How to Use a Mini Chainsaw – 3 Simple Steps

Now a day, the chainsaw has become an inevitable need of almost every homeowner who has a backyard or a driveway – surely, most of you would know the use of a regular chainsaw; however, there comes a little twist when it comes to using a mini chainsaw. Yes, using a mini chainsaw is different from using a regular chainsaw.

Using a regular chainsaw, you follow different protocols, while the mini chainsaw requires some additional vis-à-vis different arrangements.

This very need emerges from the comparatively smaller and different mechanism of the mini chainsaw.

However, there is nothing to worry about, in the following paragraphs I am going to put a detailed answer on ‘how to use a mini chainsaw’?

After reading the given information, you will be easily able to use your mini chainsaw. Meanwhile, you will also get some tips to maintain your chainsaw to keep it serving you in a longer run.

How to Use a Mini Chainsaw

How Mini Chainsaw is Different from Regular Chainsaw?

Irrespective of the size of a mini chainsaw, it is built on an entirely different approach from a regular chainsaw; mini chainsaws are used to do the smaller jobs, while regular chainsaws are used to bring down the major cutting and logging jobs.

Secondly, mini chainsaws are hugely lighter in weight if compared with regular chainsaws – this factor eases the handling of these gadgets, and users can easily hold them to cut branches on the top of the tree.

Hand in hand, for DIYers, these chainsaws are no less than a blessing – they can easily carve anything they want using a mini chainsaw for trimming mighty logs of wood.

Therefore, these are fundamental factors based on which mini chainsaws are considered different from regular chainsaws.

How to Use a Mini Chainsaw?

Using a mini chainsaw is simple, but you still need to make safety arrangements such as wearing gloves and goggles to protect your eyes:

1. Prepare Yourself

Before you start using any mechanical tool, you must prepare yourself; for example, you should read the user-manually that comes with the tool. It will help you use the tool safely and effectively. The user manual comes with certain instructions, and following those instructions can save you from any unexpected incident.

Do not forget to wear safety gear; these gears protect you from any unexpected incident such as kickbacks.

2. Start the Chainsaw

Most mini chainsaws are battery-operated; they possess comparatively lesser power than regular chainsaws and appear to be the best for small-scale jobs. Prior to starting your mini chainsaw, you should place it on an even surface making sure that the chain of the chainsaw is not in contact with the surface.

Now, you need to hold the chainsaw with both of your hands to minimize the effect of kickback. Although, kickbacks are minor with a mini chainsaw, still, you need to look into it and minimize the risk of kickbacks.

Attach the battery of the chainsaw, and turn the ignition button ON. Mostly, mini chainsaws start on the first attempt; however, you may need to give it a second attempt as well. Still, if you are unable to start your chainsaw, you should consider troubleshooting common problems associated with mini chainsaws.

3. Start Using It

After having your chainsaw started, you are all set to use it and cut wood. Hold the chainsaw with both of your hands, and ensure that you are standing on an even surface; it will help you maintain your balance.

Push the chainsaw away from yourself and take it closer to the material which is to be cut. While cutting, do not jerk off your hand, it will adversely affect the accuracy of the cutting process. In the meantime, if you feel exhausted, you can turn the ignition button OFF, and start working again after some time.

In short, mini chainsaws are highly convenient and easy to operate – but you should have the best mini chainsaw according to your requirements. This is how you can have a lot from your one-time investment.

So, this is a very simple guide on ‘how to use a mini chainsaw’; now, you can assemble your mini chainsaw at your home, and start using it without any problem.

Furthermore, for the convenience of readers, the following are a few important tips that might help you keep your mini chainsaw safe and working in a longer run.

How to Maintain Your Mini Chainsaw?

Mini chainsaws require more care and regular maintenance than regular chainsaws. Taking proper care of your mini power tool, you can considerably increase their lives while maintaining their working efficiency.

Whenever you use your chainsaw, you should clean it thoroughly before you store it. If you are unable to clean it every time, you must spare some time to clean it after using it twice. Dust particles are stuck in the chain of the chainsaw; for this, you can use a brush to eliminate all those dust particles.

On the other hand, the lubrication of parts of the chainsaw should also be done repeatedly. It will save parts from wear and tear, and you will be able to keep using it for a long time. Oil the chain and bar of the chainsaw as they need lubrication more frequently than other parts.

And when it comes to storing your power tool, you should better store it in a place away from dust and moisture.

When Should You Replace the Parts of Your Mini Chainsaw?

It is least likely to come across a need of replacing the parts of your mini chainsaw; especially, when paying heed to its regular maintenance. However, at some point, it becomes inevitable to replace older parts with new parts.

While using a Mini chainsaw, you may need to change its chain – so, when you notice that the edges of the chain cannot be sharp anymore, and cutting patterns are no more aligned, you can replace the chain of your power tool.

Secondly, the bar of the chainsaw is another component that is prone to failure after a long time of use. the bar of the machine may bend in a way that it becomes impossible to bring it back to its initial position. If the bar is not straight anymore, you should replace it with the new one.

Similarly, the battery of the chainsaw keeps draining with time, and in the end you need to replace it with the new one.


Inarguably, the use of a mini chainsaw is hugely identical regular chainsaw, but still, it requires a bit different approach to use. Followings the aforementioned instructions, you can not only use a mini chainsaw safely, but you can also expand its longevity with the best of its working efficiency.

Typically, mini chainsaws are more fragile than regular chainsaws, so it becomes necessary to pay more heed to their maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you use a small chainsaw?

There is not a big difference in the use of small chainsaw and regular chainsaw; but small chainsaw requires something different because of its smaller size and lighter weight. Hold it firmly, push the ignition button, and take it closer to the object which is to be cut.

Q2. Are mini chainsaws safe to use?

Whether you are using mini chainsaw or a regular chainsaw, it can be dangerous if you do not use them carefully. It is recommended to wear safety gears before you start working with your mini chainsaw.

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