Best 16 Inch Chainsaw – Top 7 Tested in 2023

You know, symmetry is the crux of beauty and the most asymmetrical objects in your house are the plants. People who love beauty, get used to shaping the plants and giving them symmetrical look. In this article, you will find which chain size is the most suitable for pruning as well as chopping logs. My experience commends that the best chain size for this purpose is 16 inches.

Chainsaws with smaller chain sizes are usually specialized in pruning, clearing brush and shaping the hedges. They can also be used conveniently for carving and remodeling. The scattered branches of the plants and trees with smaller diameters are easy prey to the chainsaws with small size of bar and chain. 

On the contrary, a chainsaw with a larger bar and chain size is mostly used for felling and logging huge stumps. Arborists also prefer to use a chainsaw with a large bar as it makes their operation easy. It is found that a big chainsaw is the basic requirement of professional loggers and people who have huge trees in their backyard or garden.

If you want to perform all the jobs with a single chainsaw, you need to use the device with 16 inches.

It is a versatile size, neither too huge to create a restriction in making crannies and crevices, nor much too small for the larger trunks and stumps.

It is a different matter that you can afford to keep more than one chainsaw, with diverse chain sizes.

However, if you can’t afford two or more chainsaws, you need a single chainsaw that has capacity to meet all your requirements.

Best 16 Inch Chainsaw

Recommended 16 Inch Chainsaws in 2023

Engine Power
Husqvarna 130
Gas Powered
2.2 HP
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WEN 40V Cordless Chainsaw
Battery Powered
3.5 HP
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Gas Powered
3.2 HP
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WORX WG303.1
0.5 HP
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WEN 4017
Corded Electric
1.93 HP
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Gas Powered
1.7 HP
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Corded Electric
2.14 HP
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1. Husqvarna 130

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 2.2 HP | Weight: 5.67 Pounds | Fuel Efficiency: Up to 20% | Engine Capacity: 38cc

Husqvarna 130, you may use it for pruning as well as limbing and logging with equivalent convenience.

Wraparound bar handle and effective hand guard provide you with good security as well as ease in cutting the trunks at a variety of angles. 

Secondly, Husqvarna 130 is very light in weight and hence you won’t feel fatigued even after a long, taxing labour.

For reducing the impact of strenuous labour on your limbs, the machine is adorned with low-vibration technology.

This technology utilizes dampeners which moderate the vibration of the gadget to an ultimate level.

Husqvarna 130 provides the operators with the best speed of chain for efficient cutting and limbing. It is made possible by inducing a 2 horsepower X-torque engine. This strategic engine is specialized in reducing the emission of injurious gases which often prove detrimental to health. Secondly, it delivers up to 20% fuel efficiency. 

A conveniently accessible air filter can be cleaned on a regular basis eases the engine in breathing. To enhance the efficiency of the air filter and increase its life, the proficient device is adorned with a centrifugal air cleaning system. This system hinders the larger particles in the air from entering the air filter. Consequently, the air filter remains intact for a longer time.


  • Effortless start up
  • Superior performance of engine
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system
  • Easily accessible filter
  • Low vibration technology
  • Inertia-activated chain brake


  • No window for checking oil level

Personal Experience Review

I found the performance of the machine with 16 inch chain length quite feasible if you have a variety of purposes at home. Husqvarna 130 is a secured apparatus for you as it is equipped with an inertia-based chain brake that reduces the risk of any mishap in case of a sudden jerk of the machine or a huge kickback.

For an effortless start-up, the machine is equipped with a fuel pump as well as a choke stop control. This element reduces the risk of flooding and hence you don’t need to pull the cord a dozen times to start the motor.

2. WEN 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Type: Battery Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 3.5 HP | Weight: 12 Pounds | Chain Speed: 49 FPS | Battery Potential: 40V

WEN 40V chainsaw is briskly and radiantly propagating the entire marketplace as a commendable chainsaw. Commonly, at the domestic level, you don’t use your chainsaw for felling huge trees.

The maximum you need to cut the heavy branches and 16 inches is quite suitable for this purpose. As a versatile model, you can use WEN not only for pruning and shaping the hedges but for felling the trees as well.

Often people wish to find a tool with the power of a gas chainsaw but they also demand zero emissions. Being battery operated, WEN is an environmentally friendly device and comes up with the requirement of such people.

No annoyance of the wires all around in the lawn or the backyard. WEN gives an output of 3.5 horsepower without the hassle of filling the gasoline, mixing the oils or pulling the cord.

