Best 20 Inch Chainsaw for Powerful and Efficient Cutting

Professional-grade chainsaws are stuffed with some unique qualities which are perhaps indispensable for professional loggers. On the top of the list of those qualities is the size of the chain and the bar. The minimum length of a specialized chainsaw is found to be 20 inches. If we talk about the maximum, it may reach up to 40 inches. In this article, you will study the 7 best commercial-grade chainsaws which are replete with nearly every unique quality.

It is experienced that hardwood shows better results in making fire as compared to softwood. Hardwood timber like that of maple, oak, hickory and mahogany, is pithy and takes a long time for burning. Perhaps the biggest consumption of the plant world occurs in the production of fuel. 

To avail of all the benefits of 20 inches chainsaw, many other compulsory features are required in the device.

In the absence of those features, the selected chainsaw will not prove advantageous up to the ultimate level.

First and most significant in order of features comes the engine. Actually, a proficient engine can recognize what kind of performance the 20 inch chainsaw would display. 

It is experienced that gas chainsaws provide the maximum power as compared to the other power sources. However, if the apparatus is battery operated, it must consist of a huge battery as well as more horsepower.

Best 20 Inch Chainsaw

This is why 6 of my selected options are gas-powered. Only one is battery-powered, but that gives the output equivalent to a gas chainsaw. Let’s enjoy a brief description of the selected items.

20 Inch Chainsaws For Professional and Home Use

Engine Power
Poulan Pro PR5020
Gas Powered
2.8 HP
Check Price
Echo Timber Wolf
Gas Powered
3.9 HP
Check Price
SUPMIX 62cc Gas Chainsaw
Gas Powered
3.5 HP
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Gas Powered
2.4 HP
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Makita EA5600
Gas Powered
4.1 HP
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DEWALT 60v Cordless Chainsaw
Battery Powered
3.49 HP
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Gas Powered
3.4 HP
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1. Poulan Pro PR5020

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 2.8 HP | Weight: 17 Pounds | Engine Capacity: 50cc | Engine Type: OxyPower

The marvelous apparatus is equipped with OxyPower engine which is proudly declared as the grand production of the latest technology. Obviously, engineers and technicians venture into the production of a 20 inch chainsaw a huge struggle. 

The laudable OxyPower engine comprises a capability of decreasing the emission of poisonous gases by up to 70% and fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Furthermore, this technology enhances the power of the engine to a prodigious level. To keep the tools at hand for maintenance, the combi tool is placed in the rear handle.

This serves you a lot and makes you feel like tool-free access to various parts of the chainsaw. 

A stylish, wraparound bar handle is rubberized beautifully which provides your fists with an enhanced grip and soft texture. A sleek hand guard is perforated to give you a better chance of eyeing the tip of the bar. An automatic lubrication system enhances the life of the chain and increases its efficiency. Effective chain brake comes into action at a little single tug on the hand guard. 

A user-friendly mechanism is supplied in Poulan Pro for the stress-free start of the engine. The mechanism is easy to learn and easy to apply. You are offered choke-stop control along with a purge button in this mechanism. This fantastic mechanism also reduces the risk of flooding or any other damage that may make the start difficult.


  • OxyPower engine technology
  • Effortless pull start system
  • Integrated combi tool
  • Protected purge bulb
  • Durable structure
  • Automatic lubrication


  • A little bit weighty
  • Tooled-tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

Mostly I have experienced that 20 inch gas chainsaws fatigue fair people with their vibration. Poulan Pro PR5020 is equipped with a well-organized anti-vibration system that proves to be a very cool feature for everybody. The apparatus is sketched by the technicians mostly for professional people.

2. Echo Timber Wolf

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 3.9 HP | Weight: 20 Pounds | Engine Capacity: 59.8cc | Engine Type: 2 Stroke

Experience says that for felling huge trees and wide stumps, a 20 inch chainsaw is an indispensable requirement. Furnished with this required size, Echo chainsaw is quickly making its name in the market.

Commercial brand ECHO chainsaw is a hard target for the critics who always run after picking the flaws in every new gadget.

ECHO chainsaw is really a monster gadget, garlanded with its immense power and enormous productivity. The reward goes to the gigantic 2-stroke, 3.9 horsepower motor powered by a 59.8 cc engine capacity.

Another prominent component worth mentioning is the compression-releasing decompression valve. Its function is to fetch ease in cord pulls and easy start.

An automatic lubrication system delivers the appropriate quantity of oil to the chain, not more than required that it might start dripping. This is made possible by clutch-driven technology. A transparent window for easy observation of the oil level is provided for your convenience. ECHO chainsaw is equipped with a replaceable bumper spike which gives strength to the bar and keeps the chain clean and sharp for a longer time.

