Best Mini Chainsaw 2023 – Budget-Friendly and Reliable

For pruning the plants in the yard, you need a suitable saw. Today, modern technology endeavors to provide you with the best mini chainsaw so that you might expediently give beautiful shapes and healthy look to the plants. This not only satisfies your requirements but also gives you a chance to inhale a lot of oxygen and keep you healthy. 

Trees and humans both love to live together. Nature is quite inviting and man pleasantly adores nature. Pruning does not only mean beautifying the plants. This also means staying together. The messy growth of plants gets vicious only to feel human hands which turn them into a model of beauty. Man naturally has the inclination to tend the savage plants and turn them into a specimen of magnificence. 

Mini chainsaw is substituting handsaw, hedge shears and loppers very fast. There are two vivid reasons behind these substitutions.

First, a mini chainsaw speeds up the operation and an extended occupation is accomplished in minutes.

Secondly, you need not fatigue your muscles and after pruning, keep resting for hours. So much so that old people and women too can perform a laborious job easily.

Mini chainsaws are specially designed for cropping and trimming plants. These are not to be used to cut the stumps or the huge trunk.

As most of them are either battery or electricity powered, they are environment friendly and emit no gases to disrupt the normal functioning of life.

These are light in weight and hence are absolutely competent and convenient in utility.

Best Mini Chainsaw

Most Recommended Mini Chainsaws

Engine Power
Sun Joe SWJ806E
7.9 AMP
Check Price
Saker Mini Chainsaw
Battery Powered
550 watt Battery
Check Price
Makita XCU06Z Cordless Chainsaw
Battery Powered
3.2 HP
Check Price
Battery Powered
1 HP
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BEI & Hong Mini Chainsaw
Battery Powered
80 watt Battery
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Greenworks 24v 10 Inch Chainsaw
Battery Powered Chainsaw
Battery Power 500 watt
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Ryobi P546 Cordless
Battery Powered
5 HP
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1. Sun Joe SWJ806E

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 8 Inches | Pole Length: 8.6 Feet | Weight: 5.5 Pounds | Pole Weight: 2.9 Pounds

Today you may perform the job of arborist effectively, without taking any risk of climbing up the tree. Two-in-one Sun Joe SWJ806E is prized as a good mini chainsaw with due reasons.

It is furnished with top-rank constituent elements. Sun Joe facilitates you to use a pole of 8.6 feet in length to reach a height of up to 15 feet while standing on the earth. 

Once the limbs are down, you may convert Sun Joe very easily from a pole saw to a hand-held chainsaw without using any tool. Subsequently, you can cut the long branches and boughs into smaller fragments.

Furthermore, being electric powered, you get better performance of the essential parts. Powerful 7.5-ampere motor saws soft or hard wood with equivalent efficiency.

You will see no sign of idleness in the part of the implement, even though you are tackling hardwood plants like maple or oak tree. Sun Joe is the typical specimen of modern technology. Auto lubrication saves your time and increases the resilience of the tool to an adequate extent. You need not keep the oil flask close and lubricate the chain and the bar nose every now and then. 

To provide you with security, Sun Joe is equipped with a built-in safety switch. The hand guard initiates the chain brake as soon as it gets any accidental severe jerk. An effective wraparound handlebar provides you with a good grip on the chainsaw. Sun Joe comes in green color which is favorite to many people. The reason may be that it is the color of the leaves on the trees and looks so cool to the eyes.


  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Easily convertible from pole to handheld saw
  • Equipped with safety switch
  • High-speed steel blade
  • Telescoping 8.6 feet pole
  • Light in weight


  • Lacks tool-less tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

Working in one’s garden and trimming the boughs is really a fantastic recreation. It can’t be done without a mini chainsaw because a large chainsaw is usually made for cutting the heavier trunk and larger bough. Equipped with a high-speed steel blade Sun Joe is ideal for limbing and trimming. Sharp teethed 8-inch chain cuts up to 7.5-inch thick wood. Lightweight Sun Joe is exquisite for all users; the young, the old or the women.

2. Saker Mini Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 4 Inches | Battery Power: 550 watt | Battery Output: 1500 mA | Weight: 2.4 Pounds

In the pool of mini chainsaws, Saker is perhaps the smallest one. For pruning at home, on the lawn, the courtyard or the garden, it is a good choice to make.

If someone asks me what can be the best gift for a sibling or a friend, I’ll soon suggest Saker. The reason is not a humble one. Saker is comfortably portable and specially structured to Do It Yourself. 

