Stihl 271 Vs 291 – Which One is the Better Performer in 2023

Stihl has been very much concerned about the upgradation of its manufactured tools – most of the chainsaws manufactured by Stihl have been replaced by their advanced models which hold better features with increased safety measures. I had quite a good working experience with Stihl MS290, but MS291 offered something even better and more convenient; the same is the case with Stihl 271 which replaced its predecessor Stihl MS270.

Both of these chainsaws are among the finest models manufactured by Stihl – however, still there exists considerable differences among the features of these two models, and knowing about these minor differences in “Stihl 271 Vs 291”, you will be able to make a better decision.

Stihl 271 vs 291

Usually, the major differences between these two models of chainsaw come in terms of power-to-weight ratio, cylindrical displacement, and level of noise – these are the major differences among these chainsaws.

Stihl 271 and 291 – Explained Features

Stihl 271 and 291: both of these are gas-powered chainsaws with a two-stroke engine. You can use them for firewood cutting, cleaning, pruning, and trimming trees. Although both of these chainsaws aren’t suitable for very hard jobs, still MS291 offers a bigger help than MS271.

To further proceed, let us start with the features of Stihl MS271:

Stihl MS271 Features

After the huge success of Stihl MS270, an advanced model of a similar power tool landed in the market with more appealing features – MS271 has now become one of the best chainsaws used by ranchers and loggers to perform small to medium-sized jobs. Here are the features of this incredible machine.

1. Pre-Separation Air Filtration System 

This is a time-saving technology that massively improves and maintains the efficiency of the engine of your chainsaw.

Air that comes into the engine is first separated by a centrifugal force, ejecting the heavier dust particles before they enter the internal combustion chamber.

This process of pre-separation readily collects big-sized dust particles and saves the inner lining of the internal combustion engine from wear and tear.

Meanwhile, you can quickly clean the air filter and start using it again.

Stihl 271

2. Easy to Use ( Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner ) 

Inarguably, Stihl leaves no page unturned when it comes to providing its users with the convenience of using a chainsaw. With 12.3lbs weight, you can easily hold your chainsaw and use it for a long time. It’s chain oil capacity and fuel capacity are also enough to be used for a long.

Hand in hand, there is a side-mounted chain tensioner that sets you free from the anguish of adjusting the chain through a multi-step procedure. You can simply take a wrench, and adjust the tension in the chain from the side-mounted chain tensioner.

3. Advanced Safety Mechanism ( Anti-Vibration System ) 

Stihl has been a frontline chainsaw manufacturer that pays great heed to the safety of users. Stihl MS271 is equipped with an efficient chain brake mechanism to avoid any serious injury from kickback. Ergonomic handles help you make a strong grip on the chainsaw while using it.

Secondly, there is an anti-vibration system in the chainsaw which absorbs most of the vibrations and makes the user keep working with the chainsaw without being fatigued. Ultimately, the user enjoys a comfortable working experience.

Stihl MS271 Specifications

It is also important to add specifications of the chainsaw. Following specification will help you understand the worth of this power tool.

Stihl MS291 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight12.3lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)18-inch
Engine power 3.49 bhp
Cylindrical displacement50.2cc
OILOMATIC Chain 0.325’’ RM3
Chain Oil Capacity8.12oz
Fuel capacity 16.9oz

Stihl MS291 Features

Having known about the salient features of MS271, here I am going to document some important features of Stihl MS291 as well. Reading these features, you will be able to choose the winner from Stihl 271 and 291.

1. Environment Friendly ( Reduced-Emission Engine Technology ) 

Emissions are extremely harmful to the environment as well as to users. Meanwhile, Stihl is very much conscious both about the safety of the environment and users.

To eliminate this problem, Stihl has added a Reduced-Emission Engine Technology MS291.

With the help of this advanced technology, the chainsaw does not emit emissions which are usually caused by unburned fuel in an internal combustion engine.

Meanwhile, users also find it much more convenient, and they keep using it for hours without any problem.

Stihl MS291 Chainsaw Review

2. Fuel Saving Engine with Pre-Separation Air Filtration 

Stihl MS291 has a powerful engine that delivers the power of 3.76bhp. With its two-stroke dual-cycle engine, you can use this machine to sheer a tree with considerable diameter. Meanwhile, this model is famous for its fuel efficiency because it consumes around 20% less fuel than regular models of Stihl.

Along with this, there is a pre-separation air filtration mechanism that separates major dust particles from entering the internal combustion engine. This is how the engine remains safe, and you can easily clean the air filter as well.

3. Anti-Vibration System and Side Mounted Chain Tensioner 

While using regular chainsaws, the user may get tired due to an excessive number of vibrations. But this is not the case with MS291 because it is equipped with an advanced vibration-absorption mechanism that absorbs most of the vibrations and allows users to use the chainsaw without being fatigued.

Meanwhile, there is another huge convenience for users in the form of a side-mounted chain tensioner. They can easily adjust the tension in the chain without any problem. Overall, MS291 offers an excellent user experience.

Stihl MS291 Specifications

Here are few important specifications of this chainsaw – these aren’t very much different from MS271, but still, some of the facts are different;

Stihl MS291 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight12.3lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)16-inch
Engine power 3.76 bhp
Cylindrical displacement55.5cc
OILOMATIC Chain 0.325’’ RM3
Chain Oil Capacity8.12oz
Fuel capacity 16.9oz

What are the Differences?

