Husqvarna 435 Review – 16 Inch 40.9 cc Gas Chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaws have been around for heavy-duty tasks; however, some gas-powered chainsaws are also used as a cutting tools for lighter and medium cutting jobs. Husqvarna 435 is among those power tools which are streamlined to perform moderate cutting jobs – it means, it could be one of the good choices to keep your backyard and driveway clean and more presentable.

Arguably, Husqvarna 435 is not of the very high specification nor it has extremely high power, but this is a perfect machine for light to medium jobs such as dropping small trees, limbing branches, and processing thin logs of firewood.

While Husqvarna 435 is made up for light-work, it is common for professionals to use this powerful tool as a climbing chainsaw.

However, unless you go through the complete details about this chainsaw, I wouldn’t recommend you make a purchase.

So, let us dig deeper into the details of this excellent power tool, and decide if it matches your requirements or not.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Features 

When it comes to functionality and convenience, it appears to be a perfect combination – its rugged design and reliable build quality allow you to use this powerful tool for years. Meanwhile, the followings are some salient features of this machine that differentiate it from conventionally available chainsaws;

1. Powerful Engine (X-Torque Technology) 

Husky 435 has a powerful engine that delivers enough power to complete lower to medium-level jobs nicely. It has a 2.2HP X-Torque engine which makes it fuel-efficient and environment friendly as well. The X-Torque technology used in this power tool massively brings down the consumption of fuel and improves the efficiency of the overall process.

At the same time, this latest technology also appears to be environmentally friendly because it hugely reduces the emissions caused by unburned fuel. A maximum amount of fuel is consumed during combustion, so there are very less chances of emissions due to unburned fuel.

2. Easy Starting Mechanism (Smart Start)

This power tool truly possesses a convenient starting mechanism. There has been introduced a smart-start mechanism in 435 chainsaws which makes it easy for users to start this machine in minimum attempts. As per my own experience with this machine, it gets started within 3 to 4 attempts – however, you may need to pull the choke and engage the pressure button.

Once the engine of the chainsaw starts, the centrifugal air cleaning system further supports the smooth running of the chainsaw eliminating the risk of passing large-sized dust particles through the filter and entering the internal combustion chamber.

3. Advanced Safety Measurements (Inertia Activated Brake) 

A chainsaw could be one of the most dangerous power tools to use if not dealt with carelessly. Other than using recommended chainsaw safety Gearmanufacturers also appear concerned about the safety of users – this is the very reason that led the manufacturer of Husqvarna 435 to introduce a LowVib system in it. This system absorbs most of the vibrations created by a chainsaw while used.

Hand in hand, there is an inertia-activated brake that keeps users safe from injuries during kickbacks. Though kickbacks are rare while using this masterpiece, however, may happen if there occurs any mistake from the user.

4. Easy to Handle Tool 

There are several features of this powerful tool that make it easy to handle while using. Such as there is a visible fuel level that lets you know about the amount of fuel in the tank of the chainsaw. you can timely fill the fuel tank again to avoid a shortage of fuel. Meanwhile, the flip-up tank cap provides users with the great convenience of opening and closing it.

Similarly, for better felling precision, there are distinct marks on the chainsaw – considering these marks, you can precisely fell a tree. To make it further easier for users, there is an air purge system in the chainsaw that eliminates the threat of flooding for it.

5. Chain and Bar 

The chainsaw comes with a 16 inches guide bar on which there is a sharp chain.

This 16 inches guide bar perfectly matches the power delivered by the engine, and it wholistically utilizes this power to cut down trees or other cutting purposes.

The sharpness of the chain makes it quite easier for a chainsaw to penetrate tough and rough woods as well.

Meanwhile, the presence of an automatic oiler system sets you free from manual lubrication of your chainsaw’s bar and chain.

Important Thing to Note ( Tip )

Here I have a tip for you that I came to know when I used to use this power tool.

There comes a 16’’ bar with a chainsaw, and usually, users keep on trying bars of different lengths to acquire the desired efficiency.

But with Husqvarna 435, if you want to make it work at its best, don’t replace this 16 inches bar with a bar of any other length.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Test Review 

I have quite a good memory with Husqvarna 435 – it has been one of the best chainsaws I have ever used. Husqvarna 435 remained in my toolbox for three years, and every time I used it, I felt proud of my choice.

Now, to let you know about the quality of this chainsaw in simple words, I would rate its different features out of 10. Based on my personal use of this machine, I am trying to make it as simple to understand as I can – have a look at the followings, and you will have a clear idea about the overall quality of this product;

Fuel Consumption
Convenience of Handling
Build Quality
Cutting Speed
Run Time
Ability to Handle Large Sized Jobs

Overall Rating

I would recommend you to make this purchase if you are looking for a light-weight chainsaw for small to medium-sized jobs.

Based on its features and qualities, I would give overall rating of 7.5 out of 10.

However, I will not recommend Husqvarna 435 for heavy duty tasks – you can better have a look at Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw or Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw for heavy duty tasks.

Overall Rating

Husqvarna 435 Specifications

It is also inevitable to know about the specifications. Followings are specifications;

Husqvarna 435Specifications
Cylinder Displacement2.5 cu.inch
Power Output2.2hp
Bar Length16 Inches
Maximum Speed9000 rmp
Sound Level Measured112db
Fuel Consumption652 g/Kwh
Exhaust Emissions813 g/kWh
Idling Speed2900 rmp


I have explained everything about this machine – I would strongly recommend this chainsaw if you are searching for a durable power tool to complete lighter cutting tasks.

You may find it rough when it starts, but the cutting becomes smooth when it runs for few seconds. It is a versatile power tool that has capability of cutting thick and long logs; but do not repeatedly use it to do heavy jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What size bar can you put on a Husqvarna 435?

The size of bar is very important in order to ascertain the efficiency of any of the chainsaws. Husqvarna 435 comes with the bar length of 16 inches. However, the minimum length of the bar should not be less than 13 inches, while the maximum length of bar should not be more than 18 inches.

Q2. How many HP is a Husqvarna 435?

Husqvarna 435 is a two-cycled chainsaw powered by the gas. Usually, it is used for heavy-duty jobs; hence, remains unsuitable for entry-level loggers and ranchers. With its 40.9cc engine, it generates the power of 2.2 Horsepower.

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