Saker mini chainsaw is equipped with strong components. For example, a high-quality guide chain is best suitable for neat and clean cropping. A deep quenching system increases the efficiency of the guide chain.

To enhance the power, resilience and stability of the motor, pure copper wire is used in the construction. This mini chainsaw is actually an enormous assembly of performance. 

Saker is very light in weight, that is, only 2.4 pounds. With this much little weight, it is likely to be taken as a heavy sharp handsaw yet not needed to drag to and fro on a twig to cut it. You need only to put the chain in the proper place and appreciate how neatly the shoot is cut. You may spend whatever the timing suits you in the garden without any notion of exhaustion or fatigue. 

Saker mini chainsaw comes with two batteries. These are 20-volt batteries with an output of 1500 mili ampere hour. The lithium-ion battery is comparatively proficient and long-lasting. And hence you get a better timing for your job. With only 4 inch size of the chain, you are required to handle the machine with a single hand and prune the branches as long as you like. 


  • Two batteries and the charger included
  • High-quality guide chain
  • Pure copper wire motor
  • Less wear and tear
  • More torque
  • Easily portable


  • Tooled tensioning system
  • No automatic oiler 

Personal Experience Review

Saker mini chainsaw is small in size with a good many safety measures. It is equipped with a safety lock. This feature prohibits the machine start running accidentally. Saker is easy to assemble and it will take only a minute or two to make the tool ready for cutting. In the package, you also find a suitcase that is an inevitable item for storage of the chainsaw.

3. Makita XCU06Z Cordless Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Engine Power: 3.2 HP | Weight: 8.8 Pounds | Chain Speed: 4720 RPM | Battery Potential: Lithium Ion 18V

Mini chainsaws are intruding into every home now and getting an indispensable requirement for everyone.

This is because the utility of these miniature chainsaws at home is reaching the ultimate level. Makita XCU06Z is loaded with all the basic requirements of common people and hence it is welcomed by every professional logger.

The top handle is no less than a luxury. You can use Makita with a single hand and prune or trim the unevenly growing limbs and boughs of the plants. With a top handle, you can also perform the job of an arborist, thinning the top branches of the trees.

The wraparound handle bar delivers good security to your hands and arms against the sudden jerk of the chainsaw or the kickback. 

The small-sized 10-inch chain is quite suitable not only for trimming but also for carving on the stumps. Makita is equipped with a built-in LED on-off switch that also transports the auto power-off function. This function saves power when the chainsaw remains idle for a little longer time. The captured bar nut delivers strong tension to the bar and the chain. 

The brushless motor provides good force to the chain and supports in its strenuous exertion. For a heavy job, you can turn on the torque boost mode that speeds up the chain and is very helpful for achieving good output. The automatic chain lubrication system is responsible for continuous oiling. You are given the option of adjusting the flow of the lubricant according to your requirement. 


  • Equipped with bumper spikes
  • Automatic adjustable lubrication
  • Large lubricant reservoir
  • Efficient front-hand guard
  • Outer rotor BL motor
  • Lateral chain tensioning


  • Tooled chain tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

In the cluster of mini chainsaws, Makita XCU06Z resides at the top. It is equipped with durable and resilient components. Bumper spikes repel fragments of the wood and prevent the pulling of the rubble in. The built-in lock-off lever prevents the machine from the accidental start and provides good security against any severe injury. A powerful 5-ampere battery supports the device to work for longer spells.

4. WORX WG322

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Engine Power: 1 HP | Weight: 6.19 Pounds | Chain Speed: 12.5 ft per second

This fascinating apparatus comes up to all the faculties of a mini chainsaw and is used for clipping and cropping comfortably.

With only 6.19 pound weight, this miniature tool supports you in trimming the hedges and sketching the outlines of the plants, turning them into a variety of elegant shapes.   

Worx WG322 is loaded with an interchangeable 20-volt battery. If you have an extra load of work, you may use up to 40, 60 or 80-volt battery.

Rubberized handles are marvelous in the grip and hence you feel very comfortable while holding the device.

First-rate hand guard actuates the chain brake in a fraction of a second which is remarkable in securing you from any severe accident.

The spectacular instrument is a specimen of the latest technology. Equipped with a tool-less tensioning system, it releases you from the burden of keeping a wrench and a screwdriver at hand, to keep the chain tight throughout your operation. Efficient knobs for tool-less tensioning are so designed that you may rotate them conveniently with your fingers, without the anxiety of slippery texture. 

