Stihl MS250 Vs MS251 – Which One is Better in 2023?

Stihl is among the leading chainsaw manufacturing brands – it has streamlined quite an impressive variety of chainsaws to facilitate users according to their requirements. Earlier, Stihl put in line the production of Stihl MS250 which earned huge satisfaction from customers across the USA. Meanwhile, to further improve the quality of their product, Stihl took a step forward and launched Stihl MS251 as a successor of Stihl MS250 – of course, the former is better than the latter in terms of emissions, fuel capacity, etc.

Users are skeptical if Stihl has truly added something new to Stihl MS251 or if it is the same chainsaw with a new name. I would say, although Stihl MS251 has a lot of similar qualities to Stihl MS250, it will not be appropriate to say that the former is similar to the latter; there are many technical as well as physical differences in both of these power tools.

Stihl MS250 Vs MS251

Stihl MS250 Features

MS250 is an older model of chainsaw that is quite popular among loggers and ranchers. This is a gas-powered chainsaw which is deemed a perfect power tool to bring down small trees and deal with small to mid-level jobs.

1. Engine and Power

There is a two-stroke gas-powered engine in Stihl MS250. The engine provides a bar and chain with enough speed to go deep down in soft as well as hard wood and shear them.

With the cylindrical displacement of 45.4cc, the engine of MS250 produces 3.0bhp. This much power is enough to perform small to medium-level cutting jobs.

Meanwhile, you can also use it for fine-trimming and pruning trees in your driveway or backyard.

Stihl MS250

2. Safety Measures 

Stihl has always been concerned about the safety of users. This is the reason that led them to streamline some impressive safety features in all models of their chainsaws. For instance, the presence of a “Rear Hand Guard” reduces the effect of injury providing you with a wide area for foot placement.

This addition helps users to avoid any serious injury while working with the chainsaw. However, you still need to wear all your protective gear while using this chainsaw.

3. Winter/Summer Shutter

Winter/Summer shutter is an incredible feature added in Stihl MS250. It makes the carburetor work at an optimum temperature throughout the year without letting the carburetor icing below a certain temperature of 10°C.

4. Side Chain Tensioner 

Adjusting the tension in the chain of the chainsaw is an important part of the job; otherwise, you may need to compromise on the efficiency of your chainsaw. Thanks to the Stihl MS250 that has a side chain tensioner using which you can easily adjust the tension in the chain of the chainsaw.

Stihl MS250 Specifications

These are important specifications of Stihl MS250 – considering these specifications you can better decide about the overall credibility of this product;

Stihl MS250 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight10.1lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)18-inch
Engine power 3.0 bhp
Cylindrical displacement45.4cc
OILOMATIC Chain 0.325’’ RM3
Chain Oil Capacity6.8oz
Fuel capacity 15.9oz

Stihl MS251 Features

While talking about “Stihl MS250 Vs MS251”, it is inevitable to discuss the features of both chainsaws. So, having discussed Stihl MS250, the followings are the important features of Stihl MS251.

1. Engine and Power

Similar to its predecessor, Stihl MS251 also has a two-stroke gas-powered engine.

This chainsaw serves you the best when it comes to dealing with small to mid-level wood-cutting jobs.

You can easily trim extended branches of trees using this chainsaw. 

The cylindrical displacement of the engine is 45.6cc which is 0.1cc more than the MS250.

This power enables you to fell small trees and cut firewood efficiently and easily. 

Stihl MS251

2. Safe and Easy to Use 

Stihl MS251 is equipped with a master Control Lever – this is a single lever that is associated with a throttle lock and on-off switch. While using the chainsaw, you must pull the throttle trigger before moving Master Lever to the choke position. 

Meanwhile, this power tool absorbs a massive number of vibrations produced during cutting. The absorption of vibrations keeps users away from being fatigued, and they can keep using the chainsaw for a long time.

3. Reduced Emissions 

Gas-powered chainsaws appear to be a bit inconvenient when it comes to the emissions caused by unburned fuel in internal combustion chambers. But this problem is no more associated with Stihl MS251 because it produces 50% lesser amount of emissions than its predecessor.

This is how Stihl MS251 becomes more environment-friendly and user-friendly. Now, you can keep using this chainsaw without being worried about the environment. 

4. Fuel Efficiency 

Hand in hand, the fuel efficiency of Stihl MS251 is also commendable. It consumes 20% lesser amount of fuel than other models of Stihl chainsaws. Keeping the gas-to-oil ratio of 50:1, you can keep using this chainsaw for the longer run without being worried about fuel and emissions. 

This enhanced fuel efficiency makes it economical for users, and they can surely save a considerable amount that goes into fuel.

Stihl MS251 Specifications

The specifications of Stihl MS251 are not very much different from MS250; however, the main differences have also been discussed below;

Stihl MS251 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight11lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)18-inch
Engine power 3.0 bhp
Cylindrical displacement45.6cc
OILOMATIC Chain 0.325’’ RM3
Chain Oil Capacity6.7oz
Fuel capacity 13.2oz

What are main Differences?

