Best Chainsaw for Carving Wood – Top 7 Personally Tested in 2023

The finest pastime in the world is creating some model out of a log of wood in one’s own garden or the backyard. Quite amazingly, this is not only a pastime; it can adequately be a productive hobby that may support the sculptor monetarily. Here, I’ve chosen seven chainsaws for carving underneath for you to select the one that impresses you the most.

Generally, there are some significant characteristics that a carving chainsaw must entail. Length of the bar and the chain are the first objects of your observation. Their length should be compatible to the size of the crevice or the fissure you are going to engrave. If your model needs minute details and cuts, you need to use smaller length of the chainsaw.

And obviously, if your model has fewer crannies and you need larger and straight cuts, large size of the blade will be time saving and you will not feel exhaustion as well. Next important facet to take care of is the weight of the gadget.

Heavier gadgets are not suitable for detailing. If you are going to create a squirrel, a mouse or other miniature object, you should use light weight chainsaw.

Some professional sculptors use more than one chainsaws according to their requirement. However, in early stage you don’t need more than one.

Rather it is better to use only one chainsaw because naturally you will get adept at the specific unit. Your hand gets used to working with a specific size and weight of the tool.

Best Chainsaw for Carving Wood

Next, you need to select the power source. The selection again depends upon your requirement. If you are going to work on hardwood and huge logs, you should select gas or electric chainsaw. For smaller objects and softwood, battery operated devices are the best choices as they are easy in use and need less mechanical job for supervision.

However, there are a few gadgets in which the manufacturers put heavy batteries with more potential to provide you more input. Let’s go directly to the products for further information to know more about the new equipment added to the contemporary chainsaw.

Most Suitable Chainsaws for Wood Carving

Engine Power
Battery Powered
Battery Potential 20v
Check Price
Battery Powered
Battery Potential 20v
Check Price
Makita XCU06Z
Battery Powered
3.2 HP
Check Price
Oregon CS1500
0.5 HP
Check Price
Echo Chainsaw
Gas Powered
5.3 HP
Check Price
Husqvarna 445
Gas Powered Chainsaw
2.8 HP
Check Price
Milwaukee M18
Battery Powered
6600 RPS
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1. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020Best Battery Chainsaw for Carving

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Battery Potential: 20v | Weight: 6.8 Pounds

Black + Decker LCS1020 is a fantastic gadget for carving a structure from both, soft and hard wood. The splendid light weight structure is characterized by many invincible traits which prove it to be an outstanding chainsaw for carving.

Like other Black + Decker products, this gadget is also engineered on the lines carved by the up-to-date technology.

Black + Decker LCS1020 is a fine cutting machine, easy to run, light in weight and beautiful in appearance.

These all characteristics are absolutely compatible with the artistic fissuring and minute detailing of the model you have chosen for carving.

Tool-less chain tensioning system makes the adjustment easy and quick. This not only increases your working speed but also the life of the tool. Its knobs for tensioning are easy to hold between fingers and then accurate adjustment gets easy to attain.

Ergonomic design prevents you from the fear of injury in case of any carelessness in your part or any unexpected misadventure. For your easy observation of the oil level you will find a clear window. This quality performs a good job and reminds you to fill the oil before the chain runs dry and goes blunt before time.

The improved oiling system is a very supporting technology. This increases the life of the chain and the bar and keeps the machine running vigorously for a sufficient time. Being battery operated gadget, it does not require starting pulls and there is no tension of gas filling. Furthermore, it is environment friendly as it does not produce any kind of gas. It works silently and energetically.


  • Capable of minute fissuring
  • Low kickback design
  • Built in auto oiling system
  • Wraparound bale handle
  • Clear window oil gauge
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system


  • Battery discharges fast

Personal Experience Review

I am fond of carving models of animals like cat, rabbit, dog, squirrel etc. And sometime I work on birds. Obviously, they need minute fissuring and carving. Black + Decker LCS1020 has performed the best job for me. I have found the tool quite compatible for all the required maneuvering.

The wraparound bale handle is so comfortable that I can work for long without feeling any exhaustion. Battery drains a little earlier than my expectations. But I bought another one to compensate the flaw.

2. WORX WG322Best Lightweight Carving Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Battery Potential: 20v | Weight: 6.10 Pounds

Worx WG322 is sophisticated and durable machine for carving and modeling. All its hallmarks configure the artistic job in your backyard.

Furthermore, you don’t need extra apparatus for the accomplishment of any job. Worx WG single handedly performs all the employments without any hitch.

You are provided with 20 volt battery in the kit, but you may find more power in the same battery type which can be up to 80 volt.