ECHO chainsaw encloses a heavy-duty supreme quality air cleaner for clean air combustion. You get 2-step easy access to the filter for cleaning purposes. G-force Pre-cleaner filters the heavy dust particles from the air and hence the air which reaches the air filter is already sieved to a great deal. It enhances the life of the air filter as well as supports and improves the air-blowing system inside the carburetor through the air filter.


  • Clutch-driven automatic lubrication
  • 2-post chain braking system
  • Easy start technology
  • Engine decompression valve
  • Replaceable bumper spike
  • Anti-vibration system


  • A little heavy for some people

Personal Experience Review

ECHO chainsaw contains a unique kind of appeal. Perhaps it is because of the heavily built structure or the marvelous speed it shows when it is in action. Whatever the reason is there, I come across elegance in its appearance. I also like the Timber Wolf bar and chain which provides a deeper cut and then enhances the yield. 

A couple of security measures are also quite appealing. A sturdy hand guard with dual post chain brake stops the chain still in a fraction of a second. Wraparound sophisticated bar handle supports your grip on the device.

3. SUPMIX 62cc Gas Chainsaw

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 3.5 HP | Weight: 14 Pounds | Engine Capacity: 62cc | Engine Type: 2 Stroke

Supmix encompasses an adequate scope to be a strong opponent of any contemporary gadget with its professional-grade components.

Its 20-inch Supmix guide bar provides the chain with a supreme clasp and better exertion with the privilege to prevent kickback.

It has the best capacity to fell trees and cut soft and hard wood with equivalent efficiency. Supmix is adorned with the latest full-crank, two-stroke engine which powerfully performs all the assigned jobs for you.

The engine displacement is 62 cubic centimeters which delivers the piston a powerful blow of gases, which in turn transfers the powerful thrust to the chain.

It is noteworthy that quite contrary to other gas chainsaws, Supmix works at a low vibration and keeps your muscles relaxed and flexible for long. Supmix is adorned with a number of safety measures. The device is equipped with a safety switch that does not let the machine run involuntarily. Modish hand guard activates a quick stop chain brake that instantaneously brings the chain into a static position. 

Automatic lubrication technology delivers the oil from the robust reservoir in a suitable quantity. Easy and flexible rotation of the chain saves the fuel up to 20% and reduces the smoke emission to a good extent. The tooled tensioning system is provided at the side of the edifice. It gives you ease in using the tools and bringing the chain to a very accurate tensioning position. 


  • Full-crank, two-stroke engine
  • Low kickback guide bar
  • Equipped with dampeners
  • Durable structure
  • Quick-release filter
  • Automatic lubrication system


  • No tool-free tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

Though I use the chainsaw in my ranch, I prefer the professional grade 20 inch chainsaw like Supmix. The reason is my temperament that forces me to collect huge output in a minimum time. I like Supmix by dint of its technical supremacy over other gadgets. For instance; fine quality chain, impressive cutting speed, resilient structure and persistent performance are all very impressive features.


Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 2.4 HP | Weight: 17.64 Pounds | Engine Displacement: 50.1cc | Chain Speed: 13,500 RPM

Hitachi CS51EAP is on the upsurge as a corporate instrument and embraces a large circle of its buyers who remain particular about the same tool.

Famed as the a good 20 chainsaw, Hitachi CS51EAP procures the best business for you. Adorned with the robust 50.1 cc engine with the power of 2.4 HP you can obtain a large harvest in a single session. 

PureFire is an innovative technology that we find in Hitachi CS51EAP. Mechanically, gasoline and air mixture are atomized inside the engine which results in an intensely efficient combustion process.

Ultimately, PureFire engine produces very less smoke and decreases fuel consumption. Medium range 17.64-pound weight is not too heavy for even amateur operators. 

Starting system is based on the decompression valve which makes the starting process convenient and warms up the device in no time. Auto return choke decreases your manual labour and increases accuracy in starting the procedure. The automatic lubrication system delivers oil to the chain continuously with the option to adjust the amount of oil reaching the chain according to your requirement.

Metal bumper spike increases the hold on the guide bar as well as increases the yield of the chain. The spike also removes rubble from entering the machine and enhances the efficiency of the chain for a longer period. The durable sprocket nose bar enhances your control over the cuts and makes your task easy for you. A transparent window of the reservoir makes your checking the oil level easier.