Next, Worx WG322 is an exhibition of development in the industry of the chainsaws. Auto lubrication system with a sophisticated oil gauge enhances the efficiency of the device. This is quite helpful for fast maneuvering as well as neat and clean cutting. Durable material is used in the structure of the device for providing a long life to the chainsaw.


  • Fast and neat cutting 
  • Powershare battery
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Up to 12.5 feet per second speed
  • Comfortable handle grip


  • Needs an additional battery for the prolonged job

Personal Experience Review

Worx WG322 is not the minutest chainsaw. The 10-inch chain is not too small to cut the medium-range tree trunk. This is why you can use it not only for pruning but also for cutting the stems with the same efficiency. The foundation is robust though quite light in weight. Being an environment-friendly gadget you may use it for hours without the fear of inhaling too much poisonous gases and fumes.

5. BEI & Hong Mini Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 6 Inches | Battery Power: 80 watt | Weight: 1.6 Pounds | Chain Speed: 19.2 ft per second

With only a 6-inch chain size, BEI & HONG is a recommended chainsaw in the real sense. This dynamic gadget is adorned with marvelous components.

The package includes a fully assembled mini chainsaw, two powerful batteries and a miniature charger. It also includes a bottle of lubricant for the lubrication of the chain and the bar.

The provision of a couple of gears like a wrench, goggles and gloves make the pruning and maintenance of the machine convenient.

Only 1.6-pound weight is nearly trifling and hence the device supports even female or old hands in action.

BEI & HONG turns the dry job of slicing the contemptuous tuft of the boughs into an entertaining game. This mini chainsaw is actually a recreational fantasy for everybody. The motor is loaded with high-grade pure copper wire that increases the efficiency of the motor.

The efficient handle provides you with a good grip. With a good clasp, it becomes possible for you to prune the boughs at any height. You can also climb up a tree for trimming the branches at a good height where you are required to work with one hand. You can do it while holding on a stronger branch with the other hand.

BEI & HONG mini chainsaw is loaded with an effective 3000 mA hour battery. This specific powerful battery leads to less wear and tear and extends the life of the machine. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery has the capacity to guard itself against overloading. The upgraded mini chainsaw is flawless and carries no battery fault issues. Now you will enjoy a long run with two powerful 21-volt batteries.


  • Two batteries are included in the package
  • Security lock prohibits accidental start
  • Less wear and tear
  • Equipped with baffles
  • 45 days’ full warranty
  • Easy to start


  • No automatic chain lubrication
  • No tool-less tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

BEI & HONG mini chainsaw cuts the wood speedily even though it is very small in appearance. More torque and more power provide you with marvelous cutting capacity. In my experiment, it took only four seconds for incising a plank of 6-inch diameter. It also comprises a temperature protection system that does not let the battery work extravagantly at high temperatures.

6. Greenworks 24v 10 Inch Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Battery Power: 500 watt | Battery Potential: 24v | Weight: 7.85 Pounds

Many unique qualities are transmitted to Greenworks. Its robust structure and powerful dynamics make it an exceptional choice for users. The supreme quality of the guide bar and chain provides you with the best output.

2.0 Ah USB battery and charger are a marvelous addition to the assembly. A good rating shows that Greenworks is gaining popularity every next day. 

Greenworks delivers strong security against any mishap during your energetic job. For instance, a fabulous hand guard with instant response against an unusual jerk saves you from any severe injury.

Inertia-based chain brake stops the machine in a fraction of a second. For further security, the chain and the bar are fortified with low kickback technology.

A stout and comfy wraparound handle bar offers the option to cut the timber conveniently at various angles, in all axes, with equal zest. An automatic lubrication system defeats the persistent strain on the bar and the chain. You need not keep the lubricant bottle all the time in your pocket. The reservoir keeps the lubricant for sufficient time to carry on the supply to the chain. 

The gadget is equipped with a transparent window for your easy view of the oil level inside so that you may add the lubricant when you feel the need. Greenworks is adorned with tool-less chain tension technology which enables you to carry on the job continuously and keep the bar and chain tight simultaneously. 


  • 2 Ah Battery included
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Clear window for oil level
  • Durable structure
  • Efficient hand guard


  • Plastic spike bumper

Personal Experience Review

Though Greenworks is a mini chainsaw, the performance is not less than a professional chainsaw. The bumper spikes reduce the entrance of the debris inside the chain and hence keep the chain clean for a long duration. You don’t need to unassemble or reassemble the chain time and again for cleaning purposes. The efficient leverage enhances the grip of the chain on the wood and increases the productivity of the machine to a good extent.

