Craftsman s165 Chainsaw Review – 42cc Gas Chainsaw

I was impressed by Craftsman s165 at the first glance due to two reasons. First, its superficial appearance is so soothing and awe-inspiring. Secondly, its size is absolutely in accordance with my requirement. Actually, it’s its exquisiteness that made me buy it immediately. The following craftsman s165 review will explain all the reasons behind my appreciation. 

As soon as I pulled its cord to start it, its powerful engine growled and got ready to show its unique performance. Quite wonderfully, the vibration was negligible. In a few cuts, I judged the level of its job. I got so much happy on its sparkling show that I hardly stopped myself running all the way home and tell the guys who were waiting for my comments on its efficiency. 

I admit that this gas chainsaw is relatively heavy when we compare it with some other chainsaws like Husqvarna 440 Gas Chainsaw. However, I don’t mind the weight much, just like many other loggers, who rather like weighty items.

Gas-powered chainsaws are usually recommended for loggers and ranchers who are looking for a robust power tool that can withstand and penetrate through the large trunks and hard woods. And of course, Craftsman s165 chainsaw come up all these expectations.

Craftsman s165 Chainsaw Features

Its 3.2 horsepower motor is so powerful that it may dominate the whole area in no time and may chop the pithy trunks into fragments in a wink of an eye. Even the most stubborn lumber lays arms before it and offers its spurs to be cut.

On studying its technology, we find that craftsman s165 is provided with modern implements. The most impressive part is its engine which provides high productivity. Easy start technology does not let the engine repel against the pull and you need not sweat for the start.  

In the following part, we study the features in detail.

1. High Output Engine

The machine is provided with a premium bar that is 16 inches in length and a low kickback chain. This feature enables the machine to cut the toughest wood quickly and comfortably. Full crank 42cc 2 cycle engine which is famous for power and less vibration. It provides you with 3.2 horsepower. 

2. Durable Poly Chassis

Craftsman s165 is bejeweled with lightweight, durable poly chassis. Though my experience of using it is not very long, the technology attests that Craftsman is robust enough to keep on working for a long without much wear and tear. It is capable of enduring all the rival factors of weather for years and years.

It is easy to handle and hence enables you to cut the trunk from a variety of angles. It is lighter in weight but offers you the performance of heavy-duty chainsaws.

Being lighter in weight, it supports your muscles and does not let you exhaust even after working for several hours. This poly chassis guarantees you reliable performance and consistent demonstration.

3. Easy-Start Technology

While collecting the statistics for writing the craftsman s165 review I found a couple of things that people are very sensitive for. One of them is starting technology. Perhaps the reason is their experience with the starting options. 

My data goes in favor of a pull start. The reason for liking pull start is perhaps the restriction of a power source like a battery or a transmitter for automatic start. 

Pull start is found to be an easy-start technology, where you need to pull a cord single-handedly and no trouble charging and looking after the batteries all the time. 

Somehow, we find some people who always look for automated machines. If you are one of them, I propose you to once study the specifications of BLACK+DECKER 40V.

4. Adjustable Auto Chain Oiler

Lubrication of the chain is a very sensitive matter. For keeping the chain and the bar healthy as well as fortifying the machine from overheating, proper lubrication is an indispensable factor. You are responsible to keep an appropriate amount of oil on the chain.

To keep the users tension-free in this regard, Craftsman s165 offers the supreme mechanism of an adjustable auto chain oiler. This mechanism also offers you to increase or decrease the oil flow according to your need.

5. Ergonomic Balanced Design

Craftsman s165 is provided by a specific design that ensures the continuous provision of the best performance for a lifetime duration. First of all, it is fitted with comfortable handles to keep the chainsaw more balanced during cutting spells. Secondly, 3-point anti-vibration keeps the machine stationary which ensures the machine is sturdy and strongly fitted.

Stable design is the assurance of the highest level of performance along with the fortification of easy labor.

Personal Experience Review of Craftsman s165 Chainsaw

The gas chainsaw has always been my priority. That is why I am in the favor of this significant machine. 

It is provided with side mounted tensioning system which comprises two bolts. You may easily rotate them with a wrench, available in every home easily. 

For cleaning of spark plug or filter you don’t need any tools. In this way, you have very comfy access to the vital parts for cleaning purposes.

Build Quality
Ability to Handle Hard Jobs
Ease in Handling
Safety Measures

Overall rating

Craftsman s165 is getting popular based on its fantastic features. Contrary to its contemporary gadgets, it is robust and resilient. However, keeping in view the above data, you may easily evaluate that Craftsman is most liked due to its maneuverability.

So, this is a perfect chainsaw for experienced loggers and ranchers. However, you may also like other gas powered chainsaws such as Echo CS 310 or Poulan Pro PR4218.

Overall Rating

Craftsman s165 Chainsaw Specifications

Following are some of the important specifications of this power tool.

Craftsman s165 ChainsawSpecifications
Power SourceGas Powered
Device Weight15.22 pound
Chainsaw Dimensions28.5″L x 9.75″W x 11.25″H
Chainsaw Length16 Inch
Engine42cc 2 cycle full crank
Lubrication Automatic


As I told you, the above craftsman s165 chainsaw review is not only based on my personal observation. I collected data after meeting various chainsaw users. I opine although hundred percent liking is impossible, yet craftsman is especially popular due to its maneuverability.

I found it very keen in cutting even the toughest branches. However, it lacks self-sharpening system that we find in Oregon CS v1500.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q1. What is the fuel mix for a Craftsman 16 chainsaw?

For smooth operation it should 50:1 fuel-oil ratio. For most of the gas-powered chainsaws, this ratio of oil and gas is recommended.

Q2. Is a 42cc chainsaw powerful?

Yes, it really provides very powerful cutting. Having this much powerful chainsaw, you can easily cut down even the toughest trees.

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