WORX WG384 Review – 40V Cordless Chainsaw

At last, I found a significant power logging machine with a brushless motor design that none might repel. Following paragraphs about WORX 40v chainsaw review will elucidate how it is an exclusive machine with vibrant features that would easily satisfy the appetite even of those who seldom feel their job fulfilled. 

Mine is a little larger place to work in and hence I looked for a gadget with a long-life battery as well as good speed. Hence, this Worx played a good role in this respect. No doubt, lightweight is the call of many amateur workers and this machine with only 10.4 pounds is the best option.  

If we talk about its price, it is as economical as 14% as compared to its rival machines. Its auto-tension feature very efficiently makes the operator tension free while working on even heavy logs. 

Another feature that makes this Cordless Chainsaw Power Share a very handy tool is its 14-inch chain length. It helps cut even thicker trunks without any difficulty or extra effort. 

It carries a 0.043-inch gauge chain which spins at the speed that I need to perform my routine logging job. It can easily cut logs on the ground with a 26-inch diameter. Furthermore, it can saw 13-inch diameter long on the trees.  

For your convenience, I am going to inscribe a concise but comprehensive WORX WG384 review with its impressive features briefly. This may help you understand why I preferred this appliance to many other popular ones in the market.

Worx WG384 Cordless Chainsaw Features

Battery-operated Worx 40v cordless chainsaw is a modern gadget providing you with a dynamic response with a large 14-inch chain length. However, if you are fond of operating a lighter gasoline-operated chainsaw, you may study the potential of the Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw which is again a fine gadget for a keen logger. 

Here are some salient features I want to share in my WORX WG384 review which will definitely impress you. Though they are briefly discussed yet they must provide you with fine information about the apparatus. 

1. Quick-Stop Chain Brake

While working with high-speed gear such as a chainsaw or pole saw, a sudden jerk of the hand or arm may cause a serious accident. To secure you from any such condition or a severe accident, WORX WG384 is provided with the magnificent feature of a quick-stop chain brake. 

This feature helps you prevent accidental cutting. For instance, suppose you get a little careless and your arm or writs twists by chance, you may be vulnerable to some severe injury. In such a situation chain brake is the most effective remedy that provides you with good security. 

The chain brake is activated by inertia and stops the chain within fractions of a second. Before you apprehend, you are out of trouble without noticing how terrific could be the consequences. 

2. Programmed Chain Lubrication

Of course, every logger and saw operator remains keen on the lubrication of the chain. He needs to be very alert to how much friction the chain will stand and what the consequences of overheating can be. 

With programmed chain lubrication the device uses lubricants very intelligently. With this quality, you may keep on working continuously up to your tolerance without confronting any aggressive hostility.

The same feature you may find in some other gadgets like Echo CS 490 Professional Grade Chainsaw etc. definitely this factor will make you free of tiresome manual jobs. 

3. Rapid Charging

In short WORX WG384 is provided with a double 20v battery for long hours of working. This feature will never exhaust before the operator is fatigued. Battery indicator helps you keep a watch on the timing of the batteries and gives caution for recharging. 

A superfluous distinction in the form of rapid charging makes this device a very precious gift for logger and homeowner. 

On purchase, I received the gadget along with two 20v Power Share batteries and one powerful charger that charges the batteries in one hour. 

4. Ingenious Motor Design

It is designed for long hours of working with powerful performance. It helps you to perform any job in all seasons. You may use your gadget for years without feeling any decline in dexterity or performance. 

Its high-efficient brushless motor design consumes less power and hence enables you to work for endless hours in a single trip.

5. No Tool Chain Tensioning

With this sleek machine, I feel no tension in checking the tension of the chain. It is provided with an automatic chain tensioning system that keeps the chain tense and close-fitting. Obviously, this feature provides long life to both the bar and the chain. 

This automatic chain tensioning is effective in some other ways as well. It helps the blade for more effective and quick cuts. Furthermore, the saw will have the right torque to perform the best job. 

Personal Experience Review of WORX WG384 

My aim behind putting my WORX WG384 testing is to share my experience which has remained wonderful. No doubt, I look forward to the off days to get my dear device in my hand and enter the small area around my home. I only have a look at the oil gauge and see the battery pointer to check their charging before beginning my work. 

I summarize my further experience in the table of ratings for your better conception.

Build Quality
Ease in Handing
Safety Measurements
Ability to Handle Hard Jobs

Overall Rating

I found the machine okay in nearly all aspects. No difficulty in use or handling. I think it is very good for every amateur as well as professional logger. I have tried its contemporary gadget like Sun Joe SWJ807E and found it equally good.

Hand in hand, Makita 36v Chainsaw is also another choice that can help you complete your cutting and trimming tasks efficiently.

Overall Rating

Specifications of WORX WG384 Chainsaw

Having gone through Worx WG384 Review, followings are some of the important specifications of this incredible machine.

WORX WG384 ChainsawSpecifications
Rated Voltage40 Volts
Oil Tank Capacity5.4 oz
Chain Links52
Charging Time1 Hour
Chain Pitch0.37 Pounds
Device Weight10.4 Pounds
Warranty 5 years


The first impression of the people about the battery-operated wireless chainsaw was not very good; however, this is not the case, and you must know about uses of electric chainsaw. It was assumed that they consume batteries fast and ultimately the batteries wear out in less than a year. However, this was a wrong impression.

My WORX WG384 review communicates clearly that my experience remained fine and batteries are still working well even after the use of several months. Furthermore, the user-friendly gadget gives me good response during working and does not resist in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the battery timing of Worx 40v chainsaw?

Worx 40v comes with two batteries of 20v. It takes around 1 hour to get completely charged. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use your chainsaw for hours without any problem. However, the nature of the task is also associated with the timing of the battery.

Q2. How much horsepower does Worx 40V have?

It is a battery-powered chainsaw, so power is related in terms of volts. However, your Worx 40v generates 0.0536 horsepower which makes it a perfect entry-level chainsaw.

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