Stihl 500i vs 462

Stihl 500i vs 462 – Which is Better in 2023?

Finding a suitable chainsaw can be time taking or even anguishing sometimes; especially, when you have more than one option available to consider. The situation can be more perplexing when it comes to buying a gas-powered chainsaw because this category truly has a massive range of excellent chainsaws which may baffle the buyers. To make …

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Stihl 391 Vs 362

Stihl 391 Vs 362 – Features, Differences & Comparison

If you visit a nearby chainsaw store, you will find yourself surrounded by different chainsaws, still, you will not be able to figure out any physical difference between those chainsaws – but technically, they are different; they may follow different mechanisms to generate power, power output can be different and the length of the recommended …

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Stihl 271 vs 291

Stihl 271 Vs 291 – Which One is the Better Performer in 2023

Stihl has been very much concerned about the upgradation of its manufactured tools – most of the chainsaws manufactured by Stihl have been replaced by their advanced models which hold better features with increased safety measures. I had quite a good working experience with Stihl MS290, but MS291 offered something even better and more convenient; …

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Stihl MS250 Vs MS251

Stihl MS250 Vs MS251 – Which One is Better in 2023?

Stihl is among the leading chainsaw manufacturing brands – it has streamlined quite an impressive variety of chainsaws to facilitate users according to their requirements. Earlier, Stihl put in line the production of Stihl MS250 which earned huge satisfaction from customers across the USA. Meanwhile, to further improve the quality of their product, Stihl took …

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Stihl MS291 Chainsaw Review

Stihl MS291 Chainsaw Review 2023 – 55.5cc Gas Chainsaw

Stihl is one of the top leading brands that deal in the manufacturing of chainsaws – meanwhile, Stihl is also credited with the honor of manufacturing the very first electric chainsaw back in 1926; since then, the legacy is going and Stihl is adding incredible power tools to better user experience. Among all available chainsaws …

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Poulan Pro PR4218 Review

Poulan Pro PR4218 Review – 42cc 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Before fetching a concise Poulan Pro PR4218 review, I tried my level best to confirm various leading features myself. That is why I tested it thoroughly and ensured the specific features that I wanted to highlight. Now I am ready to fetch you a concrete and compact assessment.  For instance, I tested the timing of its …

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Craftsman s165 Chainsaw Review

Craftsman s165 Chainsaw Review – 42cc Gas Chainsaw

I was impressed by Craftsman s165 at the first glance due to two reasons. First, its superficial appearance is so soothing and awe-inspiring. Secondly, its size is absolutely in accordance with my requirement. Actually, it’s its exquisiteness that made me buy it immediately. The following craftsman s165 review will explain all the reasons behind my appreciation.  As …

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BLACK and Decker 40v Chainsaw Review

Black and Decker 40v Chainsaw Review – Cordless Chainsaw

And then Black & Decker I could feel in my hand. I was amazed to see this lightweight, small-sized machine. In the following black and decker 40v chainsaw review I am going to evaluate the performance of this lightweight machine.  I entered my small-scale farm, holding the grip handles of my new Black + Decker in my …

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Oregon CS1500 Review

Oregon CS1500 Review – Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

The product comes from an eminent company. The following Oregon CS1500 review is the outcome of my cheerful experience of using this fine device. Its phenomenal features like speed, low-noise performance, up-to-date technology, durability, and many more have impressed me.  I tested it in many ways and it cleared all tests with excellence. It is a storehouse …

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Makita 36v Chainsaw Review

Makita 36v Chainsaw Review – LXT Brushless Chainsaw

After getting used to working with heavy gas saws I looked at this lightweight battery-operated machine with a feeling of relief. To my contentment, its light weight was not the hurdle in its efficiency. In the following Makita 36v Chainsaw details, you will find its salient features and how you can use it with maximum efficiency.  …

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