Physically, you will not be able to figure out any significant difference in both of these chainsaws, but technically there are some very important features based on which one chainsaw is preferred over the other one. The followings are some differences;

1. Horsepower 

Horsepower is a defining factor that lets ranchers and loggers know which of the machines are suitable for them and which are not. Horsepower has a direct relation with hard-handling jobs – the greater will be the horsepower of your chainsaw, the more you will be able to deal with big-scale jobs.

The engine of Stihl MS291 generates 3.76bhp horsepower while MS271 offers 3.46bhp which is considerably lower than the former one. So, it is evident that if you want to deal with a little bit heavier job, you should prefer MS291 over MS271.

2. Cylindrical Displacement 

Cylindrical displacement is again a very important factor that plays a vital role in ascertaining the overall value and performance of the chainsaw. Stihl MS271 and MS291; both of these chainsaws have a two-stroke gas-powered engine, but they have different cylindrical displacements.

For MS291, the displacement of the engine is 55.5cc which makes it a good option to be used in slightly high-scaled jobs, while in MS271 the displacement is 50.2cc which is lower than the former one. Again, we can say that MS291 can be preferred for large-scale jobs.

3. Power to Weight Ratio 

When it comes to the comparison of these two power tools, the importance of power to weight ratio becomes more. These two chainsaws are perfect examples to make you understand the concept of the power-to-weight ratio. However, let me tell you that you should always prefer a machine with a greater power-to-weight ratio; especially when you are comparing that with any other machine.

Power to weight ratio is an indicator of the better efficiency of the given tool. With MS291, you get 0.306 horsepower per pound, while in the case of MS271, you get 0.284 horsepower per pound.

In simple words, both chainsaws have similar weights, but due to the difference in the horsepower of the engine, there is a difference in the power-to-weight ratio. Of course, MS291 excels here again.

4. Consumption of Fuel and Reduced Emissions 

Consumption of fuel is a primary factor that is directly associated with the costs you need to incur to keep running your power toll. If we talk about Stihl 271, it consumes a regular amount of fuel consumed by other chainsaws. Meanwhile, MS271 does not have any additional settings to avoid emissions.

On the other hand, Stihl MS291 is equipped with emission-reduced engine technology. With the help of this technology, Stihl has eliminated the problem of emissions. So, we can say that MS291 is not only good for the environment, but it also keeps users safe from hazardous emissions.

5. Noise Level 

The noise that comes out of your chainsaw might be anguishing; not only for you but for your neighbors as well. As per my personal use of these two chainsaws, I noted the noise level of MS291 was a bit higher than the MS271.

Using a sound level meter, I noted the sound level of MS291 from 115db to 117db (on full RPM). While this level was a little bit lower with MS271 – it remained at 112db to 114db.

So, if compared on the basis of noise level, Stihl MS271 appears to be a more convenient option to choose.

6. Price 

Price is another leading factor that must be considered while making a purchase. From the above discussion, you will have understood the worth of both of the chainsaws and of course, your proclivity will be towards MS291. Due to its improved features, Stihl MS291 costs you $540. While the price of Stihl 271 is $470.

Comparison Table of Stihl 271 and 291

Comparison FactorStihl MS 271Stihl MS 291
Power to Weight Ratio0.284 Horsepower Per Pound0.306 Horsepower Per Pound
Recorded Noise Level112-114db115-117db
Cylindrical displacement50.2cc55.5cc
Fuel EfficientNoYes ( Consumes 20% less )
Emission Reduction SystemNoYes

Which is Better to Pick in 2023?

I have added all important details in Stihl 271 Vs 291, and you can now choose any of them on your own. However, for me Stihl MS291 stands as a winner of this contest due to its amazing features which are not present in MS 271.

Although none of these chainsaws belong to the most powerful lineup of chainsaws manufactured by Stihl, but still, you can use both of these to do small to medium-sized wood cutting, pruning, and trimming jobs.

So, if you are unable to decide between these two chainsaws, you should better consider MS291.


Stihl 271and 291; I have put quite a clear comparison of these two chainsaws, all features of have been explained it detail – so, now you can make choice on your own. However, whether you purchase Stihl 271 or 291, you should be very much careful about your safety.

As far as my personal experience is concerned, I have used both of these chainsaw multiple times, and found them the best working equipment in their defined range. But I will vote for Stihl MS291 which is better and more powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. How many CC is a 271 Stihl?

Stihl ms271 is gas-powered two stroke engine with cylindrical displacement of 50.2cc. This is enough power to cut a log of considerable diameter into fine pieces of wood.

Q2. Is MS291 stronger than MS271?

The quick answer to this question is “Yes”. MS291 has a two-stroke gas-powered engine with cylindrical displacement of 55.5cc, and delivers the power of 3.76bhp. Meanwhile, ms271 generates the power of 3.49bhp.

Q3. Is Stihl MS271 two-stroke?

Yes, Stihl ms271 is a two-stroke gas-powered chainsaw. This chainsaw is good for beginners and experienced users as well. For small to medium-sized wood cutting jobs, it can be a good choice to make.

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