Echo CS 590 Review 2023 – 20 Inch 59.8cc Gas Chainsaw

Chainsaws manufactured by Echo have an immense reputation among loggers and homeowners. The versatility of these chainsaws has been matchless; especially when compared with locally available chainsaws. The whole line of chainsaws manufactured by Echo has been built to be the toughest against the hardest woods. Being a gas-powered chainsaw, the Echo CS 590 has also been streamlined to accomplish hard jobs, and most of the time it is used by professionals and seasoned loggers.

Earlier, I wasn’t a big fan of Echo; even I didn’t count it among the top chainsaw manufacturing brands – however, I heard a lot about this machine from other chainsaw arborists.

Though I was skeptical to relate Echo CS 590 with other powerful gas-powered chainsaws such as Husqvarna 440, I was wrong I felt when I got a closer look at this chainsaw, and other power tools manufactured by Echo.

In the meantime, I am going to discuss Echo CS 590 only – it is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 2-stroke engine that has 59.8cc cylindrical displacement. Overall, CS 590 generates the power of 5.3hp which is enough to bring mighty trees.

Timber Wolf Echo CS 590 Chainsaw Features 

Timber Wolf Echo CS 590 is not for beginners or faint-hearted people – but if you are looking for high quality, good-performing cutting tool that can handle anything that comes its way, Echo CS 590 might be the saw you need. Followings are features of Timber Wolf – reading these features, you can have a deeper look at its performance, quality, and capacity;

1. Design ( Convenient to Start ) 

The design of Echo CS is much similar to other good chainsaws, but there are some features that differentiate this machine from other chainsaws. For instance, there is a sighting facility that allows you to locate the position on the tree from where you want to start cutting.

An adjustable oil flow system in the bottom of the chainsaw also lets you decide the flow of fuel – this is how you can control the consumption of fuel while using it.

On the other hand, for an easier start of the chainsaw, there has been used a decompression valve that eases the starting process of the chainsaw. The translucent fuel tank further helps users to check their fuel level quickly.

2. Engine and Power 

The engine is the most important component in the whole chainsaw, and fortunately, Echo CS 590 has quite a powerful 2-stroke engine. This 59.8cc engine generates power of 5.3 horsepower which is certainly enough to fell trees in the toughest woods.

Meanwhile, this is the G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner which increases the life of the air filter. Larger dust particles aren’t able to pass through the filter, and the engine remains safe from wear and tear.

Furthermore, the power generated by the engine and transferred to the chain on chainsaw on the guide bar is massive; it can straightforwardly cut down anything thrown at it.

3. Performance 

Timber Wolf handles medium to large-sized cutting tasks for ranchers, farmers, loggers, and homeowners. This is a perfect tool to cut a massive amount of firewood, clear heavy-storm damage, felling trees, and buck logs as well.

There is a sprocket nose and a mechanism that controls kickbacks. The nose sprocket brings down the chain friction which improves the cutting speed and overall performance of the chainsaw.

Furthermore, to save you time, there is a chain tensioning system on one side of the chainsaw. Using this, you can easily adjust the tension in the chain of the chainsaw.

4. Safety 

With a chainsaw, the safety of the user has been the prime concern – Echo CS 590 has a chain brake that engages itself automatically when kickback occurs. This mechanism averts the chances of any serious injury to users.

There is also a hand guard on the front and rear handles to protect the hands of the user from flying debris. Meanwhile, to add further safety for users, there has been installed a chain catcher which protects the operator’s hand if the chain gets off the bar.

Hand in hand, to avoid instability during cutting, there are metal spikes fitted with the front of the power head – these metal spikes keep the chainsaw stable while cutting.

5. Chain Oil System 

There is an automatic chain oiler system that sets users free from the anguish of manual lubrication of components of the chainsaw. The automatic lubrication of components of the chainsaw doesn’t let the components wear against excessive friction.

You can adjust the flow of oil which is to be delivered – if you set the flow of oil at the lowest speed of 7000rpm, the chain oil mechanism will support the cutting for 75 minutes.

And if the flow of oil is adjusted at the highest keeping the speed similar, the lubricating oil will be delivered to the chain in 20 minutes, and then you will fill the oil tank again.

Important Thing to Note ( Tip )

The chainsaw comes with a 20’’ bar – however, you can replace this bar with an 18’’ bar as well. Meanwhile, you can also use a bar of some other brands; for example, I have noticed that Oregon Full Chisel 70 links bar serves you better in the cutting of hard wood than the original bar that comes with the chainsaw.

But don’t risk your safety if you are not well-experienced with your chainsaws because other chains might yield a high ratio of kickbacks.

Personal Test Review of Echo CS 590 

Honestly, I wasn’t convinced about the veracity of the Echo brand unless I used some of its chainsaws personally which entirely shifted my mind. I would say that chainsaws manufactured by Echo are among the most reliable, durable, versatile, and robust cutting power tools, and the same is the case with Echo CS 590.

I bought this chainsaw in the mid of 2021, and still, it pleases me with its multidimensional features and quality cutting. While offering smooth cutting, it brings you a bundle of safety features. The following ratings will explain my personal experience with this machine.

Build Quality
Power Output
Ability to do Handle Hard Jobs
Cutting Speed
Oiling System
Run Time

Overall Rating

So, on the basis of my personal test of this chainsaw, I will recommend it for experienced chainsaw users looking for a heavy-duty chainsaw for medium to hard level jobs.

If you want something light, you can also consider options such as Husqvarna 120i or Husky 130.

Overall Rating

Specifications of Echo CS 590

Here are important specifications of this machine which will also help you decide if this chainsaw matches your requirements or not.

Echo CS 590Specifications
Power Output5.3Hp
Engine Displacement 59.8cc
Recommended Bar Length20 Inch
Minimum Bar Length18 Inch
Oil Capacity 10.2 fl.oz
Carburetor Butterfly Valve Diaphragm
Dry Weight13.2lb


I am truly convinced about the quality and durability of Echo CS 590 Timber Wolf – it doesn’t only offer excessive power to bring down the mighty trees, but it also brings some extra safety features which are not available in local chainsaws.

Therefore, on the basis of its excellent features and my personal test experience with this chainsaw, I would recommend it to those who are experienced and need a power tool which is robust, durable and capable of performing heavy-duty tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much power does Echo CS 590 have?

Echo CS 590 is a gas-powered chainsaw – which is perfectly suitable for big-sized wood cutting jobs. The engine of the machine delivers the power output of 5.3HP.

Q2. Is Echo CS 590 a Pro saw?

Yes, this is professional grade power machine that helps you bring down mighty trees. It is a light weight chainsaw with cylindrical displacement of 59.8cc.

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