price. Especially, the handle bars are very comfortable and are wrapped with soft and resilient rubber. I feel a good grip on the bars during the maneuver. With zero emissions, the device is ever ready to jump onto employment as soon as you push a button or two.

2. Oregon CS1500

Type: Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 HP | Weight: 12.6 Pounds

Oregon CS1500 is simply an incredible power tool. If we compare the uplifting performance that the gadget offers you with the prescribed price, we find the gadget far better than the amount.

I feel under 200 dollars is quite a reasonable suggestion for such a potent implement. There can have no better option to spend your money than on this resourceful gadget. 

As an electric chainsaw, there is no chance of smoke or any poisonous emissions. With the low noise of the engine, you don’t need to wear any kind of headset.

With a long 18-inch chain you will find the energetic presentation of the apparatus on the trunks and stumps with a 16-inch diameter. The powerful gadget cuts even the hardest wood in the blink of an eye. 

Oregon CS1500 is equipped with quite the unique and stunning technology of PowerSharp. PowerSharp technology makes the machine hone itself and hence saves you from the tension of brushing the blades manually and spending a good time on the operation. 

The bar is loaded with fantastic low-kickback technology. A hand guard with an inertia-based chain brake is also there to save you from any mishap. The tool-less tensioning system is again an edge providing you with the facility of keeping the chain and the bar at accurate positions which ultimately sanctifies the machine with a long span of life.


  • Wraparound handle bar
  • Light in weight
  • PowerSharp technology
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Less pricey
  • Low kickback chain


  • Cannot be used with a single hand

Personal Experience Review

I felt very contented with the machine as it efficiently provides me with all the required features quite amazingly without spending a lot of money. It is environment friendly and produces no harmful fumes. You find it fast in action as there is neither any requirement to charge the batteries nor to spend maximum time on mixing the oils. Only push the buttons and the business starts.

3. Worx WG303.1

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 HP | Weight: 11.1 Pounds

Worx WG303.1 is a very economical instrument with an emerging name in the constellation of corded electric chainsaws. It comprises of a number of typical properties which ultimately improve the user experience and quality of the work done.

Being small size chainsaw and light in weight, it is very handy and comfortable in use. However, if we talk about the performance, you know electric chainsaws have no match in all the essential features.

Worx WG303.1 is convenient and powerful in utility. Chain speed is amazing and hence performs the specified task sooner than your expectations.

The power of electricity does not let the chain show a lack of zeal in cutting the hardest wood.

The noiseless working of the engine makes you feel relaxed even during your most strenuous performance. 

Being light in weight, Worx WG303.1 seems a crown under your command. Electric chainsaw proves matchless in durability and sturdiness. In performance, Worx WG303.1 is so much imposing that you will feel energized during your operation, though much hard. Low kickback and chain brake deliver you good safety measures.

Worx WG303.1 is equipped with a patented auto tensioning system. This is a unique function that prevents the chainsaw from over-tightening and ultimately enhances the life span of the machine. Next, auto lubrication does not let the chain work in dry conditions and hence increases the performance and the life of the chain for long.

Another important hallmark is the steel spike bumper which is so advantageous in a number of ways. It offers leverage that enhances the grip of the chain on the wood and hence increases the cutting control of the blades of the chain. With this feature, you enjoy better productivity and more output in the same procedure.


  • Light in weight
  • Auto tensioning system
  • Oil level window
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Metal Spike Bumper


  • Cords hamper the speed

Personal Experience Review

Under 200 dollars Worx WG could be a fine addition to your tool kit. I’ll especially praise its rubberized rear handle which is advantageous in style and effective in the clasp. Over-mould grip enhances control and does not let the hands fatigue during long spells of working. Along with all the modern technology Worx performs the best in my backyard.

4. Greenworks 40v Cordless

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 2.3 HP | Weight: 10.36 Pounds

Greenworks 40v is less costly but loaded with supreme quality parts. It is manufactured to compete effectively against contemporary gadgets which are loaded with the latest technology.

The top component is the trubrushless motor which is awfully advantageous in many respects.

The top benefit of trubrushless motor is that it needs less maintenance which relieves you from the tension of providing industrious services time and again.

Secondly, you find improved maneuverability and less noise as compared to the motors with brushes. Another advantage of trubrushless technology is that it increases the resilience and durability of the machine.

Greenworks is loaded with a standardized size of the chain and the bar of 16 inch that makes it convenient to cut heavy trees with a trunk diameter of 14 inches. Similarly, this size is really fine for speedy limbing and pruning of the tree branches. Automatic lubrication improves the performance of cutting the limbs and enhances the life of the chain. 

