Best 18 Inch Chainsaw 2023 – For Garden & Professional Use

Not only oxygen, food and forage we get from plants, but also we acquire many other life-supporting essential elements from them. One of these auxiliary components is heat energy. Subsequently, for obtaining firewood we are required to fell the trees and cut the timber.

Here I am suggesting 18 inch chainsaw because of some significant reasons. At the top is the multipurpose size of the chain. The list of the services that you may benefit from this size is gigantic and unending. In simple words, it supports you whether you are working on a small scale or the large scale. For all the intensities of your occupation, 18 inches size is invariably the most suitable.

Pruning and trimming are the most innovative and artistic aspects of backyard management and emergent horticulture.

The taste of the job doubles up with a long size of chain like 18 inches with which you can crop a speedy and energetic presentation.

Furthermore, your imagination gets in full swing when in a single motion of your arm, the plants and hedges acquire the edifice of matchless beauty.

Chopping or felling the lavish trees sometimes gets an indispensable necessity for your lawn or backyard.

Best 18 Inch Chainsaw

According to the experts, 18 inch chainsaw is quite appropriate for cutting a stump or a trunk up to 16 inches wide. However, if they are wider than 16 inches, you may use the chainsaw on either side and cut the bulky tree with a little better skill.

Most Used and Durable 18 Inch Chainsaws

Engine Power
Corded Electric Chainsaw
0.5 HP
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Oregon CS1500
Corded Electric Chainsaw
0.5 HP
Check Price
Greenworks Pro 80v
Battery Powered
3.5 HP
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EGO Power+ CS1800
Battery Powered
550 watts
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Poulan Pro PR4218
Gas Powered
42cc Engine
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Gas Powered
5.3 HP
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Husqvarna 445
Gas Powered
2.8 HP
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Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 HP | Weight: 12.5 Pounds | Motor Power: 15 Amp | Chain Pitch: 0.38 Inch

Have a safe journey into the world of harvesting and horticulture with the latest technology decked in the Black + Decker CS1518 and dispense your small garden or backyard a healthy and sophisticated appearance.

Black + Decker is on board now as one of the great18 inch chainsaw and the best-rated apparatus in the galaxy of contemporary high-tech chainsaws. 

For either trimming the hedges or chopping the timber, 18 inches is the best suitable chain size for your backyard. With this versatile size, you can do the copious occupations performed by both, smaller as well as larger chainsaws.

It is equally suitable for amateur as well as professional operators.

Black + Decker is equipped with an advantageous and robust Oregon bar that provides you with a smooth and fast cut.

This bar is popular among customers for its low kickback technology. The small radius tip is the marvelous point which offers splendid safety at the most sensitive kickback area. Black + Decker CS1518 comprises the low weight assembly to support even the ladies or the old muscles. To reduce the probability of your exhaustion, it is adorned with a low-vibration system. 

Another benefit of its light weight is that you can work at different angles. For improving this feature, the device is provided with a wraparound steel bar handle. Black + Decker CS1518 comprises a powerful 15-ampere battery that supports the speedy chain to cut even the stalwart wood of oak, cherry or maple. 

Automatic lubrication improves the life and performance of the chain. Tool-less tensioning system reduces your effort of keeping the chain firm.


  • Light in weight
  • Durable structure
  • Wraparound handle bar
  • Effective chain brake
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Automatic lubrication


  • Does not come pre-assembled

Personal Experience Review

I am mostly inclined towards corded electric 18 inch chainsaws. The vivid reason is that there is no match for the power of electricity. I need to only manage the cable and the plug close to the working spot. Black + Decker CS1518 provides me with the best level of security.

A powerful hand guard that performs the duty of chain brake as well is a fine security against a powerful jerk of the chain.  Lock-off button does not let the machine run unintentionally. A clear oil gauge keeps me informed about the oil level in the reservoir.

2. Oregon CS1500

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 HP | Weight: 12.6 Pounds | Motor Power: 15 Amp | Chain Speed: 48 FPS

All-rounder chainsaws are now more in the scheme for manufacturers and engineers. Most people are seemed to be inclined to versatile gadgets.

Why should they not? A versatile apparatus like the Oregon CS1500 relieves you from the condition of keeping more than one appliances. It reduces your job of caring for and maintaining many items containing different sizes.

As a resourceful chainsaw, Oregon CS1500 saves your precious time as well as money. You can depend upon it for better productivity.

Its powerful 15-ampere motor is strong enough to make your job of pruning and cutting easy for you.

The wraparound bar handle is furnished with a precious rubber material that provides you good grip and helps you in your vigorous employment. 

Auto lubrication and tool-free tensioning system are the best provisions in modern tools. These systems secure the machine from early wear and tear and also save you from the hassle of providing laborious services of keeping the chainsaw always in the best condition. 

