Stihl 500i vs 462 – Which is Better in 2023?

Finding a suitable chainsaw can be time taking or even anguishing sometimes; especially, when you have more than one option available to consider. The situation can be more perplexing when it comes to buying a gas-powered chainsaw because this category truly has a massive range of excellent chainsaws which may baffle the buyers. To make the choice easier for you, I draw a comparison of different chainsaws. This time I am going to compare two giants Stihl 500i and MS 462 – both of these chainsaws generate enough power to bring down mighty trees.

From the outset, I want to make it clear that these chainsaws are not for beginners; instead, both of these chainsaws are for experienced loggers, and ranchers. Meanwhile, the use of safety gear becomes much more needed when someone uses any of these chainsaws.

Stihl 500i and 462 are entirely different from each other; power offered by these chainsaws, weight, and fuel capacity are pivotal differences in these machines.

Coming back to my topic of the day, I will explain the features of both of these chainsaws, their differences, and of course the winner of the contest. After going through the whole article, you will be able to decide which of these chainsaws is more suitable for you.

Stihl 500i vs 462

To draw a comparison of these two incredible power tools, it is necessary to discuss the features in detail. Inarguably, both of the machines break the confines of inherently owned dilapidated features, and the addition of new features takes them to a superior level of usability, durability, and longevity.

Stihl 500i vs 462

Stihl 500i Features

If you claim that you have used chainsaws that yield massive output, the Stihl 500i might be part of that lineup.

If you haven’t used it yet, you are truly missing a beast that yields extreme power and enables users to turn a mighty and sturdy tree into fine slices of wood.

Followings are some important features of this incredible machine;

Stihl 500i

1. Power and Engine

This is a gas-powered chainsaw that has a two-stroke engine. With the mixture of air and fuel, it delivers huge power out which is unlikely for regular chainsaws. With a cylindrical displacement of 79.2cc, it generates a power output of 6.7bhp. Having delivered this much power, it becomes evident that this chainsaw is perfect for professional or big-scale jobs.

So, if you are looking for a chainsaw that can help you come up with some hardest wood-cutting chores, you should better consider the Stihl 500i.

2. Ease of Use

The second most important thing about this chainsaw is the ease of use it offers. It has an anti-vibration system that absorbs most of the vibrations keeping fatigued away from users. The side-mounted chain tensioner further eases the process when it comes to adjusting the tension in the chain.

Along with this, there comes a High Output Adjustable Oiler which provides a chainsaw chain and bar with enough lubrication. This is a heavy-duty chainsaw, so it may run out of lubrication faster than regular chainsaws. Meanwhile, the EMATIC™ Lubrication System restricts the consumption of lubrication oil, and you need not refill lubrication tank again and again.

3. MDG 1 Diagnostic Software and HD2 Air Filter

Being an experienced chainsaw user, I have multiple times come across a situation when the chainsaw doesn’t start or stops while working. There is nothing more annoying for a rancher than this, and your anger grows more when you are unable to troubleshoot the problem. This problem is no more associated with Stihl 500i because it has MDG 1 Diagnostic Software which automatically finds the problem with the chainsaw.

Furthermore, the presence of HD2 air filter eliminates the frequent need of cleaning the air filter. The large surface area of the filter allows users to use the chainsaw in longer run without incurring significant costs for its maintenance.

4. Decompression Valve and Sensor-Controlled Fuel Metering

There has been added decompression valve in this power tool. It reduces the compression in the combustion chamber and helps users to start it with minimum effort. It massively saves your time and effort while reducing the chances of flooding the engine.

In addition to that, there is a sensor-controlled fuel metering system which makes this machine fuel efficient. As compared to regular chainsaws, the consumption of fuel in this power tool is very reasonable.

Stihl 500i Specifications

Stihl 500i is perfectly suitable chainsaw that can assist you to bring down mighty logs. Followings are the important specifications that you should consider to check if it matches your requirements or not.