Thence, you are having an option to expand the power of the battery.

Compact design and light weight helps you chisel your model for sufficiently long time, without making your muscles taut. Small size of the chain helps in fine and miniature carving.

The speed of chain goes up to 12.5 feet per second that is sufficient enough for cutting a robust log without any extra stress. This aspect makes your modeling procedure easy and speedy. Handle bars are so stylish and comfortable in the grip that you won’t feel fed up of holding the device for hours and hours.

Tool-less tensioning system is another edge that you enjoy. This property is so commodious that most of the manufacturers are adding this element in next generation chainsaws. You need not keep a screw driver and a wrench all the time at hand to adjust the chain and bar for keeping them at the appropriate tensioning position.

Worx WG322 is adorned with the technology of auto lubrication. This gives you freedom of working for long without a strain of checking the status of the chain lubrication during overtaxing maneuver. The gadget is also provided with an oil gauge to indicate the position of oil in the reservoir. This ingredient is indispensable for continuity of the unceasing working.


  • Fast and neat and clean incision
  • Powershare battery
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Up to 12.5 feet per second speed
  • Comfortable handle grip


  • Needs additional battery for prolonged job

Personal Experience Review

Worx WG322 works inevitably superior to any other contemporary gadget due to its ergonomics combined with aesthetics. The structure is so marvelously suitable for fine fissuring and minute crannies. The tool supports your actions so marvelously that, during operation, you feel that the gadget is reading your ideas.

The assigned job is done so nicely and smoothly that does not let the artist feel exhaustion even after an exceeding length of working hours.

3. Makita XCU06Z

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Engine Power: 3.2 Horse Power | Battery Potential: 20v | Weight: 7.19 Pounds | Chain Speed: 4720 RPM

Makita XCU06Z is adorned with all the finest features which popularize it as a recommended chainsaw for carving. The beautiful structure is so bombastic that your job of carving, chiseling, fissuring, detailing and scraping; all is done quite comfortably.

The most unique physical part of the device is the top handle which is ideal for your artistic job.

With wraparound handle bar, you can quite proficiently handle your operation in even tough angles. Makita is adorned with 10 inch chain which is quite suitable for nearly every kind of crannies and crevices, large or small, simple or complex.

Technically, Makita is a fantastic apparatus with captured bar nut and sideways chain tensioning.

Makita XCU06Z weighs only 7.19 pound. The brushless motor is adept at saving your time by increasing the power in speed, decreasing the noise and lessening the maintenance. With the superb speed of 4,720 rpm and 3.2 horse power engine, you may use softwood or hardwood for carving the shapes and models according to your choice.

The powerful thrust of the chainsaw is quite capable of executing the assigned action at the same speed that you get on softwood. Torque boost mode is another advantage that you can utilize while working on hardwood like mahogany or maple. Automatic chain lubrication increases the durability of the kit as well as keeps the chain sharp during all the length of operation.


  • Ergonomic upper handle for better grip
  • Outer rotor brushless motor
  • Works on torque boost mode
  • 18 volt LXT  5 Ampere battery
  • Direct drive system
  • Built-in lock-off lever


  • Battery not included in the kit

Personal Experience Review

First time I used Makita XCU06Z on a pine log. I wanted to carve a fish out of the log. I made a sketch and then Makita started whirling and throwing the slices away like snowflakes.

I was impressed by the neatness and elegance of the incision. At the end of my work I found that the minuscule and minutest notches were really flawless and picture-perfect.

4. Oregon CS1500Best Electric Chainsaw for Carving

Type: Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 Horse Power | Weight: 12.6 Pounds

Carving by chainsaw is not a new idea at all. In this prospective, Oregon CS1500 is grabbing great popularity every next day. The reason is obviously the robust structure and the best performance it offers against any job assigned to it.

Here is a gist of the prominent qualities which approve that Oregon CS1500 is conspicuously a good chainsaw used for carving.

Oregon CS1500 is an outstanding electric chainsaw. Therefore, all the potential that only an electric motor can attain we witness in Oregon. The 15 ampere potential is ultimately helpful in carving the soft or hard wood quite energetically.

And when a crafty mind is supported by this power, the artful hand gets able to engrave history.

With durable 18 inch guide bar you are able to contribute a sleek incision to the log. Even if you are carving a model with miniature details, Oregon provides you all the necessary required styles. The moves you require for modeling the finest curves and crannies are provided by Oregon without any flaw or blemish.

PowerSharp is a great quality that we find in it. This technology makes you free of the tension of the blades to get blunt on a minor mishandling. With PowerSharp technology, the tool sharpens itself, without providing any manual job.

