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And then Black & Decker I could feel in my hand. I was amazed to see this lightweight, small-sized machine. In the following black and decker 40v chainsaw review I am going to evaluate the performance of this lightweight machine. 

I entered my small-scale farm, holding the grip handles of my new Black + Decker in my fists, and the action began. Actually, with only 12 inches of chain length, I could never imagine so fast as well as neat and clean sawing.

Its fabulous grip handles let me clasp it quite comfortably. If we talk about the maneuverability of this black and decker, it really put up a good show. However, if you like long chains and heavy saws, you may study the specifications of Oregon CS 1500.

For a lightweight job, its performance is really a dominating presentation. It is festooned with double powered batteries; 40v Max with extended working time.


BLACK+DECKER 40V chainsaw comprises a 30-centimeter i.e., a 12-inch chain that is big enough for working in a backyard or a farm. Though it is a small-sized machine, it contains marvelous specifications.

It is made for uniform, fast logging. You find this machine with a low-kickback bar and chain that makes very smooth cuts. You will find wrap-around grip handles that make it very easy to cut the logs at a number of cutting angles.

You may find further LCS-1240 black and decker 40v chainsaw review under specific headings. This will help you understand more about this machine before you finally make up your mind for making a purchase.

1. Light-Weight Device

It is a fabulous device specially made for amateur loggers; that is why it comprises a very light body that is only 10.4 pounds. Obviously, a fast-cutting, sharp-biting chainsaw could never be expected to be found in this much lighter weight.

You will find its performance, its features, and its functionality never less than a professional-grade chainsaw. So, never think what you are buying that is only sawing only straws.

2. Safety Measures

The machine is bejeweled with an enhanced safety mechanism. The front hand guard seems to be an amazing device that provides fantastic safety against the sudden spiraling of a detached slice of wood. A sharp and furious wedge may fly back abruptly and injure the hand of the logger badly.

Hence, hand guard certainly ascertains a good measure. Another mechanism that is added for safety is the lock-off button. You cannot run the machine until you push this lock-off button before pressing the run button.

3. Tool-free Tensioning

To make the black and decker 40v chainsaw review more helpful I feel it is better to discuss more and more features. One of them is a tool-free tensioning system. This is a fine system that increases the durability as well as the performance of the chainsaw.

Chain tensioning is needed immediately after the chain loses its tension. Formerly, when I was having a chainsaw devoid of this system, and where I needed a couple of tools for chain tensioning, I often neglected this necessity.

Now, with the feeling that I have only to rotate two knobs with fingers to create tension, I do it immediately. I don’t need to put the durability or the performance of the machine at risk.

4. Maneuverability

I found this machine very easy to use and very comfortable in handling. Black and decker 40v chainsaw review is actually the response to its powerful maneuverability. Quite contrary to its size and weight, its performance very much resembles a heavy-duty chainsaw. 

You will be impressed by the fine job it performs in your backyard. Only one thing, it is not made for huge trunks. For medium diameter, it is more than perfect. Though it does not have a quick-stop chain brake like Makita XCU04PT LXT, it does stop immediately.

5. Automatic Lubrication

Another edge that it provides is automatic lubrication. You need not worry about extra consumption or dripping of oil. Moreover, it provides the chain with the required amount of oil and then keeps the chain cool and healthy. 

However, some brands of chainsaws are provided with programmed chain lubrication like WORX WG384With this system, the chainsaw uses lubricants very intelligently according to the temperature and other external elements.

Personal Experience Review of Black + Decker 40V

After using this device for months now, I can straightforwardly state that for working on a small scale, it is the best device. This double battery-powered 10.4-pound robust product does not let you down at any stage of performance. 

For keeping it safe in an idle state it is provided with a guide bar covering. The Black and decker 40v chainsaw review is actually the consequence of the fabulous performance of the modern technology.

Build Quality
Battery Life
Overall Performance
Safety Measures
Ability to Handle Hard Jobs

Overall rating

With respect to rating, I found it better than many of its contemporary gadgets. In fact it is earning good fame and popularity among the common loggers. Depending on general rating, its overall rating will be.

So, if you often come across the need of regular cleanups for your driveways and backyards, this is a recommended power tool. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a powerful chainsaw to deal with harder jobs, you should better look into the details of chainsaws such as Craftsman s165 Chainsaw or Husky 135 Mark II.

Overall Rating

BLACK+DECKER 40V Chainsaw Specifications

So, I have thoroughly explained all features of this product in my Black Decker 40v Chainsaw Review, followings are some important specifications of this power tool which must be considered before you make a purchase.

BLACK+DECKER 40V ChainsawSpecifications
Battery Voltage40 Max
Device Weight10.4 Pound
Chainsaw Dimensions28.56″L x 8.81″W x 9.63″H
Chainsaw Length12 Inch
Battery Life60 4×4 feet timber splitting
Chain TensioningTool-less chain tensioning system
Lubrication Automatic


In the constellation of lightweight chainsaws we see many stars. In the comparison of those many, BLACK+DECKER 40V Chainsaw gains the superiority by dint of its superficial appearance as well as inward properties like clean and spotless slicing.

There is neither botheration of long length of the cords nor caring the large gas tank; it looks only a medium sized woodcutter’s saw. Its light weight helps everybody to work in the yard even for hours without fatiguing the arms and shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is a good size chainsaw for home use?

Ans. A size chain below 14 inch is good for home use.

Q. How long should a 40v lithium battery last?

Ans. It lasts about two to three years, depending on your usage.

Q. Do battery chainsaws need chain oil?

Ans. Oil is used in gas saws in a specific oil and gas ratio. It is not needed in environment friendly battery operated chainsaws.

Q. What happens if you don’t oil your chainsaw?

Ans. Lubrication is inevitable to reduce friction between chainsaw bar and the chain. Otherwise it can cause overheating and damage the saw.

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