The light weight of the machine doubles up the taste of pruning. Wrap around style of the bar creates equilibrium besides providing you with the force of coupling that is very suitable for working in the backyard or the place where you are required to offer a professional grade job. Equipped with a pro style tensioning system, the gadget is easy to maintain round the clock.


  • Durable chassis
  • Trubrushless technology
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Efficient chain brake
  • Double torque motor
  • No cords, no fumes, no emission


  • Oil level indicator is missing

Personal Experience Review

It is not only that you save money on the purchase of Greenworks, but also it needs less maintenance that is again a beneficial property monetarily. For better and stronger performance, Greenworks is equipped with a 40-volt, 4-ampere battery. This feature enables you to enjoy long spells of working with speedier employment; without giving you any such strain that the battery will finish before you end your work.

5. Ryobi P546

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Engine Power: 5 HP | Weight: 5.8 Pounds

Ryobi P546 is adorned with all the fabulous equipment that approves it the best in all the comportments of functioning and holding.

Though all the compartments are occupied with sublime utility yet for your interest, I mention some of its salient features. 

The effective rear handle is the first thing that attracts the users. It is so fanciful that you get cheerful as soon as you clutch the apparatus.

With the sensational, rubbery and solid texture on your palm, you attain wonderful control of the machine and you are able to start your operation with astonishing confidence. 

Ryobi P546 is not devised for felling wide stumps or huge trees. The compact and stylish structure demonstrates that you will find the device best for limbing, pruning, clipping, trimming, and snipping the plants in your backyard. That is why you find a smart, 10-inch bar that is not only suitable for amateur users but for professional gardeners as well. 

Ryobi P546 is equipped with a very sophisticated and pretty hand guard. Chain brake and low kickback technology allow you to work in quite safe conditions. Only a 5.8-pound weight seems like working with zero weight. Apparently, this is only a miniature chainsaw but actually, it is a treasure of power and influence.


  • Push button oiler
  • Side access chain tensioning
  • Very light in weight
  • Pretty module
  • Side window for oil level checking


  • Battery and charger exclude from the package

Personal Experience Review

The joy of spending less and utilizing the functionality of a pricey tool is always infinite. Ryobi P546 comprises an efficient 10-inch chain that cuts even the tough limb in the wink of an eye. I am amazed by the precise and neat cutting transported by the sharp chain. The long-life battery delivers good timing. To my contentment, after a couple of working the battery level is still in a significant condition.


Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 12 Inches | Battery Power: 40v | Weight: 10.4 Pounds

Black + Decker LCS 1240 is getting very popular among the log fellers due to the supreme quality of all the parts without spending extravagantly.

After a strenuous homework and hard-hitting assessment, I found that the Black & Decker is a good chainsaw to buy. I tell you in brief how I found this implement better than other modern-day gadgets. 

The size of the implement and the weight are so picture-perfect for working in the backyard that you might feel the most vivid sensation of satisfaction at the end of your job.

The engine works at a very low vibration and hence your hard toil won’t fatigue you. This quality is sufficient enough to hone your passion for longer spells of work. 

As Black + Decker LCS 1240 is battery operated gadget and hence it is environment friendly. Secondly, the batteries are interchangeable and you may jump from 40 volts to some other voltage according to your choice. For the security of the user, the gadget is equipped with a lock-off button. That lock button restricts the machine start working unexpectedly when the start button is pushed accidentally.

Black + Decker LCS 1240 is provided with an auto lubrication system that significantly keeps the chain working for a long without getting blunt. The tool-less tensioning system is another edge that decreases your toil and helps in keeping the chain and the bar working in healthy conditions. I think, under 200 is not a high price for such a nice implement. 


  • Automatic lubrication technology
  • Clear window to gauge oil
  • Light in weight
  • Premium Oregon low kickback bar
  • Tool-less Chain Tensioning system


  • Not suitable for stumps

Personal Experience Review

The low-priced but highly efficient Black + Decker LCS 1240 gives good output. Furnished with 40-volt battery, it is able to give you sixty cuts on a 4×4 wood on a single charge. I also tried to rub it against a hard surface to see the level of the kickback. Quite amazingly Premium Oregon low kickback bar worked efficiently. The reaction was not so severe and I handled it easily.

