How to Start a Makita Chainsaw? 2023 Beginner’s Guide

If you have just bought a Makita chainsaw to organize your garden or backyard, this is the perfect time to know about your Makita chainsaw in depth. Chainsaw is a massively useful tool that assists you to maintain the presentation of your garden and fell unwanted logs – but with great power, it demands great care both for the user and itself. If you aren’t aware of its use, you must not give yourself try to start it unless you master some necessary steps to start this power tool.

Makita is among the top chainsaw brands – having this power tool is no less than a matter of pride because this machine delivers an excellent job, and serves you in the longer run. However, it has always been necessary to learn about the working mechanism of the machine you are going to use, and the same is the case with your Makita Chainsaw.

So, if you have a Makita chainsaw, and you aren’t well aware of its working mechanism, this guide will tell you about all guidelines and requirements that you must know before starting your Makita chainsaw in 2023.

How to Start a Makita Chainsaw

How to Start a Makita Chainsaw 2023 – Step-By-Step Guide

Before you start your chainsaw, there are some unavoidable precautionary measures that must be followed – wear gloves and safety goggles, put on logging boots, and do not wear loose clothes. Having complied with the given instructions, now you are ready to start your Makita Chainsaw;

1. Starting Engine of Your Makita Chainsaw 

The first step belongs to starting the engine of your chainsaw. For this, you need to ensure the supply of power to your chainsaw. Add fuel to the fuel tank, and place the chainsaw on a flat surface where it could be started easily. Do not start the engine at the place where you added fuel to the tank – traces of fuel might catch fire.

Now, activate the chain brake and hold the front handle of the chainsaw firmly, and press the chainsaw against the ground. Makita chainsaw has a worth-noting starting mechanism like starting mechanism of Poulan chainsaw – it is too easy to start and work with.

2. Starting a Gas-Powered Makita Chainsaw 

A gas-powered chainsaw is generally more powerful than a battery-powered chainsaw or electric chainsaw. With more power, a gas-powered chainsaw demands more safety as well. When it comes to starting your gas-powered Makita chainsaw, you must consider checking the gasoline as an inevitable part of the process. Meanwhile, the gasoline must be added with an accurate amount of fuel to ease combustion in the combustion chamber.

After checking the amount of fuel in the tank, the next step is to pull the rope or turn the power switch ON. It is better to set the combination switch to the choke position while pulling the rope to start the engine.

Pull the starting rope fast if you feel any resistance in the ignition. Shift the position of the combo switch to the central “ON” position. And then pull the starting rope more quickly. Now, squeeze the throttle trigger with your hand, and check if the combustion has started properly in the engine or not.

The engine has started now, and you are ready to release the chain brake and start cutting with your gas-powered Makita chainsaw.

Starting Your Makita Chainsaw When It is not Starting? 

What can you do if your Makita chainsaw isn’t starting?

Inarguably, you have many options to consider, but the first thing is to know about the malfunction which isn’t letting the engine start. For this purpose, do inspect the fluid system of your chainsaw, and check the level of fuel in the fuel tank.

Still, if your chainsaw isn’t starting, check the spark plug and air filter – the spark plug may have sooty deposits on it, and the air filter might be clogged. Whatever the problem is, resolve it and try to start your chainsaw again.

Do not pour excessive fuel into the tank, it causes flooding of fuel, and stops ignition to start in the combustion chamber due to the non-availability of oxygen.

For sure, having looked into these options, you will be able to ascertain the real problem and solve it.

What are the Essential Parts of Makita Chainsaw? 

Though Makita shares much similar construction to other chainsaws, still it is important to discuss essential parts of your Makita chainsaw;

1. Engine 

The engine is the most important part of your chainsaw. It is solely responsible for converting electrical power into mechanical power. The engine may be gas-powered or electric-powered or battery-powered – the important thing is its health which can be affected if left unchecked for a long time.

2. Carburetor 

The carburetor is another important part of the chainsaw. It is responsible for providing the engine with an appropriate amount of fuel mixed with air. If the carburetor isn’t drained after using and stored for a lengthy period of time, it may have blocked. Clean the carburetor completely, if it does not start, you might need to change the carburetor.

3. Coil of Ignition

The ignition coil is another important part of your Makita chainsaw. If the ignition coil fails, your chainsaw will not start. You may test the ignition coil with a tester – don’t replace the coil unless you are sure about the veracity of the spark plug.

4. Chain 

Chain is a fundamental part of every chainsaw. Primarily, it is the part of the chainsaw which is used to cut wood. A chainsaw is prone to damage, so it is important to repair it in time and take care of it.

5. Spark Plug 

Again, the spark plug is among the most important parts of your Makita chainsaw. Sometimes, the spark plug doesn’t work properly, and this creates problem in starting the engine. Get the spark plug out of the chainsaw, and clean it from sooty deposits.

How To Make Your Makita Chainsaw Serve You Longer?

Followings are important tips to make your Makita chainsaw serve your cause for longer run;

  • Don’t store your chainsaw in moist after using it
  • Drain the carburetor and fuel tank completely before storing it
  • Sharpen the chain of your Makita chainsaw in time
  • Provide chain and guide bar with proper lubrication
  • Thoroughly clean your chainsaw each time you use it

Whichever chainsaw you are using, aforementioned tips will help you make your chainsaw prevail longer.


Makita is one of the most famous and reliable chainsaw manufacturing brands – although, it possesses incredible safety mechanism for user, still safety precautions cannot be overlooked. So, it is necessary to know about the starting procedure of Makita Chainsaw.

I have explained everything about Makita chainsaw, if you have any question related to the topic, you can ask me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you start Makita electric chainsaw?

Makita electric chainsaw has a power cord which is used to connect chainsaw with power source. Insert this power cord in power switch, and turn the switch button ON to start it. You may use to push the button twice or thrice to start chainsaw.

Q2. How long Makita Chainsaw batteries last?

Battery-powered Makita chainsaws are perfect for small-scaled wood cutting jobs. Battery of Makita chainsaw last for 2 to 4 hours.

Q3. Why is my Makita chainsaw not starting?

If your Makita chainsaw is not starting, you need to troubleshoot the problem first. Most probably, there are problems associated with carburetor of chainsaw, air filters and spark plug. Look into these factors, you will most likely find the fault and solve it.

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