Oregon CS1500 offers you tool-less tensioning system. Chain tensioning is an important feature that provides you accurate cuts in the precise angles.


  • Wraparound handle bar for better grip
  • Light in weight
  • Self-sharpening technology
  • Pre-assembled kit
  • Automatic oiling system
  • 2 years warranty


  • Difficult to cope with the scattered wires

Personal Experience Review

You know carving and fissuring needs a sharp blade. In this respect, a unique quality I always enjoy while using CS1500 is its self-sharpening system. In a single quick push on a button and then pull on a lever, I get a blade sharpened like a new and this operation completes in only 3 to 5 seconds. Secondly, safety measures like chain brake and low kickback make Oregon a versatile tool for you and for all.

5. Echo ChainsawBest Echo Chainsaw for Sculpting

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 12 Inches | Engine Power: 5.3 Horse Power | Weight: 10.18 Pounds

Echo Chainsaw is marvelously laden with various exclusive and matchless attributes.

Especially, you will find sublime equipment very much supportive and accommodating for your ample carving and brilliant sculpting.

The facilitating and ergonomic features turn Echo into a very popular machine all around the globe.  

Echo works ideally in all the areas of sketching and portraying. Top located handle is actually the thing of great attraction for a keen artist. This factor offers a great grip and you feel a queer power while giving a tough and sensitive blow to your precious piece of wood.

Actually, this single quality can be noted as a mark of marvelous carving on a blunt edge.

Being a gas powered chainsaw the machine is powerful enough to give you utmost energy for working hours and hours without feeling fatigued. This is made possible by the marvelous vibration reduction system that we find in this fabulous device.

Purge bulb besides integrated choke assures easy start. These elements save the machine from flooding and hence you don’t need to give strong pull for dozens of times. Next, for easy start the machine is supplied with i-30 starting system. This system ensures easy pull and starting of the machine in first pull.

In this up-to-date apparatus, I observe an addition of inertia based chain brake. This is a good safety measure that can save you from injuries in any accidental mishap. Furthermore, to keep the exhaustion away, Echo is supplied with anti-vibration system.


  • Digital ignition system
  • Purge bulb besides choke stop control
  • Vibration-reduction system
  • Light in weight
  • i-30 starting system
  • Inertia-based chain brake


  • Needs tools for tensioning

Personal Experience Review

Echo chainsaw gave me fantastic results through its enormously stable carving. I use both, softwood and hardwood for carving the models. For all purposes, I found Echo very helpful and comfortable. Anti-vibration system does not let me feel fatigue. This is very helpful trait that I need hopefully during my long hours of working in the garden.

6. Husqvarna 445Best Gas Chainsaw for Carving

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 2.8 Horse Power | Capacity: 50cc | Weight: 14 Pounds

In the Husqvarna series 445 is quite suitable for carving. Its slim body is compatible with the job of detailing.

With 2.8 horse power and 2-cycle X-torque engine, the machine is powerful enough to fissure the hardwood easily.

18 inch chain configures the fine work you are mirroring on the log, up to the ultimate level.

Automatic lubrication system enhances the efficiency of the chain as well as decreases the wearing and tearing of the machine during arduous maneuverability.

With low kickback and inertia based chain brake Husqvarna 445 affords superior safety measures which protect the sculptor from unexpected mishap.  

Wraparound handle bar is fastened with durable soft rubber that boosts your clasp on the machine and ultimately improves your command on chiseling the artistic crevices and notches. Easy start up stirs Husqvarna quickly and with only a minor exertion. Choke stop control saves the engine from flooding and hence helps in easy start.

Husqvarna 445 is bejeweled with air injection technology that is based on centrifugal air cleaning system. This technology whirls away larger dust particles and debris from reaching air filter and hence not only increases the life of the filter but ensures the resilience of the engine itself.


  • Clear window oil gauge
  • Low vibration technology
  • Inertia based chain brake
  • Air injection technology
  • Easy start engine
  • Automatic lubrication


  • Lacks tool-less tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

I bought this chainsaw with an idea of finding at least good grasping that I often felt lacking in most gadgets. I needed a provision of good clasping during my assignment on some hardwood like red cedar.

Quite astonishingly, my experience with Husqvarna 445 remained marvelous. I felt better control and greater balance. It was perhaps either due to the slim body or that the paraphernalia holds higher center of gravity.

Whatever the reason maybe, but I felt better control and hence I got better able to carve the wood as I wished. I feel more contented with a transparent fuel indicator makes it easy to check the level of oil in the reservoir.