WEN 40V chainsaw includes a 40 volt, 4-ampere hour battery that keeps supplying the power for enough time which you may require to finish your cutting task easily. The battery is further advertised as fade-free lithium-ion which gives enough power to the motor to make it run up to the speed of 49 feet per second. The charger is claimed to be compatible with the entire WEN 40 Volt Max Series of batteries. 

Well shaped rear handle and wraparound bar handle are solidly rubberized which provides you with a strong and convenient clasp on this sleek machine. An efficient hand guard provides you security against any wedge-like debris. It also initiates the inertia-based hand brake in case of a kickback. Oregon 91 chain bar with a small radius nose and reduced kickback is a fine addition to the device.


  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Easy to install the chain and the bar
  • Brushless motor
  • Fade-free lithium ion battery
  • Two-year warranty


  • No security button other than chain guard

Personal Experience Review

After a couple of days of using WEN, I feel an ease in operation that I could never experience before. With the size of 16, the apparatus performs every job assigned to it. WEN is equipped with a brushless motor that not only keeps the device silent during operation but also provides good speed. The tool-less tensioning system is time-saving and saves me from looking for the tools as I often forget their whereabouts.


Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 3.2 HP | Weight: 15.22 Pounds | Engine Capacity: 42cc

CRAFTSMAN S165 is a multiuse chainsaw which has the capacity to perform the job of small as well as large chainsaws simultaneously. 

CRAFTSMAN S165 is furnished with a robust 3.2 horsepower motor for the superlative pruning and felling job. Loaded with a powerful 42cc full crank 2 cycle Craftsman engine, you attain greater power.

The engine runs at such a splendid speed that empowers the chain to cut even the most stubborn log rapidly and proficiently. It is quite efficient for chopping logs as well.

The sleek device is festooned with low-vibration technology which keeps your muscles relaxed throughout your time taking hard operation. Cushioned full-wrap aluminum handle and the three-point anti-vibration system are celebrated by many experts as it keeps your arm and hand static even when the machine is running at peak speed. 

For easy maintenance and cleaning of the air filter, you don’t need any tools. The premium 16 inch chain is ornamented with the structure and style of a low kickback. This is good security against any severe accident. For further provision of security, the fabulous machine is equipped with an inertia-based chain brake and an effective hand guard that actuates the brake briskly. 

Automatic lubrication technology keeps the chain healthy and sharp for a longer period. You can adjust the amount of lubricant according to your requirement.


  • High output Craftsman engine
  • Durable poly chassis
  • Easy start technology
  • Automatic chain brake
  • Low kickback technology
  • Adjustable auto lubrication system


  • Needs to empty the oversized oil reservoir
  • Oil leaks when the machine remains idle

Personal Experience Review

I experienced marvellous excitement while using CRAFTSMAN S165. It is equally efficient in every kind of job from shaping the hedges, pruning the plants, limbing the trees up to felling the trees and logging the stumps by dint of its multipurpose 16 inch chain size. Metal spike bumper offers good leverage for easy operation and keeps the chain pristine by expelling the debris and rubble out.

4. WORX WG303.1

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 0.5 HP | Weight: 11 Pounds | Power Output: 14.5 Ampere | Oil Tank Capacity: 6.75 oz

In the pursuit of a reliable chainsaw with 16 inch bar, I reached Worx WG303.1 with a marvelous experience. Worx WG303.1 is a typical model of corded electric chainsaw.

It is light in weight, balanced in structure, versatile in chain size and handy in use and superb in performance. In the collection of corded electric chainsaws, Worx is bagging the finest feedback from all over the globe. 

Either at the domestic level or for commercial purposes, you can utilize the device whenever and wherever you feel the necessity. It continues its job until you feel copiously contented.

The resilient structure ensures the long life of the machine which can go for years and years, without a single notion of wear and tear. The noiseless engine works silently and gives plentiful outdoor yield, without an uproar.

For the best security management, the device is equipped with a unique bar which ensures low kickback. The kickback area is so shaped that reduces the influence of the bump in case of accidental rubbing of the chain against any hard object or some obstacle. A refined hand guard is a next-level security measure that triggers the chain brake and provides you with good safety. 

The patented tensioning system is the next factor that makes Worx WG303.1 an ideal chainsaw for everybody. This unique system keeps the chain at the most suitable level, neither too tight nor too slack. An automatic lubrication system makes you tension free during your busy hours. You once fill the reservoir and then go for the job. Forget to keep gazing at the timepiece or the condition of the chain and the bar.


