Stihl MS291 Chainsaw Review 2023 – 55.5cc Gas Chainsaw

Stihl is one of the top leading brands that deal in the manufacturing of chainsaws – meanwhile, Stihl is also credited with the honor of manufacturing the very first electric chainsaw back in 1926; since then, the legacy is going and Stihl is adding incredible power tools to better user experience. Among all available chainsaws manufactured by Stihl, MS291 has a separate fanbase; and the reason is its excellent features which I am yet to tell you in the following paragraphs.

Whether you are looking for a chainsaw to cut down extended parts of branches of trees in your backyard, or you need them for some sort of professional use – making the right choice is surely a hard nut to crack.

However, considering the nature of use, you can easily ascertain what you exactly need to come up with your wood cutting, trimming, or pruning requirements.

For instance, if you need a chainsaw for regular bush clearing, trimming, or pruning jobs, you can either go for mini chainsaws or battery-powered chainsaws which aren’t able to deliver high power output.

But, if you are to deal with large trunks, you should better consider the use of gas-powered chainsaws which are famous for high power output.

Stihl MS291 Chainsaw is a gas-powered chainsaw which indicates that this power tool is more suitable to be used where required to deal with logs of larger diameter.

Stihl MS291 Features

I have made it clear that Stihl MS291 is a gas-powered chainsaw that is used to complete small to medium-scale jobs. So, I want to make it clear from the onset – this chainsaw is good for beginners as well as experienced users. As the chainsaw delivers higher power output, the care becomes more inevitable.

Followings are some of the most important features of Stihl MS291 Chainsaw – these features will help you understand the veracity of this machine.

1. Engine & Power Output (For Small to Medium-sized Jobs)

The engine is the most inevitable part of the chainsaw which is directly responsible for the amount of output delivered by it. Stihl MS291 has a single-cylinder two-stroke engine that has a cylindrical displacement of 55.5cc. The engine delivers an output of around 3.76bhp which is enough to turn a huge log into fine slices of wood.

With this power output, you can use this chainsaw for small to medium-scale jobs. For example, you can either use it to cut firewood or carving of a hardwood.

2. Efficient Lubrication System (Ematic Chain Lubrication System)

When it comes to the lubrication of important parts of the chainsaw, Stihl MS291 offers an exceptionally well experience. This power tool is equipped with a variable-displacement oil pump which assists you to lubricate the parts of your chainsaw as precisely as possible. This is how it relieves you from the job of lubricating the bar and chain again and again.

Meanwhile, the addition of the Ematic Chain Lubrication System massively reduces the consumption of lubricating oil. This reduced consumption of lubrication oil makes you use your chainsaw for a long time without making a refill.

3. Handling and Design (Convenient to Handle)

If I tell you about the weight of this chainsaw, you will find it quite convenient to hold and use. With 13 pounds of weight, you can keep using it for a long time without being fatigued. Meanwhile, this chainsaw supports bar lengths from 16 inches to 18 inches. Although you can also use a 20-inch bar, it will make you uncomfortable sooner than expected because this chainsaw is not a professional-grade chainsaw, and a 20-inch bar are most commonly used in professional-grade chainsaws.

As far as the design of this machine is concerned, it offers the ultimate convenience for holders of the chainsaw. Use the rear and top handles to improve your grip on the chainsaw, bend it a little down on the wood and start cutting.

4. Safety Features (Anti-Vibration Mechanism & and Reduced Emissions)

Safety features inculcated in Stihl 291 are laudable; whether it is from the user’s perspective or environmental perspective, this chainsaw brings good safety features for both. Anti-vibration system of the chainsaw makes users use it for a long time without being tired. Dampers in the chainsaw absorb most of the vibrations, and the user remains easy while working.

On the other hand, Stihl MS291 is equipped with the latest Reduced-Emission Engine Technology which makes it an emission-free chainsaw. This is a technology that caused the ouster of Stihl MS290 – the predecessor of MS291.

5. Air Filtration System (Pre-separation Air Filtration System)

This is an advanced technology air filtration system that makes you clean the air filter later than you expect. Air drawn into the engine is first filtered using centrifugal force separating the heavy dust particles from entering the filter.

This pre-separation process helps you filter out the larger particles in the initial steps, and you do not come across the need of cleaning filter too frequently.

6. Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner (Saves your Time)

Adjusting the tension of the chain in the chainsaw is a necessary part of the job; otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy 100% efficiency of your chainsaw. So, instead of reaching out to the guide bar screw, the user can easily adjust the tension in the chain from the side-mounted chain tensioner.

Why Stihl MS290 was Replaced by MS291?

There was no big problem associated with Stihl MS290 other than its bit dilapidated design and emissions caused by unburned fuel in the internal combustion chamber. These were the reasons that caused the ouster of MS290, and streamlining of MS291.

