How to Assemble a Mini Chainsaw – 6 Simple Steps

Irrespective of the factor that triggered the need for the chainsaw’s invention, now it has emerged as an inevitable need of every homeowner and logger in the United States. Usually, you come across the need of felling small trees and trimming their extended branches in your backyard or driveways – however, you don’t always need a heavy-duty chainsaw to complete the job. And of course, here comes the need for a Mini chainsaw that is easy to handle and use. So, I am here with a complete guide on ‘‘How to Assemble a Mini Chainsaw’’.

Although there is no big difference in the assembling of a regular chainsaw and a mini chainsaw, still some users aren’t confident enough to do the job – and this is the reason I am here with a guide on assembling mini chainsaws.

Technically, there is no difference in the manufacturing of a regular chainsaw and a mini chainsaw other than their dimensions – yet, it can be said that mini chainsaws are battery-operated.

Similar to a regular chainsaw, a mini chainsaw also has a guide bar and a chain that rotates on the guide bar; a much similar tensioning system, and a lubrication system that lubricates the parts of the chainsaw.

So, without making any further ado, let me explain how to assemble a mini chainsaw in simple steps.

How to Assemble a Mini Chainsaw

How to Assemble a Mini Chainsaw in Simple Steps?

When you receive your ordered mini chainsaw, you get a packed box in which there is your mini chainsaw with all its important components. When you open the box, you find a guide bar and a well-wrapped chainsaw chain. The main task is to assemble the guide bar with the mini chainsaw, and then put the chain on the guide bar.

Once the chain is on the bar, you need to lubricate its components, attach batteries and start using it. So, let us have a look at a detailed guide on how to assemble a mini chainsaw in simple steps;

1. Open the Box and Read User Manual

Whether you are ordering your mini chainsaw online or you buy it from a market, you will get it in a packed box. On receiving the box, you will open it and find all the necessary components of the machine that come with it. Before you start doing anything with your machine, do not forget to read the user manual thoroughly.

There will also be a lot of safety gears in the box – these gears are necessary to put ON before you start assembling it or working with it after its assembling.

2. Wear Safety Gears

When it comes to dealing with any kind of chainsaw, it becomes unavoidable to put ON your safety gear. Chainsaws can be dangerous if used without proper safety gear. So, there remains a separate section in every chainsaw box in which there is safety gear such as gloves and goggles. To add additional safety to yourself while working with heavy-duty chainsaws, you must wear safety pants – however, during the assembling of your chainsaw, you can surely neglect wearing safety pants.

Therefore, before you start assembling, wear your safety gloves; otherwise, you might get hurt by the sharpened edges of the chainsaw chain. Once you have done with the assembling, do wear safety googles before having a performance test of the machine.

3. Attach Chainsaw Bar

To attach the bar with a chainsaw, you might need to separate the outer casing of the chainsaw. In some of the mini chainsaws, you may not need to separate the casing – you can simply take out the side nut, and put the bar into the given slots.

After putting the bar in slots, tighten the screw unless it is fixed well. Generally, fixing the bar is similar whether you are assembling a regular chainsaw or a mini chainsaw. It will not be wrong if I say that assembling of mini chainsaw is much easier than a regular chainsaw.

4. Put-On the Chain on Chainsaw Bar

The chain of a chainsaw is one of the most important components of a chainsaw -it directly affects the efficiency of the chainsaw. If edges are sharpened well, cutting will be smooth; otherwise, the user will be more prone to kickbacks, and cutting patterns will be more uneven. Before you put the chain on the bar, make sure you are well aware of cutting teeth orientation.

Put the chain on the guide grooves on the guide bar, and adjust it thoroughly on the bar. After you have put the chain on the bar, rotate the tensioning pin to adjust the tension in the chain. To check the tension in the chain, you can lift the chain a little higher from the bar, and then set it free. If the chain sits well with the grooves on the surface of the bar, the tension is good.

Meanwhile, it is recommended to know how to put a chain on chainsaw – it will help you solve the problem earlier.

5. Attach the Battery and Lubricate the parts

Mini chainsaws are mostly battery-operated, and some of the mini chainsaws have quite an impressive battery timing. After attaching the bar and putting the chain on it, you are all set to attach the battery that comes with your mini chainsaw. Most probably, the battery is attached to the bottom of the main unit of the mini chainsaw.

While opening the box, you also get a small bottle to fill the lubrication tank. Add some good lubricant in the tank, and lubricate the parts of the chainsaw before you test it. Make sure that you are providing all components with enough lubrication.

6. Testing of Mini Chainsaw

Having complied with all aforementioned steps, the next and final step belongs to the testing of the chainsaw. Turn the power button ON, and test it on a small branch. This is how you can better analyze the tension in the chain of the chainsaw.

So, this is how to assemble a mini chainsaw in simple steps. Now, you can easily assemble your mini chainsaw and start using your mini chainsaw that.

Caution: Mini chainsaws are comparatively smaller in size and lighter in weight, but it does not allow users to neglect the safety concerns. It is strongly recommended for all users to wear their safety gears whether they are using a mini chainsaw or a heavy-duty chainsaw..


A mini chainsaw appears to be a more suitable choice when it comes to trimming extended branches of trees. And no doubt, most home owners and loggers are in need of this compact-sized chainsaw. In the meantime, it is also important to know how to assemble a mini chainsaw when you receive it in a packed box.

I have simply explained all steps involved in assembling a mini chainsaw, and now you can easily assemble your mini chainsaw and start using it to make your backyard more presentable..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can you do with mini chainsaw?

Most of the times, mini chainsaw is a real requirement of the time. For instance, mini chainsaws are more suitable when it comes to trim extended branches of trees, cut the shrubs and make your garden look better.

Can a mini chainsaw cut wood?

Although, mini chainsaws are smaller in size and lighter in weight, but still, they are capable enough of cutting trees of smaller diameter. Depending upon the length of bar, you can ascertain the diameter of wood through which your chainsaw can penetrate and cut it.

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