  • Resilient structure
  • Low kickback technology
  • Patented tensioning technology
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Metal spike bumper
  • Includes Bar and chain sheath


  • No pole attachment capable
  • No power share battery

Personal Experience Review

In my yard, I need to perform diverse activities besides pruning and trimming. Worx WG303.1 incorporates a number of such traits that enable me to do all the activities with equivalent efficacy. A rubberized rear handle is not a common feature. Built-in cable strain relief notch provides resistance against a sudden pull on the cables. Cost-effective Worx comes with a bar and chain sheath that perform the best job of storing. The wraparound bar handle enables you to shape the hedge at different angles.

5. WEN 4017

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 1.93 HP | Weight: 10 Pounds | Chain Speed: 44 FPS | Power Input: 12 Amp

It is actually a good quantity of 2.2 Nm torque which only a quality chainsaw can reflect back effectively. However, it is not only the chain size that converts WEN 4017 into a good chainsaw. There are a number of other uplifting features behind this recommendation. 

In the field of maneuvering, WEN 4017 stands at the top of the list. Light in weight gadget produces minor vibration and hence does not fatigue even the old or the female tender muscles.

The electric 12-ampere motor ensures the provision of a speed that turns the hardest log into two pieces in a wink of the eye. You need not rotate the machine on this side and that to enhance the moment arm. 

Automatic lubrication is a highly beneficial technology that does not let the chain, the bar or the nose run dry throughout your maneuvering. This feature not only increases the life span of the chainsaw but also empowers the chain blades to work better. It supplies the wood with a good incision which, in turn, discharges the cut wood in the form of rubble and not the powder of the wood. 

For security, an elegant hand guard is situated in a proper place that covers your hand and arm completely. It also stimulates the chain brake for security against kickback. Being an electrical chainsaw it does not produce any poisonous smoke or emit gases. It is environmental friendly and convenient to use. It is noiseless and works silently and efficiently. You don’t need to use headphones while working.


  • Automatic oiling system
  • Tool-less tensioning system
  • Wraparound bar handle
  • Translucent window to check oil level
  • Low vibration
  • Does not emit gases


  • Managing the long wires is a little hard-hitting

Personal Experience Review

Perhaps WEN 4017 appeals to me more for its simple structure and versatile 16 inches chain size. Tool-free chain tightening system decreases your manual work and takes very little time to perform this significant job. The wraparound bar handle enhances your control on the apparatus and lets you work at the required angles quite effectively. Fabulous 91 double guard chain bar comprises a well-organized nose that guards excellently against a sudden jerk.

6. STIHL MS 170

Type: Gas Powered Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 1.7 HP | Weight: 8.6 Pounds | Oil Reservoir Capacity: 4.9 Ounce | Engine Capacity: 30.1cc

One of the top-ranked devices, the very popular and eagerly awaited STIHL MS 170 is simply a desirable power tool. Consisting of every feature which is required in a backyard, this machine is my favorite one.

With the resourceful size of the chainsaw, STIHL MS 170 works ideally for domestic as well as commercial utilization.

The first characteristic that attracts me the most is the 2-stroke engine with STIHL 2-MIX technology. This technology saves up to 20% of fuel as compared to engines without 2-MIX technology.

Furthermore, it reduces the emission of gases up to 70%. Secondly, the device involves only an easy starting procedure. Very easy if understood the first time.

The choke lever moves up automatically when the machine gets in form and saves the engine from flooding. Next, STIHL MS 170 consists of an effective inertia-based chain brake. A sudden jerk or kickback makes your arm give a thrust to the hand guard that triggers the brake immediately and saves the operator from any dangerous injury. 

A stylish and robust hand guard saves your arm from any flying wedge-like slice of wood. Tool-less chain tensioning system makes the procedure of chain tightening very convenient. You can quite easily perform the procedure by rotating the knobs without using any kind of tool. Anti-vibration system saves the operator from early fatiguing and creating lethargy due to the shaking of the unit at high speed.


  • QS chain braking system
  • Equipped with AV technology
  • Inertia based effective chain brake
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Tool-less access to filter
  • Throttle trigger interlock


  • Careful mixing of 2 cycle engine oil in gasoline

Personal Experience Review

STIHL MS170 is one of the best STIHL series of chainsaws. I was already impressed by the name but I admitted the popularity in a real sense after using it. The adjustable oiling system works efficiently and you don’t need to worry about leakage. The spike bumper does not let the debris fly with the chain inside, creating any mess with the chain.

Winter-summer shutter keeps the device cool in summer and heated up in winter. Tool-less access to the filter makes it easy to keep the filter clean. All the caps of the apparatus are provided with cap retainers to stop the caps from falling down.