7. Earthwise CS33016

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 3.5 HP | Weight: 12 Pounds

Most people feel it risky to buy cheaper & inexpensive chainsaws as a few of them don’t work properly or they break down sooner than one gets used to them. That is why they generally go for pricey tools.

Quite wonderfully, Earthwise CS33016 is the device that is economical besides containing the best elements that would never let you down in maneuverability.  

Earthwise CS33016 is simply the best chainsaw under 200. The gadget comes fully assembled and you may start your job as soon as you open the packaging.

You only need to fill the lubricant reservoir and the machine is ready for operation. It is equipped with a 16-inch chainsaw that is found the best suitable length for cutting the trees in the lawn, home garden or backyard.

The automatic oiling system keeps the chain and bar moist and hence you get their performance at the peak round the clock. To see the quantity of oil in the reservoir, the device is supplied with a clear window. Earthwise CS33016 consists of a twelve-ampere motor, which is strong enough to create for you neat and clean and fast cuts. For safe storage, you find a protective bar blade covering in the package.

Tool-less tensioning system saves your time and unshackles you from keeping the scrench all the time in your pocket for chain tensioning. You can perform the operation of tensioning conveniently, by using only two fingers. Only a 12-pound weight is light enough for you to work for long, without fatiguing your muscles. The machine is furnished with an effective hand guard and a comfortably cushioned handle that provides with you a strong grip.


  • Automatic oiling system
  • Clear oil-level window
  • Tool-less tensioning technology
  • Comfortable cushioned handle
  • Cord retention hook
  • Oregon double guard 91


  • Cords may be messy

Personal Experience Review

I especially like Earthwise CS33016 by dint of its unique features without charging a very high price. It is equipped with Oregon double guard 91 bar and chain. This feature provides a slim symmetrical curve that makes the bar light in weight and reversible for a long time. A small radius nose ensures low kickback and is hence quite beneficial for the provision of security.


Whoever goes shopping, two issues persist at the tip of his tongue. Each and every customer first enquires about the unique features of an item and soon after that inquiry he asks, “What is the price?” 

Somehow; the best chainsaw under 200 may lack some superfluous and flexible features like splendor and majesty and in their absence, you can perform the job ideally, without feeling any shortcomings. The basic contents are positioned into the tool to your contentment. 

The modules I have selected under 200 don’t lack any such quality that is obligatory and indispensable. Maneuverability and endurance are the top characteristics that everyone follows. All the above-mentioned tools contain these basic traits at the peak. 

To shortlist the products I can mention three of them which are gaining more popularity than others. Obviously, that is because of their better performance and resilience. 

  3. Earthwise CS33016

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What is the best chainsaw for the money?

Here is the list of the best chainsaws for the money.

  1. Dewalt DCCS620
  2. Oregon CS1500
  3. Greenworks
  4. Worx WG303.1
  5. Ryobi P546
  6. Black + Decker LCS 1240
  7. Earthwise CS33016

Q2. How much does a decent chainsaw cost?

You might have to spend from 100 to 200 dollars for a decent chainsaw with good features. However, it depends upon the nature of the use of your chainsaw.

Q3. What Features should I look for in a chainsaw under $200?

If you are looking for a chainsaw under $200, you can surely have quite a reasonable power tool that can serve you in longer run. However, before you make a purchase you should consider the nature of use, and depending upon your requirements, you should look into features such as power output, length of the bar, weight of the chainsaw, cutting speed and off course, the durability.

Q4. Can I find good quality chainsaw under $200?

If you need a chainsaw under the budget of $200, it means you have a mediocre budget, and you want to have full value of money by purchasing a worthwhile chainsaw. Yes, you can have quite a good chainsaw in this range of price. Above-mentioned are the most suitable products under the budget of $200.

Q5. What type of fuel do chainsaws under $200 typically use?

Most of the chainsaws in this price range aren’t capable of delivering a very high-power output, or you can say that chainsaws in this price range are suitable for coping with small to medium sized jobs. Usually, battery-powered and corded chainsaws are available in this price range.

Q6. What type of cutting jobs can I tackle with a chainsaw under $200?

This price range usually deemed as the best for chainsaws used in medium level jobs such as trimming, pruning and cutting firewood. These are common jobs that can be done using any small to medium-powered chainsaw.

Q7. What safety features should I look for in a chainsaw under $200?

Whatever type of chainsaw you are going to buy, you should never neglect the importance of safety features. For a chainsaw you buy in price under $200, you should check its safety lock, inertia-activated brake, kickback guard, chain brake and safety switch. Look for models with comfortable handles to reduce fatigue while working.

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