Stihl 500i ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight13.9lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)25-inch
Engine power 6.7 bhp
Cylindrical displacement79.2 cc
OILOMATIC Chain 3/8’’ RM3
Chain Oil Capacity11oz
Fuel capacity 26.5oz

Stihl MS 462 Features

While drawing a detailed comparison of these two incredible chainsaws, it is unavoidable to present the features of both of these chainsaws.

In the given paragraphs, there have been listed some of the salient features which I have noticed are massively convenient while using this chainsaw.

Yes, it has a lot to offer.

Stihl MS 462

1. Engine and Power

Engine, and power which is delivered by it holds primary importance when it comes to ascertaining the worth of a chainsaw. Stihl MS 462 is a gas-powered chainsaw that has a two-stroke engine with a cylindrical displacement of 72.2cc. This model is also famous among loggers and ranchers to accomplish hard jobs.

Inarguably, MS 462 has an engine that delivers a massive power output of 5.9bhp. This much power is enough to complete the toughest jobs associated with the cutting of some the hardest woods.

2. Safety Measurements

Stihl has been very much concerned about the safety of its users, and this is the reason that led them to inculcate some truly laudable safety mechanisms. Above all, the anti-vibration system of the tool absorbs most of the vibrations and allows users to keep using the chainsaw without unnecessary pauses. Meanwhile, the Reduced-Emission Engine Technology makes it even better for users and the environment.

The addition of a Pre-Separation Air Filtration system further betters the worth of this power tool. Larger dust particles aren’t allowed to enter the internal combustion chamber, and the life of the engine improves. The availability of a decompression valve makes it easy for users to start the chainsaw with low effort.

3. Ease to Use and Maintain

MS 462 is an excellent power tool that offers a fully convenient and easy use with low maintenance requirements. You can simply adjust the tension in the chain using the side-mounted chain tensioner without using a bunch of tools. The addition of the Stihl ElastoStart™ Starter offers a good grip with the capacity of absorbing shock to reduce the effort user needs to start the chainsaw.

On the other hand, the presence of a Winter/Summer Shutter lets the carburetor operate at optimum temperature to prevent carburetor-icing when it comes to work below 50°F (10°C).

4. HD2 Air Filter and High Output Adjustable Oiler

The HD2 air filter is a highly commendable addition to Stihl’s lineup. The maintenance of this air filter is quite an easy job. Due to its larger surface-area, it doesn’t only let the greater amount of air pass through it, but also restricts the flow of larger dust particles. Later on, you can easily take the filter out of the chainsaw and wash it to make it free from dust particles.

Along with this, there is High Output Adjustable Oiler which can supply additional lubrication if needed while working with the chainsaw. However, this feature gets active only when you use STIHL Ematic ™ guide bars and STIHL OILOMATIC ® chain.

Specifications of Stihl MS 462

Based on my personal use of both of these chainsaws I have listed the most demanding features. Following are necessary Specifications of MS 462;

Stihl MS 462 ChainsawSpecifications
Powerhead Weight13.2lbs
Guide bar length (Recommended)25-inch
Engine power 5.6 bhp
Cylindrical displacement72.2 cc
OILOMATIC Chain 3/8’’ RM3
Chain Oil Capacity11.5oz
Fuel capacity 24.3oz

Differences in Stihl 500i and MS 462

Having discussed everything in detail about the features of these two chainsaws, let us analyze some of the major differences of these two power tools.

1. Power Output and Engine

Whenever it comes to buying a chainsaw, the power of the engine stands as an evident factor that directly affects the purchase. Before you make a purchase, it is better to identify your requirements and make the decision accordingly. Both of these chainsaws are gas-powered and powerful enough to bring down mighty trees, but the 500i generates more power than MS 462; it delivers 6.7bhp using an engine of 79.2cc cylindrical displacement.