  • PureFire engine
  • Automatic adjustable lubrication
  • Metal bumper spike
  • Sprocket nose bar
  • Spring type anti-vibration system
  • Double pole brake handle


  • A little noisy

Personal Experience Review

It is not only the 20 inch chain size (though it is a significant quality) which makes me contented with the machine but there are also many more specifications which make Hitachi my favourite gadget. It is the vibration of a chainsaw that I abhor the most. Quite amazingly I don’t find this disapproving quality in Hitachi.

Hitachi CS51EAP is equipped with a spring type anti-vibration system that prohibits the shaking of the engine reach my arms. In addition, a robust double pole brake handle is a good safety measure against any mishap.

5. Makita EA5600

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 4.1 HP | Weight: 19.6 Pounds | Engine Displacement: 56cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.3 Ounce

Nature has stuffed maximum potential energy in plants in the form of hydrocarbons. Man obtains fuel energy and uses it to run all the machinery in the world.

Since the advent of technology, man has been making use of mechanics to obtain that energy. Makita EA5600 is the consequence of the same pursuit. The popular brand of Makita comes forth with all the assets of the a good 20 inch chainsaw. 

The flawless contraption is really an ultimate model of sublime power and undefeatable stability. You may find Makita EA5600 a little heavy object.

But, it is never against expectations because the elements and the components with better performance are sometimes heavy in weight.

Fitted with the best size of 20-inch chainsaw, Makita works with the sublime speed that is the requirement of every trained logger.

Makita EA5600 becomes a leading chainsaw by delivering you the highest cutting performance. It is made possible by its powerful 4.1 horsepower and stratified air-scavenging engine. You know this kind of engine provides twin blows of air in the crankcase, resulting in full combustion of the gasoline. This is the secret behind the powerful but economical operation of the Makita engine. 

Spring-supported starter with improved engine management ensures a quick start with less force. Two-point, durable inertia-based chain brake works effectively and provides you with nice protection in case of kickback of the chain while working at some difficult angle. For efficient working in cold weather, the device is equipped with a remarkable slide-out baffle.


  • Robust cartridge air filter system
  • Two-point inertia based chain brake
  • Easily accessible air filter compartment
  • Auto-lubrication technology
  • Stratified air scavenging engine
  • Durable structure


  • Weight may become a hurdle for long sessions

Personal Experience Review

My quest of finding an economical but heavy-duty, professional-grade chainsaw could not end until I brought Makita EA5600 at home. I tried it and found it perfect in every respect. Auto lubrication makes the operation continue until the gauge tells to fill the reservoir.

Bar nuts retained chain tensioning tool keeps the bar and the chain at the required level of strain for long sessions of work. For more efficient cutting and logging performance the Makita engine provides the chain with 13,800 RPM speed.

6. DEWALT 60v Cordless Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 3.49 HP | Battery Power: 60v | Torque: 2.43 times

DEWALT DCCS proves to be a power package, having good encouragement in the ranch or the woods. Though it is battery operated chainsaw but is powerful enough to give you full provision in cutting and logging at the commercial level.

To ensure dynamic power, DEWALT DCCS is equipped with a 4.0 ampere-hour DCB612 battery comprising a potential of 60-volt MAX.

This durables battery delivers 3.49 horsepower that runs a brushless high-tech motor at ultimate speed.

It provides 2.43 times more torque which enhances the performance to a good extent.

DEWALT DCCS is equipped with a limited kickback guide bar and chain. For further protection, a robust hand guard is situated in front of a wraparound bar handle that activates the inertia-based chain brake quickly. For quick chain adjustment, you find onboard scrench. You need not carry the toolbox all the time with you.

The automatic lubrication system keeps the chain lubricated throughout your working session. A translucent window is placed beside the reservoir to ensure the oil level for continuous lubrication throughout your operation. The durable and weather-resistant structure keeps the device intact for long period. You may store it with full confidence without fear of wear and tear by ageing.


  • Long-life battery
  • Light in weight
  • Low kickback system
  • No emission, no pull of the cords
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Translucent window to check the oil levels


  • Needs screw driver and wrench for chain tensioning

Personal Experience Review

I used DEWALT DCCS for a variety of purposes like cutting firewood, milling, felling trees and carving. In every aspect of cutting, DEWALT proved to be an invincible chainsaw with its 20-inch size. The wraparound bar handle is enveloped with a sleek rubber material that transmits a sure feeling of cordiality and warmth of care. Without the hassle of pulling the cords, it starts working with a single push of the button.


Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 20 Inches | Engine Power: 3.4 HP | Weight: 14.45 Pounds | Engine Displacement: 62cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 550ml

Often it happens that you connect great expectations when you hear a lot about a chainsaw and after using it for sometimes you think that you made the decision of buying it in a hurry.

