Oregon CS1500 Review – Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

The product comes from an eminent company. The following Oregon CS1500 review is the outcome of my cheerful experience of using this fine device. Its phenomenal features like speed, low-noise performance, up-to-date technology, durability, and many more have impressed me. 

I tested it in many ways and it cleared all tests with excellence. It is a storehouse of power that makes you more than satisfied when you are using it for chopping timber or felling a pine or other woody tree.  

This corded chainsaw is superb. However, if you are looking for a cordless, battery-operated chainsaw with good features, you may study Makita XCU04PT LXT.

For a better understanding of the level of its performance and reasons for its getting so popular among loggers, you need to read the complete Oregon CS1500 review that I’ve covered underneath.

Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw Features

There is a large list of fine features of Oregon CS1500. The first thing that I always prefer to observe is the chain length. With 18 inch chain, I find myself quite pleased as this size is quite suitable for cutting large-sized trunks. 

I admit that I don’t like cables scattering all around. Therefore I use the generator for working. It works quite fine with a generator with an output of 15 Amp. However, if you feel difficulty managing the generator as well you may study the features of the Echo-CS-3510 Chainsaw.    

One thing; if you are using a generator for power, it is better that you turn off the eco-throttle. Eco-throttle, you know, causes the generator to ramp up every time you pull the trigger on the saw.  

1. Power Sharp 

Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw comes with an integrated Self-Sharpening System (Power Sharp). This is really a powerful feature. You need not disassemble the machine to hone the chain that gets blunt after a while. 

This chainsaw is fitted with a button for the self-sharpening purpose. You need only to press this button for only a few seconds and the job is done. I always feel amazed at the performance of this fantastic technology. 

It is really such a fine technique that once you get used to it you will never feel contented in its absence. Obviously, it not only minimizes downtime but also secures you from the labor-intensive job. 

2. Tool-Less Tensioning

It is quite natural when a logger is in the mid of his job, he might never like to disrupt the employment, get the tools out of the toolkit and start doing a mechanical job chain tensioning. Instead, he might neglect the requirement of the machine for a time being.

This technology is far better than the mechanical tensioning system. Here, you only need to rotate a knob with your hand and then the smaller one and the job is done. You may find this fine feature in some other contemporary chainsaws like Makita 36v.

Therefore, this modern technology increases the performance of the machine as well as enhances its durability. This technology will be really adored by every logger. 

3. Instant Startup 

Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw starts working with a single push of the start button. You need not wait for the chain to acquire the cutting speed before you put the saw at the opted spot. This feature increases the speed of the job and keeps you away from the boredom of waiting.

No doubt, sometimes an operator bothers even the seconds. The faster job helps the employee keep in good guts. When a worker finds his job is done in less than expected time, nobody can be more contented than he, is at that moment. 

4. Automatic Lubrication

Oregon CS1500 review will remain incomplete if I don’t mention a commendable feature that is nicely decked in your sleek chainsaw. Oregon is adorned with an automatic oiling system that lubricates the chain during all your operational time. This system ensures the continuous provision of lubrication to the bar and the chain. 

This lubrication is done by an oil tank that is fixed in your chainsaw at a proper place. Of course, this technique keeps the chain lubricated for less friction, and then it extends the life of your chain even when you are working in a hot and harsh environment. 

5. Safety Measures

Oregon CS1500 is provided with a specific safety measure against the unwarranted spin of the chain. A chain braking system is perhaps the finest safety measure against any severe mishap. This system enables the machine to stop in fractions of a second when put in idle mode.

This system works on the principle of inertia. It stops the machine as soon as you remove your hand from the power button. The same system you will find in WORX WG384 Cordless Chainsaw. 

Personal Experience Review of Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

After quitting the gas chainsaw it was a little difficult for me to use the corded appliance. Whatsoever, I got used to the cords soon and began to enjoy the experience of the operation. I laud the benefits that electric chainsaw provides; for instance, it keeps silent during cuts and emits no harmful gases and smoke. 

I assured many important features of the saw before writing this Oregon CS1500 review. I found quite able to introduce as the chainsaw that I can trust in;

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Safety Features
Ability to Handle Tough Jobs

Overall Rating

Based on my personal use of this chainsaw, i will certainly recommend it to all those ranchers and loggers who are looking for a durable chainsaw while being in their budget. This is an entry-level chainsaw that allows you to trim and cut the extended branches of trees in your backyard.

So, if you are tight in budget and searching for a quality chainsaw under 200, you should consider Oregon CS1500 – it is truly a worthy power tool. Meanwhile, if you want to look into some other options to deal with your small to medium-sized trimming and wood cutting jobs, you may also consider Black and Decker 40V chainsaw.

Overall Rating

Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw Specifications

I have Discussed all features in my Oregon CS1500 Review, followings are some important specifications of this chainsaw;

Oregon CS1500 Electric ChainsawSpecifications
Power15 Amp/ 120 V
Pitch3/8″ Low Profile™
Gauge0.050″ gauge
No Load Chain Speed2888 fpm / 48 fps
Oil SystemAutomatic oiler
Chain TensioningTool-less chain tensioning system
Warranty 2 years


Oregon CS1500 review may tell you details of every question that pops in your mind. For instance, with light weight, it is easy to hold for hours and work comfortably. It is decked with modern safety tools that keep the logger at ease during operation. Once you are in your yard with your Oregon CS1500, the job is not very far to be done.

It slices even the stubborn logs as your knife goes into the butter. If you prefer gas chainsaws due to your need and working pattern, you may see the review of Echo CS-590.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are Oregon electric chainsaws made?

Ans. Primarily they were made in Portland but presently they are manufactured in America and Canada.

Are Oregon saws good?

Ans. Yes, they are very good. As you may read in the review, it contains such specs that nobody can resist.

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