Stihl 391 Vs 362 – Features, Differences & Comparison

If you visit a nearby chainsaw store, you will find yourself surrounded by different chainsaws, still, you will not be able to figure out any physical difference between those chainsaws – but technically, they are different; they may follow different mechanisms to generate power, power output can be different and the length of the recommended guide bar may vary. Similarly, when I first saw Stihl 391 and 362, I was unable to find any considerable differences. But later on, the personal use of these power tools unleashed many secrets upon me.

In the following paragraphs, you will find all details regarding the features of both of these chainsaws along with their differences. After reading these features and the below-mentioned differences, you will be able to decide which of these chainsaws suits you better.

Stihl 391 Vs 362

Stihl 391 Vs 362

If you want a chainsaw that can serve your cause for years without being problematic, you must choose your chainsaw wisely. For this purpose, you should know every detail about that chainsaw. Sometimes, you may get baffled when you come across two almost similar products and you need to choose one of them. In such a situation, you can draw a comparison to make a better decision.

Stihl 391 Features

Stihl 391 is a gas-powered chainsaw that has a two-stroke internal combustion engine. This is an incredible power tool that can assist you doing small to mid-level wood cutting, wood carving, pruning and trimming jobs. Followings are some salient features of this chainsaw;

1. Engine and Power

Being a two-stroke gas-powered chainsaw, it is one of the models manufactured by Stihl to come up with small to medium-level wood-cutting jobs. With a cylindrical displacement of 64.1cc, this chainsaw produces power of 4.4bhp which is enough for trimming extended branches or turning logs of smaller diameter into fine slices of wood.

Meanwhile, with the help of the newest engine technology, the consumption of fuel has been reduced massively. With meager amount of fuel, now you can run your chainsaw for more time.

2. Safe and Environment Friendly (Reduced-Emission Engine Technology)

Stihl appears to be massively concerned about the safety of the environment and its users as well. This is the reason that led Stihl to add a Reduced-Emission Engine Technology which proved to be pivotal in eliminating emissions from the exhaust. This technology is not only beneficial for the environment, but users also remain safe from lethal fumes.

Secondly, there has been inculcated an anti-vibration system in the chainsaw. This system absorbs most of the vibration and keeps the user safe from fatigue. You can keep using this machine for hours without any problem.

3. Pre-Separation Air Filtration and IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor

This is an advanced technology that keeps the internal combustion chamber safe from wear and tear. Typically, the dust particles are collected by centrifugal force before they enter the filter. This pre-separation mechanism keeps the filter alive in the longer run, and the engine of the chainsaw also remains safe from wear and tear.

Along with this, there is another amazing technology named IntelliCarb™ Compensating Carburetor which is there to automatically adjust the air/fuel ratio when the air filter becomes partially clogged.

4. Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner

Adjusting the tension in the chain is very important to ensure the longevity of the chain and the full efficiency of your chainsaw. Usually, adjusting the tension in the chainsaw appears to be an anguish, but this is no more the case with Stihl 391.

The side-mounted chain tensioner helps you tighten the chain without any problem. With the help of a wrench, you can simply adjust the tension in the chain.

Stihl 391 Specifications

Followings are important specifications of this incredible power tools. These specifications will help you technically analyze the worth of this chainsaw;

Stihl MS 391 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight13.67lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)18-inch
Engine power 4.4 bhp
Cylindrical displacement64.1cc
OILOMATIC Chain 3/8″ RS3
Chain Oil Capacity11.8oz
Fuel capacity 20.3oz

Stihl MS 362 Features

While debating on the topic, “Stihl 391 Vs 362” it is necessary to explain features of both of these power tools. Similar to Stihl MS 391, MS 362 is another excellent power tool which provides users with satisfying user-experience. Followings are some of the important features of this chainsaw;

1. Engine and Power

Similar to its counterpart, Stihl MS 391 is also a gas-powered chainsaw that has a two-stroke engine. With the cylindrical displacement of 59.0cc, the engine of the chainsaw produces a power output of 4.6bhp which is enough to bring down huge trees.

Fuel consumption of MS 362 is also surprisingly low. You can keep using this chainsaw even when you are low on fuel. So, if you have this chainsaw, you can significantly reduce the expense of fuel.

2. Decompression Valve

The decompression valve in MS 362 is another factor that makes the chainsaw hugely suitable for homeowners, ranchers, experienced loggers, and beginners as well. With the help of a decompression valve, you can start your chainsaw more easily.

It temporarily reduces the compression in the combustion chamber and reduces the effort exerted in pulling the rope to start the chainsaw. The opening and closing of the decompression valve are controlled by an automatic system.

3. Safety Measures (Anti-Vibration Mechanism & Reduced-Emissions)

This chainsaw offers a great user experience – its safety measures are commendable, and provide users with safety. Anti-vibration mechanism of this chainsaw absorbs most of the vibrations and allows the user to continue working without feeling fatigued.

On the other hand, it is also equipped with Reduced-Emission Engine Technology that eliminates the problem of emissions. This is how the chainsaw becomes suitable not only for users but for the environment as well.

4. Pre-Separation of Dust Particles

This feature is found in most of the chainsaws manufactured by Stihl. However, it is worth mentioning every time. This system separates dust particles using centrifugal forces before they enter the filter. This is how users do not need to clean the filter again and again.