You think that you should ponder a little more before buying that object. However, I assure you that after attaining NEOTEC NCS6200 you will never feel that your purchase is made in hurry. From the rear handle to the nose, everything qualifies it as as incredible 20 inch chainsaw. 

I was looking for a medium chainsaw for woodwork, wood cutting and timber logging. As soon as I sighted NEOTEC NCS 6200 for the first time, an inner voice told me that my quest had ended.

The first thing that attracts me is its robust structure. The smooth and glossy Speed Pro guide bar looks dynamic and adventurous. The aluminum handle comprises less weight but displays resilience in structure.

A sturdy hand guard with large windows attracts me. I enjoy the sound of its clicking which feeds me a feeling of surety. Very close to the rear handle, a choke knob is situated that helps in easy starting. Trigger lockout and throttle trigger are durable and quick in action. With all its sleek body, NEOTEC is only 14.45 pounds in weight. 

Split-type brake works very efficiently and stops the chain instantly as soon as it gets a jerk by the hand. For stronger safety, the front baffle of the guide bar is made a little wider. Similarly, a wider front area delivers an anti-force against kickback. 

The guide plate is fixed with double nuts. This keeps the guide bar firm in its place and does not allow the chain to get loose earlier than you expect.


  • Automatic lubrication technology
  • Efficient split type chain brake system
  • Aluminum bar handle
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Wide baffle for good protection
  • Easily accessible air filter


  • You need a headphone while working

Personal Experience Review

After a good experience of using the 20-inch chainsaw, I conclude that NEOTEC is capable of coming up to the expectations of the greatest critics as well. For an easy start, we find the utilization of the latest technology in the system. The engine is equipped with a built-in flexible steel bar spring that gives faster rebound on the pull and reduces the resistance of the motor to a good level. With less resistance, even a child can pull the cord to start the engine.


It is found that a 20-inch chainsaw is the best size for professional loggers. You can test it on big sized trees with good results. Professional loggers need a chainsaw which must comprise all the best qualifications for cutting the hardest wood in less time and provide a handsome output.

For your interest, I have tried my level best to provide you with important details of the qualities of the specialized chainsaws. You need to study the whole script to know the significant features of your required chainsaw. The best three of the seven above-mentioned contraptions are as follows:

  3. NEOTEC NCS6200

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Is a 20-inch chainsaw big enough?

Chainsaws with a size of 18-inch chain or less than that are mostly used for pruning, trimming, cropping and cutting at the domestic level. For obtaining professional grade cutting or felling the trees you need a minimum 20-inch chainsaw which is really big enough to cut firewood and fell lightweight trees. 

Q2. Should I get an 18 inch or 20-inch chainsaw?

It depends upon your requirement. If you require a chainsaw for pruning or trimming at home, then 18 inches or even less than 18 inches may be a better choice. For cutting wood at the professional level, you must need a 20-inch chainsaw. 

Q3. How big of a tree can a 20-inch chainsaw cut?

It can cut trees with 18-inch diameters in a single blow. However, with a little better skill and knowledge, you may cut the trees with more diameters as well. 

Q4. How many cc is a 20-inch chainsaw?

All the above-mentioned chainsaws are 20 inches in length and not a single one is less than 50 cc. So, the best engine displacement for most of the 20-inch chainsaw stays upper than 50cc.

Q5. What are the benefits of using 20-inch chainsaw?

Chainsaws equipped with the bar of 20 inch are versatile enough to perform multidimensional hardcore jobs. Ranging from turning mighty logs into fine slices of wood to carving the hardest wood in your favorite shape, 20-inch chainsaw will make you hit your target. Chainsaws that support 20-inch bar certainly have a very powerful engine, so it can be documented that using 20-inch chainsaw you can complete the hardest wood cutting, or carving job.

Q6. How do I maintain my 20-inch chainsaw?

Whether you have a 16-inch chainsaw or 18 inch chainsaw or you are using a 20-inch chainsaw, you are in equal responsibility of taking care about your gadgets which might run out of service due to lack of attention towards them. Followings are some inevitable steps to ensure the safety of your chainsaw;

  • Clean your chainsaw thoroughly every time before you store it after using
  • Keep the chainsaw chain sharp enough to cut deep down through the hardest woods
  • Take special care about lubrication of parts of the chainsaw
  • Do not store your gadget in extreme heat or in moisture

Q7. Can I use 20-inch chainsaw for smaller task?

Yes, you can, but it will not be a prudent choice. 20-inch chainsaws are designed to perform hard jobs – most of the times, these chainsaws remain confined to professional users only. 20-inch chainsaw is crucial to handle, so it is not recommended to use 20-inch chainsaw for smaller tasks.

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