7. Milwaukee M18

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Speed: 6600 RPS | Weight: 13.9 Pounds

Milwaukee – M18 is a creative structure of modern technology. Its marvelous features can carve history on a bare and unpretentious piece of log. Here, we study how vividly this module is loaded with heavy-duty equipment.

The first one is red -link plus intelligence. This technology protects the battery from overloading, overheating and over discharging. This quality helps creating fissures and crannies on both, softwood and hardwood alike.

Second is red-lithium high output HD 12.0 battery that fetches outstanding working time.

Thirdly, we find M-18 fuel technology that accelerates the chain up to the speed of 6600 rpm in one second. This quality again helps you carve the shapes easily, without a fear of misguided blow or accidental curve. Next, powerful, brushless motor is a good addition into Milwaukee – M18 that enables the device to give an output equivalent to 40 cc gas chainsaw.

Milwaukee – M18 is also equipped with adjustable speed trigger that helps you control the speed of the chain according to your labor. This function reduces the unnecessary load on the battery. To increase the retention of the bar and the chain, the apparatus is furnished with double stud. This feature increases the durability of the machine besides awesome performance. 

Where Milwaukee – M18 gives you good performance, it offers you good recital as well. Attractive appearance is so appealing that a keen eye will stare at the beautiful gadget for long. Comfortable handle bars and light weight does not let the operator drain his energy even after working for long. Hand guard and the chain brake ensure your safety against any severe mishap.


  • Fast charger
  • High definition 12.0 battery
  • Scrench included in the kit
  • Brushless motor
  • Up to 150 cuts per charge
  • Adjustable speed trigger


  • No tool-less tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

My experience with Milwaukee – M18 remained brilliant. The appliance delivers astonishing performance in carving and shaping the wood and it achieves its job in no time. The robust chainsaw provides you with the chance to use hardwood for creating super models for decoration or selling in the market for business purpose.

Though it is not loaded with tool-less tensioning system, yet you are offered compensation by an onboard room for a single piece screw driver and wrench, named as scrench.


Chainsaw carving carries many advantages over other carving techniques. The top advantage is that the less pristine wood can be maneuvered by chainsaw.  For example chip carving or relief carving need original pristine wood, otherwise irregular grain or knots will derail the precision. It means other methods of carving need a knotless or regular grain wood.

I have noted that the aforementioned chainsaws provide a sharp, fast and clean precision. Thus derailing is out of question. In this way the wood that other sculptors reject, you can utilize the same, by using a good chainsaw. All the above mentioned products are selected ones and work at their best. However, if you ask for my view, I will recommend the following three products as my favorite ones.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Can you make money chainsaw carving?

Yes! Of course you can make money by chainsaw carving. For your interest I tell you that you will find many chainsaw carvers whose earning exceeds hundred thousand dollar per annum. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily get a good earning.

Q2. What is the best wood for power carving?

The most popular wood is lime wood that is also named as basswood. It is popular for carving due to its extremely crispy nature. It is also very good for complex carving. You can easily make precise crevices and crannies on this wood.

Q3. What is the hardest wood to carve?

Ironwood is the hardest wood in the world. It comprises of 5,060 pound force that is the highest quality in the world. Ironwood is also known as Australian Buloke. This tree is mostly found in Australia.

Q4. What happens if you soak wood in water?

Wood absorbs water and then rots after some time. Secondly, a mold can grow on soaked wood and destroy the model.

Q5. Can you Carve Wood with Chainsaw?

Yes, you can carve wood using chainsaw. However, depending upon the nature of the wood, you can select the best chainsaw and start working. Meanwhile, the length of the bar remains another important factor that ascertains the worth of your chainsaw as a carving chainsaw.

Q6. What is the best bar length for a chainsaw for carving wood?

When it comes to carve woods with the help of chainsaw, the need of bigger bar length gets eliminated. Usually, the size of the bar length required for carving ranges from 6 inches to 16 inch of bar length. Bar length in this range allows improved precision while making cuts.

Q7. What type of chain should I use for carving woods?

Chains that are used for carving possess a narrower profile with smaller and sharper teeth than any regular chainsaw. this type of chainsaw offers greater precision and smoother cuts.

Q8. What safety features should I look for in a chainsaw for carving wood?

While choosing a chainsaw for carving, you must consider its safety features. A good carving chainsaw offers enough safety features such as low-vibration system, inertia-activated brake, and auto-lock mechanism. Availability of these safety features improve the user experience and add in the security of user as well.

Q9. What type of wood is best for carving with chainsaw?

Commonly, softwoods are preferred for carving purposes such as cedar, pine and spruce. Meanwhile, hardwoods such as oak can also be carved. In short, a chainsaw is chosen considering the nature of the wood.

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