It’s Billy Williams here to relate the whole story that how I started Saw Advise, and what is my purpose to start this blog.

I will start with a brief introduction of myself!

My name is Billy Williams, and I have 53 years of my life. I was born and grew up in Illinois, and still living there. By profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer – as per my profession’s demand, I have fallen in love with machines since the days of my studies. This is the very reason that led me to take interest in diverse home improvement tools; above all, there were chainsaws that I found to be the most versatile machine.

Meanwhile, my hobby of gardening further urged me to use different chainsaws of different manufacturing companies such as Husqvarna, Stihl, Poulan Pro, Greenworks, and Echo. So, having gained quite a remarkable experience in using diverse types of chainsaws, I decided to share my knowledge with all of you through a blog, and it came up in the form of Saw Advise.

Author Billy Williams

The only purpose of mine behind starting this blog is to educate users and make it easy for them to understand the working dynamics of chainsaws. However, based on my experience, I would certainly recommend you some of the best chainsaws with respect to their specialty – however, my focus is to provide solutions to all those who are beginners, and do not know enough about operating and maintaining this machine.

The credibility of Information I Provide 

Being a mechanical engineer, I have come across diverse types of machines in my career, but I am well-convinced that a chainsaw is a machine that is required by homeowners to maintain their gardens and backyard. I have used different types of chainsaws with different powers for minor to major tasks in my backyard, and yet I am here to share my years of experience to make it easy for you.

All information on Saw Advise is the result of personal experience and tested methodologies. So, shun all your concerns, and start reading blogs to educate yourself regarding this versatile power tool.

How Do I Review Products? 

To let readers know about the veracity of the process, I consider it inevitable to share the whole process working behind the selection and review of products.

Personal Testing 

As I have told you that I have been using chainsaws for more than 25 years, so by now, I have personally tested a huge number of different chainsaws. This is the very first element that encourages me to share some of the best products with you. Most of the products I reviewed in articles on this blog have been tested personally. And to the best of my knowledge, I found them to have an upper edge over others.

Research and Interaction with Experts 

Testing every model isn’t a piece of cake – the same is the case with me. Every product that I could not test has been added to top products after hours of research and consultation with experts. Meanwhile, I spend hours studying reviews from buyers regarding that specific product.

Therefore, personal testing and in-depth research about every single product are fundamentals behind reviews of different chainsaws.

Future Plans 

In the future, I intend to add every single piece of information regarding chainsaws that could help beginners and experts to eliminate any problem related to their chainsaws. I am trying my level best to explain every technical aspect in simple words, and I am sure to continue my ventures in the future as well.

Followings are some significant plans I hold for Saw Advise in future:

  • Test as much models as I can to let my readers know about what is the best for them
  • Make this blog more user-friendly and simpler to navigate the content your need to see
  • Covering all basics to advance aspects regarding chainsaw along with problems associated with them and their solution as well