Later on, to counter these problems, the design of the chainsaw was improved along with the addition of an antivibration mechanism. This valuable addition didn’t only ease the handling of the chainsaw but also eliminated the factor of fatigue for users due to the absorption of a large number of vibrations.

At the same time, Stihl MS291 was equipped with a latest Reduced-Emission Engine Technology which significantly solved this problem and made this chainsaw environment-friendly.

How to Start Stihl MS291 Chainsaw?

When it comes to starting the Stihl MS291 chainsaw, it offers you extreme convenience in this regard. If you didn’t use the chainsaw earlier, you should better know about the proper use of a chainsaw. Before you start MS291, you must go through the user manual thoroughly and then act accordingly.

Before that, it is also necessary to put on your chainsaw safety gear – these safety precautions can save you from an unexpected and bad incident.

By the way, if you aren’t aware of starting your Stihl MS291, you should follow the given steps;

  • Activate the chain brake by pushing it forward, and then press the throttle trigger lockout setting the master trigger level at the lowest position.
  • Put the chainsaw on steady surface and make sure that the bar is not in contact with surface or any other thing. Hold your chainsaw tightly from rear and front handle to maintain a good control over it.
  • Having held the chainsaw, now you can pull the rope to start the engine. You may need to repeat the process multiple times unless the engine starts running. If it doesn’t start even after multiple attempts, you need to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.
  • Once the engine starts running, touch the throttle trigger and move the master control level to the idle setting position.
  • Now, release the chain brake by pulling the handle towards you, and start using your chainsaw

The use of MS291 is not different from other gas-powered chainsaws; however, you must follow the specific instructions of using this power tool enshrined in user manual.

Tested Review of Stihl MS291 Chainsaw

I am a huge fan of Stihl MS291 due to its extremely convenient and excellent features. I bought this chainsaw around six months ago, and I am amazed it is still working perfectly without any need of cleaning its filter – meanwhile, I found the consumption of lubricating oil as low as possible.

Although I found it little inconvenient when it comes to deal with a heavy job, but still I will prefer this power tool to be used for those users who are looking for a quality chainsaw to make their backyards or driveways more presentable.

Build Quality
Weight and Handling
Safety Features
Air Filtration System
Ability to Handle Large Sized Jobs

Overall Rating

Based on my personal use of this incredible chainsaw, I will recommend it to all those users who do not have any budget problem and want to buy a durable and efficient chainsaw to deal with small to medium-sized jobs in an efficient way.

You may use this chainsaw for large-scale jobs as well, but there is a limit beyond which you are not able to cut wood using this Stihl MS291 chainsaw.

Overall Rating

Stihl MS291 Chainsaw Specifications

Here i have added all details about Stihl MS291; reading these features you can better decide if you should buy this chainsaw or not. Followings are some important specifications of this chainsaw;

Stihl MS291 ChainsawSpecifications
Power SourceGas Powered
Guide bar length (Recommended)16inch
Engine power 3.76 bhp
Cylindrical displacement55.5cc
Chain Oil Capacity8.12oz

Here are the specifications of Stihl MS291 – these specifications perfectly match the requirements one may long for in his/her chainsaw. Meanwhile, if you are looking for an even lighter chainsaw, you may consider Stihl MS250 or MS251.


When it comes to buy a new chainsaw, there is a huge list of factors that should be kept in mind before you make a final decision. However, to every extent, having added all important features, I have always put my ventures to make this choice easy for you.

The bottom line of the article becomes somehow more relatable if I mention Stihl MS291 as one of the best chainsaws for beginners and experienced users as well. No doubt, you need to incur huge money to have this chainsaw worked in your backyard, still it gives you 100% value of your money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Stihl MS291 a good saw?

The quick answer to this question is ‘Yes’. However, it largely depends upon the nature of work you want to do with this chainsaw. It is best for medium-sized jobs, but less suitable for professional or hard scale jobs.

Q2. How many CC are in Stihl MS291?

This chainsaw has quite an impressive engine that offers a handsome amount of power which is enough to bring down a huge tree into fine pieces of wood. Its engine has cylindrical displacement of 55.5cc, and the power output is 3.76bhp.

Q3. What is the mixture for Stihl MS291?

To maintain the efficiency of the chainsaw, it is necessary to take care of mixture of oil and gas you are using in the chainsaw as a fuel. Similar to most of chainsaws, all models of Stihl along with MS291 use 50:1 gas to oil ratio.

Q4. What is the maximum rpm of MS291?

Stihl claims the maximum rpm gained by MS291 as 13,000rpm – but according to my personal use, I didn’t find this power tool exceeding the limit of 10,000 to 10500rpm. Husqvarna chainsaws may have greater rpm than Stihl’s any model.

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