7. Ryobi P546 Cordless

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 10 Inches | Engine Power: 5 HP | Weight: 5.8 Pounds

Ryobi P546 is a unique addition in the constellation of mini chainsaws. Highly efficient structural parts commend it as the best mini chainsaw.

Specially manufactured for pruning and trimming, this chainsaw is evidently very successful in working at the domestic level.

It acquires the supremacy of performance in the job that you require to perform in your backyard or the garden.

The stylish rubberized rear handle improves the grip on the gadget and helps work effectively. The security switch is situated close to the handle which conveniently provides control of the gadget.

A well-organized hand guard is situated in front for good security. It actuates the chain brake in the crucial moments when the chainsaw gets an accidental jerk.

The wraparound bar handle is also covered with flexible rubber that empowers you to work effectively. A translucent side window offers you to look conveniently inside and observe the lubricant level in the reservoir. A robust plastic structure reduces the weight of the device and allows you to work professionally for a long period of time. 

Though Ryobi P546 is not made for huge stumps, it does not accept its defeat before the heavier branches and medium-sized tree trunks. It is its speed and strong material that enables you to use the saw for some extra jobs as well. However, the gadget offers smart and active performance with its 10-inch chain. For gardening, you will find Ryobi the finest tool.


  • Automatic lubrication
  • Translucent reservoir
  • Light in weight
  • Rubberized handle bars
  • Sophisticated hand guard
  • Easy to change the chain


  • No tool-less tensioning system

Personal Experience Review

Ryobi P546 is small in size and approves to be very effective in the specialized job of gardening. As a domestic tool everybody at home can use it comfortably. Secondly, it is easy to store and keep secure from the weather effects. With a low kickback system besides only 5.8 pounds weight, you may perform your job in complete security.


Undoubtedly mini chainsaws are getting a need in every home. Once the people who felt abhorrence with the plants only due to their disordered growth are now getting inclined toward growing the plants with the idea of intrusion of modern technology in the manufacture of chainsaws or jigsaws.

I designated the above-listed brands after careful research and vigilant experimentation. All the seven mentioned products are awesome in performance. Anyhow, depending on the rating and public trends, the three best are mentioned below.

  1. Saker Mini Chainsaw
  2. Greenworks 24v Chainsaw
  3. WORX WG322

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What can a mini chainsaw cut?

Mini chainsaws are suitable for pruning and trimming untidy twigs and branches. They are also effectively used for shrubs and wild plants. Vines and boughs are also easily cropped with the mini chainsaw. 

Q2. How big a branch can a mini chainsaw cut?

A ten-inch chainsaw can cut a log with a 9-inch diameter easily. Similarly, a six-inch chainsaw can cut a branch of a tree with a width of five inches. 

Q3. What are the benefits of using mini chainsaw?

Mini chainsaws are usually used for smaller jobs such as trimming branches, and clearing bushes. While using mini chainsaw, you will be able to hold it for long without being fatigued. These are cheaper in price, and most of the times they are battery-operated, thus, the problem of emissions gets eliminated.

Q4. What should I look for when buying a mini chainsaw?

When it comes to buy a mini chainsaw, you should consider multiple factors such as its power output, weight, size and convenince of handling the tool. Above are some of the best mini chainsaws that can serve your cause in a longer run.

Q5. What is the best mini chainsaw for cutting firewood?

There can be a complete list of chainsaws that offers convenient cutting of firewood; however, Sun Joe SWJ806E, Saker Mini Chainsaw, and Makita XCU06Z appears to be the best choices to make. Using any of these chainsaws will help you have your chainsaw used for a long time.

Q6. Can a mini chainsaw be used for professional purpose?

For that, it is necessary to ascertain the nature of the job you want your chainsaw to perform. If it is something like carving of a harder wood like oak or maple, you can use mini chainsaw for carving; but if you intend to use it for cutting trunks with large diameter, you should better choose a professional grade chainsaw.

Q7. How should I maintain my mini chainsaw?

Maintenance of your chainsaw requires certain steps to be performed repeatedly. For example, you need to clean your chainsaw thoroughly before you store it. You should consider the lubrication of the chainsaw as the most important factor that might cut the life of the chainsaw. Store your chainsaw away from the heat and moisture as well.

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