On the other hand, MS 462 also offers a massive power output of 5.9bhp – but this is lesser than Stihl 500i. So, in terms of power, 500i has an edge over MS 462.

2. Power to Weight Ratio

Power to weight ratio is another major factor that differentiates these chainsaws. Technically, any machine that offers a greater power-to-weight ratio is good for the user as it is easy to use and handle. Power to weight ratio of Stihl is 0.4964 horsepower per pound.

On the contrary to that, the power-to-weight ratio of MS 462 is 0.4469 horsepower per pound. This is lower than the value we calculated for 500i. So, here again, the proclivity will be in the favor of Stihl 500i.

3. MDG 1 Software for Troubleshooting

For me, this is the most obvious reason that compels me to stand in the favor of 500i chainsaw. It has MDG 1 software that helps users to ascertain the real problem associated with the chainsaw. Usually, users need to manually investigate the problem with a chainsaw, but this is not the case with Stihl 500i – MDG 1 software runs itself, and tells you about the reason for malfunctioning that you can then solve.

If we compare it with MS 462, there is no feature of this type in it. This is another feature that makes Stihl 500i a more suitable and reasonable choice.

4. Electronic Fuel Injection System

An electronic fuel injection system is an advanced system that entirely improves the efficiency of the chainsaw. With the help of this advanced system, fuel consumption becomes considerably low, and you can use your chainsaw for a long time without refilling the fuel tank.

Stihl 500i is the first chainsaw that possesses this system. It means that MS 462 does not have this system, and again 500i comes up as a better choice to make than MS 462.

5. Price

The factor of price cannot be ignored – looking into your budget is the most important thing when buying something. Depending on its features, the price of the Stihl 500i is much more than the price of a regular chainsaw. However, you should shun all your concern while spending $1550 on the purchase of Stihl 500i.

The price of MS 462 is $1320 – this is lesser than the price of the 500i, but it is also important to remember that MS 462 is no way better than Stihl 500i.

Comparison Table of Stihl 500i Vs 462

The following table will further help you figure out the main differences in a look;

Comparison FactorStihl 500iStihl MS 462
Power to Weight Ratio0.4964 Horsepower Per Pound0.4469 Horsepower Per Pound
MDG 1 Software for Troubleshooting IncludedNot included
Cylindrical displacement79.2cc72.2cc
Electronic Fuel Injection SystemYesNo
Emission Reduction SystemYesYes

Stihl 500i or MS 462 – Which is Better?

I have described everything in detail about these two chainsaws, and now it is quite evident which of them is more suitable. I will recommend Stihl 500i on MS 462 – however, it is necessary to identify the requirements you are looking for in your chainsaw.

No doubt, MS 462 is also an excellent machine with a massive capacity of serving your cause for years, this is also a very good purchase at comparatively lower price than the price of 500i.

In short, Stihl 500i is better than MS 462 – now, it is your choice and you can choose any of these considering your requirements.


Stihl is among the leading brands that manufacture chainsaws, and inarguably, chainsaws manufactured by Stihl possess extremely good quality. Here I drew a complete comparison between Stihl 500i and 462 – all important features and factors have been discussed in detail in the above-paragraphs.

Based on my personal experience with these chainsaws, I will claim the victory of the Stihl 500i against MS 462 because of its more advanced features and convenience for users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What should I buy, Stihl MS 462 or 500i?

Both of these machines deliver the job at their best; however, it is also important to ascertain the nature of the use of your chainsaw. In short, I will recommend you to buy Stihl 500i because it generates more power than MS 462 and equipped with more advanced features.

Q2. Which chainsaw is more powerful, Stihl MS 462 or 500i?

The power of a chainsaw depends upon its engine. The engine of Stihl 500i generates 0.4964 Horsepower Per Pound; while the engine of MS 462 generates 0.4469 Horsepower Per Pound which is lower than the previous one. So, it is clear than 500i is more powerful than 462.

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