Meanwhile, this pre-separation of dust particles also keeps the engine safe from wear and tear of the internal combustion chamber.

Specifications of Stihl MS 362

Having become familiar with the features of Stihl MS 362, it is an unavoidable part of the job to discuss about the specifications of this power tool. Followings are important specifications of this chainsaw;

Stihl MS 362 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight12.3lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)20-inch
Engine power 4.6 bhp
Cylindrical displacement59.0cc
OILOMATIC Chain 3/8″ RS3
Chain Oil Capacity11oz
Fuel capacity 20.3oz

What are the Differences?

As per my personal experience with these chainsaws, I found them performing amazingly-well. However, there are some differences which distinguish these two chainsaws from each other. Some of the salient differences are in below-mentioned paragraphs;

1. Power and Engine

When it comes to comparing two chainsaws, it becomes unavoidable to check their power and the specifications of the engine. If I talk about Stihl 391, then it has a two-stroke engine that has a cylindrical displacement of 64.1cc that offers a power output of 4.4bhp.

On the other side, there is Stihl MS 362 which is also a gas-powered chainsaw with the engine of cylindrical displacement of 59.0cc. But the power output is 4.6bhp. So, it is clear that MS 362 is more powerful than 391.

2. Weight

When it comes to buying a new chainsaw, you cannot avoid the importance of the weight factor. The greater will be the weight, the harder it will be to handle that chainsaw. Stihl 391 has a powerhead whose weight is 13.67lbs; for a chainsaw, this much weight is deemed as a heavy-weight chainsaw.

Contrary to that, the weight of MS 362 is 12.3lbs which is significantly lower than the weight of the former chainsaw. So, it is clear that the handling of MS 362 is easier than the 391, and the user can hold it for a long as well.

3. Power to Weight Ratio

The greater will be the power-to-weight ratio, the better will be the chainsaw to use. If I talk about Stihl 391, it has a weight of 13.67 lbs, and its engine delivers a power output of 4.4 bhp. In short, this chainsaw delivers 0.321 horsepower per pound.

Meanwhile, MS 362 generates a power of 4.6bhp, and its weight is 12.3lbs which is lower than the weight of the former one. So, it offers 0.373 horsepower per pound which is significantly greater than the power-to-weight ratio of Stihl 391.

4. Decompression Valve

The decompression valve provides users with convenience while pulling the rope to start the engine. Stihl 391 has nothing like a decompression valve in it, but Stihl MS 362 has it which makes it easier for users to start this chainsaw.

Reducing the compression in the combustion chamber, facilitates users to pull the rope by putting lesser effort. It can be said that Stihl 362 can start effortlessly if compared with Stihl 391 chainsaw.

5. Price

Price is another fundamental factor that plays an important role in the purchase of chainsaws. But if you are in a situation where you can get the best product by paying some extra bucks, you should consider that instead of buying a chainsaw at a low price under 200.

Here we have Stihl 391 which is available at lesser price than the price of Stihl MS 362. There is a difference of around $200 in the price of these two chainsaws.

Comparison Table of Stihl 391 & 362

Comparison FactorStihl 391Stihl MS 362
Power to Weight Ratio0.321 Horsepower Per Pound0.373 Horsepower Per Pound
Recommended Bar Length 18-inch20-inch
Cylindrical displacement64.1cc59.0cc
Decompression ValveNoYes
Emission Reduction SystemYesYes

Stihl 391 or MS 362 – What Suits you Better in 2023?

According to my personal use of both of these chainsaws and based on their features, I will go with Stihl MS 362. Although this chainsaw is costlier than Stihl 391, its features are more appealing and worthy.

So, if you are looking for a chainsaw that can help you complete your small to medium-sized wood-cutting jobs, you should better consider MS 362 – it is lighter in weight, possesses a greater power-to-weight ratio, and offers better handling.

Whether you are an experienced logger or a beginner, I will recommend this chainsaw for all. Do not forget to wear your protective gear while using a chainsaw.


Stihl 391 and 362, the comparison of these two chainsaws has been drawn in order to make it clear to users which of these chainsaws suits them better. Having discussed all the important features and specifications of both of these chainsaws, I have made sure that users will now be able to choose what they truly want.

Furthermore, if you want a lightweight, powerful, durable, and high power-to-weight ratio chainsaw, I recommend you buy Stihl MS362. Inarguably, it is costly, but it gives you 100% value for your money..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many HP is 362 Stihl?

Stihl MS 362 is a gas-powered chainsaw which is driven by a two-stroke engine that has cylindrical displacement of 59.0cc. The engine of this chainsaw produces 4.6bhp which is enough to sheer a hard wood in pieces of slice.

Q2. Is MS 362 a pro saw?

MS 362 can be regarded as a professional chainsaw because it is perfect for professional users to come up with their small to medium level tasks. However, Stihl 362 C-M is successor or another model of the similar lineup which is truly a pro chainsaw.

Q3. Which chainsaw should I buy, Stihl 391 or MS 362?

Stihl MS 362 is better than 391 due to multiple reasons. For example, MS 362 generates more power than 391. Meanwhile, 362 is also equipped with many advanced features such as decompression valve which are not present in 391.

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