7. Makita-UC4051A

Type: Corded Electric Chainsaw | Chain Length: 16 Inches | Engine Power: 2.14 HP | Weight: 2.2 Pounds | Chain Speed: 2900 FPM

Increased demand for the chainsaw with 16 inch chain size communicates how popular this chain size is getting due to the outstanding versatility it offers to the operator, amateur or professional.

Makita-UC4051A accomplishes the indisputable prestige among chainsaws on some solid grounds. As it consumes electric power, it does not create any poisonous smoke or huge noise during operation.

A good feature Makita contains is the built-in current limiter. This feature reduces the power when the saw is overloaded and resists running at the required speed.

Consequently, the motor remains protected and does not burn out on getting sluggish. 1570 Watt motor delivers enough power to cut even stout and sturdy trunks easily.

The tool-less bar and chain adjustment deliver convenient operation and easy maintenance.

You need not get sluggish in chain tightening which can get detrimental to the health of the chain and the bar. The lightweight device and rubberized grip handles enhance your grip and thus ensure easy operation. The robust structure keeps the machine intact after years and years. You can store it for a long without any botheration against wear and tear in the presence of durable chassis and hard-wearing material. 

Metal spike bumper performs double duty. First, it creates good control of the limb you are cutting. Secondly, it does not let debris and rubble enter the machine and make the chain dirty and dull.


  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Built-in current limiter
  • Rubberized grip handle
  • Large oil reservoir
  • Metal spike bumper
  • Ergonomic hand guard


  • Needs care in lubrication

Personal Experience Review

I affirm up to my experience that Makita-UC4051A deserves to get popular as the best 16 inch chainsaw. For full control over the gadget, Makita is furnished with a large trigger switch. The switch reduces the chances of the accidental start of the machine and hence secures the operator from any serious injury. A large oil reservoir ensures continued lubrication for long sessions of operation.


Multiuse 16 inch chain size remains the favourite of the operators at domestic or commercial level. Even the arborists find it the most suitable size for their job, because of their lightweight and easy handling, while climbing up the tree. This is again very suitable for pruning the hedges and other cleaning purposes. 

The opted chainsaws in the article were selected not only for their chain size but also for their best performance and robust structure. By using the latest technology they are made comfy and safe to use so that people of all ages can avail them at their best ease. 

All the above products were selected after good homework and experience so I am confident to state that each of them is the best 16 inch chainsaw. If I select any three of them, they can be:

  1. WEN 40V Chainsaw
  2. Craftsman S165
  3. Stihl MS 170

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. Is a 16 inch chainsaw good?

The 16 inch chain size attains versatility. It means that you can use the chainsaw with this size for pruning, trimming, shaping hedges, clearing brush, chopping logs and carving. A 16 inch chainsaw is undoubtedly a good size indeed.

Q2. How big of a tree can a 16 inch chainsaw cut?

You can cut a tree with 14 inches in diameter conveniently in a single spell. However, you can try it on bigger trunks with a little more skill in felling the trees. Nevertheless, this size is not especially used for felling trees in the forest. This is more suitable for home gardens, backyards or the lawn. 

Q3. What size chainsaw is best for home use?

The 16 inches is a versatile size that is best for home use. You can easily chop the logs, clear brush or fell the lightweight trees and shape the hedges in your home easily.

Q4. What should I look for in 16-inch chainsaw?

16-inch chainsaws are perfect to help you complete your small to medium level wood cutting, trimming, and pruning jobs. When it comes to buy a 16-inch chainsaw, you must prefer a product that offers durability. Meanwhile, it should be well-equipped with enough safety mechanisms such as presence of chain brake, and etc. Considering the nature of use, you must make sure that you need 16-inch chainsaw.

Q5. What types of Jobs are suitable for 16-inch chainsaw?

There is a wide range of services you can have from your chainsaw. Using this power tool, you can easily trim extended branches, clean firewood, and carve a soft as well as a bit harder wood. These chainsaws are perfect to deal with lighter jobs.

Q6. Are there any safety considerations while using 16-inch chainsaw?

Chainsaw can be dangerous; specially, when you use them ignoring the safety concerns. To avoid any unexpected incident, you must prepare yourself; otherwise, a little mistake may cause a serious injury. So, while working with a 16-inch chainsaw, make sure that you wear all safety gears. Avoid cutting using kickback zone, and never use a heavy-weight chainsaw standing on ladder or on any uneven surface.

Q7. What is the best rated 16 electric chainsaw?

Electric chainsaws are quite impressive – they provide users with an ultimately satisfactory user-experience. With no emissions, and controlled vibrations, you can use electric-powered chainsaws for a long period of time without being fatigued. Followings are the best 16-inch electric chainsaws;

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