I’m a laborious person but I detest surplus manual jobs like chain sharpening. Holding link by link in the teeth of the hand crank or the clamp and then using a file to sharpen the teeth is really a taxing job for me. Oregon CS1500 offers the best solution to this taxing job. 

The supreme tool is loaded with an opportune built-in PowerSharp self-sharpening technology. This system performs the job of hours in seconds. To sharpen the teeth of the chain, you are only required to pull a lever and the job is done in 3 to 5 seconds.


  • Built-in PowerSharp technology
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Prominent yield
  • Instant start up
  • Ergonomic chain brake


  • Motor is a little noisy

Personal Experience Review

My level of satisfaction after using Oregon CS1500 is high enough to recommend the machine as an indispensable member of your backyard. 18 inch chain size lets me do it all conveniently. It is quite safe with an effective hand guard that controls the chain brake efficiently. Low kickback Oregon bar offers me nice security against any unusual rubbing of the chain. 

To keep the wires intact and secured, the splendid appliance is equipped with a Built-in cable strain relief notch. This construction antagonizes any severe jolt on the cables.

3. Greenworks Pro 80v

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 3.5 HP | Weight: 2.05 Pounds | Chain Speed: 34.5 FPS | Battery Potential: 80v

Nature festooned the land with plants before animal life could appear on the earth. Plants are inevitable creatures for the existence of man on earth.

To prettify and smarten the wildly grown trees and manage the scattered plants, you need a smart tool. It is found that for pruning, shaping, cleaning and other cutting jobs Greenworks Pro proves to be a good chainsaw. 

The most significant feature is the 18 inch chain size that yields the best task of trimming as well as felling light-weight trees, growing in your backyard.

With a powerful, double torque, a 3.5 horsepower motor works as an expert in trimming the extraneous twigs and limbs of the woody plants. Invincible batteries of 80 volts perform every job in moments.

Greenworks Pro is a light-weight power tool. Therefore, it is quite handy and convenient to use. The operator would never feel sluggish during his long sessions of operation in the garden. The marvelous steel spike bumper supports the bar strongly and prevents the spiking debris from entering the machine. This pretty nice feature keeps the chain and the blades safe and unspoiled for a longer time. 

The brushless motor is the next fantastic feature that turns Greenworks Pro into a favourite implement of every logger. It not only keeps the motor quiet but also increases the life of the device to a good extent. The stylish hand guard has large windows to peep through and see the nose of the chain properly. This also helps in keeping the apparatus at the right angle. 

Greenworks Pro provides you with good security against accidental injuries. The chain brake works effectively against a kickback. Low kickback technology and wraparound bar handle increase the security level as well as the efficiency of cutting.


  • Trubrushless motor
  • Light in weight
  • Produces very less noise
  • No gas, no smoke and no pulls
  • Effective chain brake
  • Low kickback technology


  • Not for commercial use

Personal Experience Review

I tried to check the expression of 18 chain size. My experience remained quite satisfactory. During my experience of utilizing Greenworks Pro, I got a good accumulation of lumbered wood. Good speed and impressive cutting style remain quite satisfactory. Automatic chain lubrication keeps the chain moist during long sessions of working. The reservoir provides quite a suitable portion of the lubricant to the chain.

4. EGO Power+CS1800

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 550 watts | Weight: 13.22 Pounds | Chain Speed: 11,000 RPM | Battery Potential: 56v

I know the farfetched world of plants tends to be quite gorgeous and eye-catching. EGO Power+ CS1800 is powered to become a trendsetter and the best 18 inch chainsaw.

Among the unique characteristics, the first one I would like to mention is the 56-volt huge battery. The battery is large in size and, in turn, delivers a huge power to cut 200 pieces on a single charge. 

EGO Power+ CS1800 is supplied with 5 ampere-hour arc lithium battery that empowers the trubrushless motor to run at an invincible speed of 11,000 revolutions per minute.

This splendid speed along with efficient chain slicing helps you perform any job you choose to do in the garden, the backyard or the lawn.

From the easy task of shaping the hedges or cleaning the ground to the difficult work of cutting firewood, all you do yourself with EGO Power+ CS1800, without any aggravation. The auto tensioning system is the latest technology which shifts the chain at the most suitable tensioning level automatically. Once you rotate the dial anti-clockwise to release the chain and then rotate it clockwise and the job is done.

EGO Power+ CS1800 works silently and runs at top speed without forcing you to wear headphones. Smart spike bumper is an advantageous addition to modern devices, although the efficiency of this piece of spike varies from device to device. 

EGO is adorned with a slim bucking spike bumper which works very effectively. It gives full support to the bar and chain as well as prohibits rubble and debris from entering the machine which may spoil the machine and reduce the efficiency of chain.


