Echo CS 490 Review – 50.2cc 2-Stroke Engine Chainsaw

Echo is among the leading brands which deal in the manufacturing of chainsaws. Chainsaws manufactured under Echo possess flashy designs that offer better grip and convenient handling by the user. Meanwhile, most of the chainsaws manufactured by Echo are of professional grade – homeowners, loggers, and ranchers find it ultimately suitable for their medium to hard level wood cutting jobs.

In Echo 400 series, ECHO CS 490 is the most powerful chainsaw which is supported by an engine whose displacement is 50.2cc. With a 20-inch-long bar, this chainsaw can turn huge logs into fine slices of wood.

Its double-chain brake handle with a wrap of rubber allows users to make cuts with improved efficiency. Being easy to handle and maintain chainsaws, there are negligibly small costs that you may need to incur to keep it functional.

Furthermore, this power tool has been equipped with a G-force enriched cleaner and an effective starter which make it an even better machine to start and use.

Similar to Echo CS 590 and Echo CS 310, this machine is suitable for heavy jobs.

Echo CS 490 Professional Grade Chainsaw Features 

Echo CS 490 is counted among heavy-duty chainsaws, so it is clearly mentioned that this chainsaw isn’t suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner, you should better consider options such as the Husky 120i and Husqvarna 130. Followings are distinguishing features of CS 490 that differentiate it from regular chainsaws;

1. Engine and Power 

There has been placed a two-stroke engine in this chainsaw has a cylindrical displacement of 50.2cc. This two-stroke engine with this value of cylindrical displacement yields enough power to bring down mighty trees and convert them into fine pieces of wood.

This is a fuel-efficient chainsaw that ensures the maximum use of fuel leaving the minimum possible quantity of fuel behind. So, this is the reason ratio of emissions from the exhaust is also rare.

So, with 5.3 horsepower produced by the engine, you can perform medium to large-sized jobs without any problem.

2. Design and Handling 

The structure of Echo CS 490 is a bit different from conventional chainsaws – however, it facilitates users to maintain a firm grip on it while using. Hold it from the rear and front handle while using it, you will certainly find it convenient as compared to other regular chainsaws.

Hand in hand, there has been added a spring vibration system which absorbs most of the vibrations while working with it. As most of the vibrations are absorbed by the chainsaw, so user easily avoids fatigue.

Other than that, for the convenience of the user, there is a side chain tensioner that allows you to adjust the tension in the chain according to the requirement.

3. Safety Measurements 

About chainsaw, safety is one of the most important factors that cannot be overlooked while buying a new chainsaw. Inarguably, CS 490 is equipped with enough safety mechanisms which facilitate users to use this machine without any problem.

There is a mechanism for the safety chain brake – this adjustment stops the chain from rotating on the guide bar if kickback occurs. The chain immediately stops on the guide bar, and the user remains safe from any serious injury.

Meanwhile, using your chainsaw, do not forget to wear your safety gears such as boots, gloves, and chainsaw goggles.

4. Performance 

This is a perfect cutting tool to assist you in your medium to heavy-sized cutting jobs. The engine of the CS 490 yields an incredible power of 5.3 horsepower – this much power is enough to shred the toughest woods such as oak.

At the same time, to improve the user experience, there has been introduced a replaceable metal bumper spike – this adjustment massively improves the control of the user and ameliorates the leverage.

The presence of a G-force engine air pre-cleaner extends the life of the air filter and reduces the need for maintenance for the chainsaw.

5. Automatic Clutch-Driven Oiler 

Usually, while using local chainsaws, you need to take care of the lubrication of the chain and bar of the chainsaw. Sometimes, you might forget about the proper oiling of your chainsaw chain and bar – but this is not the case with Echo CS 490; there is an automatic clutch-driven oiler mechanism that delivers the oil to the chain only when it is required.

This is how, the consumption of oil comes down, and the chain remains lubricated enough to get the job done nicely.

So, these are important features I have covered in my Echo CS 490 Review. To let you know better about this powerful tool, the following is my personal test review of CS 490.

Personal Test Review of Echo CS 490

Most of you know about my addiction to machines – however, I am a bit more associated with chainsaws. This is the reason that led me to use different chainsaws – this time it is about Echo CS 490; it is an incredibly powerful tool that offers commendably enough power to convert the hardest woods into your desired forms.

Based on my personal experience with this machine, the followings are ratings that will help you understand its overall quality;

Build Quality
Fuel Consumption
Cutting Speed

Overall Rating

So, on the basis of my personal experience with this chainsaw, I would fully recommend it for experienced loggers, ranchers and homeowners.

However, I will not suggest this machine to be used by any beginner.

Overall Rating

Specifications of Echo CS 490

It is unavoidable to share about salient specifications of this chainsaw; followings are some of the most important specifications of Echo CS 490;

Echo CS 490Specifications
Power Output5.3Hp
Engine Displacement 50.2cc
Recommended Bar Length20 Inch
Minimum Bar Length16 Inch
Oil Capacity 9.5 fl.oz
Dry Weight10.4 lb


Being a chainsaw enthusiast, I have used several chainsaws, and Echo CS 490 is among those chainsaws which are worth using. Although this power tool is comparatively expansive and uses petrol, still it is worthwhile because power produced by its engine is much to turn any toughest wood into your desired shape.

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