Having discussed the features of both of the chainsaws, now I am due to tell you about the main differences that exist between these two chainsaws. Followings are considerable differences that make these machines differ from each other;

1. Engine and Power

Physically, there is nothing different about the engine of these two chainsaws; however, technically there exists a very minor difference in cylindrical displacement. In MS250 cylindrical displacement is 45.4cc while in MS251 it is 45.6cc – although the difference is minor but still important to consider. 

Both chainsaws have engines that produce 3.0bhp. On a larger frame, there is no big difference in power offered by these two chainsaws, but Stihl MS251 appears to be a bit more suitable and powerful. 

2. Weight and Handling Comparison

Weight is an important factor that cannot be overlooked while buying a new chainsaw. Discussing Stihl MS250 and Stihl MS251, you will come to know that there is a very minor difference of 0.9 pounds in the weight of these two chainsaws. 

No doubt, this difference in weight is minor but still considerable. You can hold a lighter chainsaw with more convenience, while a heavier chainsaw can be more efficient while dealing with hard wood. 

3. Reduced Emissions 

Emissions are the leading cause of environmental deterioration. These are also harmful to users and people who inhale that air. Although manufacturers are very much careful about the manufacturing of their products, and developing technologies to reduce the harmful impact on the environment and human beings, but still there is a lot more to cover. 

The good thing is that Stihl MS251 is equipped with an excellent emission reduction system that reduces emissions by around 50% in comparison to Stihl MS250. 

MS250 Vs MS251

4. Chain Oil Capacity 

Lubrication of parts of chainsaws (especially of chain and bar) is very important to enjoy improved performance and continued efficiency. For this purpose, there is a tank of a certain capacity that contains lubrication oil for different parts of the chainsaw. In MS250 the capacity of the chain oil container is 6.80z. 

While this capacity is 6.7oz which is 0.1oz lesser than the capacity of MS250. This is a minor difference that can be overlooked anyway. 

5. Which has better Fuel Efficiency

Fuel consumption is an important factor that must be considered when buying a new chainsaw. Chainsaws that consume lesser amounts are surely more economical. Stihl MS250 consumes a regular amount of fuel which is consumed by other chainsaws of this size. 

But Stihl MS251 is better in this regard because it consumes 20% lesser fuel than MS250. This huge difference massively hails MS251 as a better chainsaw than MS250. 

6. Updated Prices 

Earlier, there was no difference in the prices of these two models of the chainsaw. But now, there is a minute difference now. Stihl MS250 costs you $400 along with an 18-inch bar. To your surprise, the price of Stihl MS251 is $20 lesser than its predecessor – you can buy it online from Stihl’s website for $380 along with an 18-inch bar.

So, here I have explained all differences in detail in my explanation of the topic against “Stihl MS251 Vs Stihl MS251”. 

Comparison Table of Stihl MS 250 and MS 251

Comparison FactorStihl MS 250Stihl MS 251
Power Head Weight10.1lbs11lbs
Chain Oil Capacity6.8oz6.7oz
Fuel capacity15.9oz13.2oz
Cylindrical displacement45.4cc45.6cc
Fuel EfficientNoYes ( Consumes 20% less )

Which is BetterStihl MS250 or MS250

Stihl MS250 has been an all-time allrounder chainsaw for homeowners, beginners, and experienced loggers as well. It has everything to offer that you may long to have in your chainsaw. But still, Stihl MS251 appears to be more engaging and efficient.

Stihl MS251 is equipped with some extraordinary features; for example, it has a controlled emission system that reduces emissions by 50%, and its fuel consumption system is also very commendable which reduces the use of fuel by 20%.

So, based on features and my personal use of both of these chainsaws, I will declare Stihl MS251 as a winner of this contest.

Having gone through a detailed comparison of Stihl MS250 and MS251, you will better be able to decide which of these chainsaws suits your requirements.


There are many chainsaws available in market, but it takes time and research to know that which one of them is suitable for you. Here in above paragraphs, I drew a detailed comparison on Stihl MS250 and MS251 – I have described all features of these two chainsaws in detail for the convenience of readers. Now, you can easily choose any of them depending upon your circumstances.

The result I concluded on the basis of my personal experience with these chainsaws and their features, I declared Stihl MS251 as a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What is the difference between Stihl MS250 and Stihl MS251?

Physically, there is no difference in these two chainsaws except a minor difference of 0.9 pounds in weight. Technically, there are considerable differences in these two chainsaws such as addition of reduced emission mechanism and reduced consumption of fuel mechanism in Stihl MS251.

Q2. Which is better, Stihl MS250 or MS251?

Both of these power tools perform excellent jobs. But MS251 appears to be more suitable in terms of features and prices as well. MS251 is better due to multiple reasons that include reduced consumption of fuel system and inculcation of reduced emissions system. But if it is about handling, MS250 can be more appealing because it is slightly lighter then MS251.

Q3. What bar size is suitable for Stihl MS250 and MS251?

Technically, both of the chainsaws are recommended to use with 18-inch bar. If ordered from Stihl’s website, you get the option of choosing the bar. Depending upon your requirements you can choose any bar from given options.

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