  • Equipped with bright LED headlights
  • Slim bucking spike bumper
  • Trubrushless motor
  • Automatic chain tensioning system
  • Auto-lubrication technology
  • Translucent window to check oil level


  • Charger is not included in the package

Personal Experience Review

I found EGO Power+ CS1800 a unique model among other contemporary gadgets. The exclusive apparatus is equipped with a bright LED light for working properly in low-light conditions. It carries a double light setting.  It glows in dim are bright positions according to the requirement of the light at dusk or dawn. Secondly, the fabulous chainsaw provides the output of a gas chainsaw yet not creating any noise or produce heavy smoke which may ruin the ecosystem.

5. Poulan Pro PR4218

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Type: 2 Stroke | Weight: 13.25 Pounds | Chain Pitch: Low Profile 0.375 Inch | Engine Capacity: 42cc

My backyard is stuffed with cherry trees and often I felt that I needed an extraordinary chainsaw which could cut the hardwood of cherry easily.

Poulan Pro performs the job of felling trees or cutting firewood as efficiently as you trim the branches of an ordinary tree.

Poulan Pro PR4218 is equipped with a powerful 42 cc, 2-cycle engine that revolves the chain at sublime speed.

Adorned with OxyPower technology, Poulan Pro proves to be a very efficient and very economical device.

This supreme technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% as well as decreases the smoke and other harmful gases by up to 70%.

Poulan Pro PR4218 is adorned with many sophisticated elements which are offered by the latest technology. Those cultured components turn the device into the latest gadget with all the best characteristics. Automatic lubrication keeps the bar and chain oiled at a proper level. It reduces the chances of early wearing of the chain. Moreover, it keeps you away from the tension of keeping the oil bottle always at hand. 

The unique thing about Poulan Pro PR4218 is that it is adorned with automatic gear-driven lubrication technology that prevents the surplus lubricant leak when it is in an idle state. This leakage is seen in contemporary devices until the users drain the oil after using the device. Secondly, its super clean air filter system increases the life of the filter and reduces fuel consumption without fear of reducing power.


  • OxyPower Technology
  • More power, less consumption
  • Automatic gear driven lubrication technology
  • Super clean air filter system
  • Advanced anti-vibration technology
  • Case is included in the package


  • No tool-free tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

I was informed by a friend of mine about the efficient working of Poulan Pro PR4218. The recommendation remained up to the mark. The first thing that I noted was the easy starting of the machine. I learnt to use the purge bulb carefully and then a few pulls brought the device to life.

An advanced anti-vibration system and wraparound bar handle do not let me feel exhausted soon. To reach the onboard scrench, you don’t need to use any tool to unlock the integrated storage with a snap lock cover.

6. ECHO CS 400

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 5.3 HP | Weight: 10.1 Pounds | Starting Mechanism: I-30 | Engine Capacity: 40.2cc

Do all the work of gardening yourself with Echo CS-400. Spend a little time in the backyard and save the bucks that you spend on arranging a professional gardener. You can do it by yourself by using the Echo.

The versatile 18 inches size of chain has the capacity to fell trees and cut firewood. Prune the plants, crop the grooves, snip the beds and shape the hedges; do everything, and do it yourself. 

With the power of gasoline, the powerful 40.2 cc engine speeds up the chain up to 12,650 RPM and then speeds up your task. No need of spending hours in the backyard.

It performs the assigned job before your muscles get taut or you feel exhausted. Easy start engine turns your hectic job into fun.

For your convenience, the gadget comes fully assembled and the package includes engine oil as well.

There are many security features included in Echo CS-400. An elegant hand guard that controls the unique dual post chain brake works very nicely and efficiently in case of a single tug on the guard. For protection from an accidental start, the device is furnished with a security switch. The wraparound bar handle offers you stronger control of the apparatus during the strenuous job. 

Automatic clutch driven lubrication enhances the efficiency of the chain. Timber wolf chain bar is durable and gives good protection against kickback of the chain. Tool-free access to the air filter provides you with easy maintenance. Gravitational force engine air pre-cleaner enhances the life and efficiency of the air filter. Removable bumper spike protects the debris from sticking the chain and making it dull sooner than expected.


  • Exclusive i-30 starting technology
  • Dual-post chain brake
  • Tool-less access to air filter
  • Equipped with vibration dampeners
  • Automatic clutch-driven lubrication
  • Removable bumper spike


  • Does not provide zero emission

Personal Experience Review

I don’t know what others feel about Echo CS-400, but my personal experience of using this fantastic machine remained extraordinary. The power boost engine performs the job earlier than expected. The most impressive feature is i-30 starting system. Often you may have noted that mostly the gas powered tools take a few pulls for starting. This marvelous i-30 system reduces the number of pulls to one or maximum two.

7. Husqvarna 445

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 18 Inches | Engine Power: 2.8 HP | Weight: 14 Pounds | Engine Capacity: 50cc

Equipped with the best chain size for domestic utility Husqvarna 445 stands as an excellent 18 inch chainsaw. With 18 inch chain size, this splendid apparatus never refutes performing any kind of operation.

You often see today that many loggers are using Husqvarna at the professional level. It is all due to its powerful mode of working and domination of all the tough jobs inside a garden or outside. 

For easy handling and mobility, Husqvarna 445 is furnished with a slim body. Though 18 inches is declared the best suitable size of the bar, you are facilitated with other sizes on this machine as well.

You may use sizes from 13 to 20 inches. A very stylish hand guard protects your hand from any flying slice of wood.

It stimulates the inertia-based chain brake in a wink of the eye in case of any unusual jerk of your hand against the guard. 

A powerful 50 cc piston with 2.8 horse power and X-Torque engine supports you to accumulate a huge pile of cut wood or branches in a little time. Husqvarna 445 works quite efficiently on hardwood as well. The combined action of choke and stop control helps you start the machine conveniently. This unique system saves the engine from flooding and hence you avail an easy start.

Husqvarna 445 is equipped with air injection technology. This technology works on the rule of gravitational force that stimulates a centrifugal air cleaning system. Air reaches the real filter sans larger particles in the air and hence life range of the filter increases to a good level. Automatic lubrication enhances the working capacity of the chain to the maximum.


  • Inertia based chain brake
  • Equipped with dampeners for reducing vibration
  • Effortless starting system
  • Seven degree offset front handle
  • Choke-stop control
  • Air injection system


  • Mixing of oil is required

Personal Experience Review

My working experience with Husqvarna 445 is elegant that increases more with its 18 chain size. Perhaps other operators also like to do the job themselves. But I surely like it very much. A unique characteristic that I want to share with you is the seven-degree offset front handle that you find in this machine. This incline supports my wrist and I feel at ease while keeping the apparatus at the right angle.


Referring to a tool is not an easy job. Actually, the first priority goes to the arbitrator’s own satisfaction. Some loggers prefer a single device for all purposes. This can be done with a mediocre-sized chain like 18 inches. Keeping this motive in my mind I selected some of the best 18 inch chainsaws and put in a nail-biting effort to gain the maximum and true knowledge about them. 

All the above-mentioned chainsaws are good in performance and durable in their structure. They encompass all the contemporary components but those appliances are selected very cautiously so that you may enjoy the taste of high-tech tools without getting too precious to afford. The three best of them may be as follows:

  2. EGO Power+ CS1800
  3. Husqvarna 445

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What is an 18 inch chainsaw used for?

The versatile 18 inch chainsaw is a multi-purpose implement. You may do all kinds of tasks in your garden or the backyard with this size. You may prune, trim, crop or fell the trees and chop the timber with 18 inch chainsaw.

Q2. Is 18 or 20 inch chainsaw better?

The18 inch chainsaw is better in a way. It is not too lengthy for pruning or shaping the hedges. It is not too small to use for felling the trees. Though both the sizes are equally good for felling and cutting firewood, but 20 inch chainsaw creates some hurdle in thinning the vegetation and cleaning the patches.

Q3. Can I put a 20 inch bar on an 18 in chainsaw?

Some chainsaws offer the option to use both these sizes like Husqvarna 445. However, there are many others which don’t give any option like that.

Q4. What are the benefits of 18-inch chainsaw?

Chainsaws equipped with the bar or chain of 18-inch are usually preferable for experienced loggers and ranchers. Using 18-inch chainsaw you can easily cut down the mighty logs of the hardest woods as well. In short, 18-inch chainsaw allows you to perform a wide range of jobs that encompasses cutting, cleaning and carving jobs.

Q5. What are some safety tips while using 18-inch chainsaw?

Chainsaws can be scary if not used with proper precautions. Before you start chainsaw, make sure to put on all safety gears such as gloves, helmet, goggles and pant. Do not forget to check chain lock and also ensure that you avoid cutting with kickback zone. 18-Inch chainsaw is bigger than normal chainsaws, so it requires greater care.

Q6. How do I maintain my 18-inch Chainsaw?

It doesn’t matter what size of chainsaw you have – what matters is its maintenance which is same for all sizes of chainsaws. Followings are some tips using which you can add time to the life of your chainsaw;

  • Clean it thoroughly after using it
  • Lubricate all necessary parts of your chainsaw
  • Adjust the tension in chain before you use it – chain might get dull
  • Store your chainsaw neither in hot nor in moisture

Q7. What is the best Husqvarna chainsaw 18-inch?

Husqvarna is one of the leading chainsaw manufacturers, and these chainsaws are quite popular due to their best quality. However, if you are looking for the best Husqvarna 18-inch chainsaw, you can consider Husqvarna 445.

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