Electric vs Gas Chainsaw – Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

A chainsaw is an excellent, versatile, and highly portable power tool that you will certainly find in tools’ collection of woodworkers and homesteaders. Whether or not you are a lumberjack or woodworker, there is a variety of reasons that might necessitate the presence of a chainsaw among the collection of your power tools. However, still it is important to have the right chainsaw for the right job – and this is the reason that I am going to write on Electric vs Gas chainsaw.

The emergence of electric chainsaws and gas chainsaws is the story of a similar decade – and if you are wondering which type of chainsaw is the best for you, you have approached the right platform. A major discussion on the comparison of these two chainsaws will certainly help you decide which of them suits you the best according to your requirements.

Therefore, the article is intended to tell you about the basic differences between Electric and Gas chainsaws along with their advantages and disadvantages. I am pretty much sure that you will be able to decide if you need a gas or electric chainsaw.

Electric or Gas Chainsaw – Which is Better?

If an electric chainsaw or gas chainsaw is better for you – the answer can be better delivered considering the nature of use. Today’s electric chainsaws are versatile, and more powerful, yet need expensive batteries. While gas chainsaws can still be better in power than electric chainsaws, but with an enhanced need for maintenance.

Based on my personal experience, and hours of study, I am convinced to pass you the following information, so you can decide what you actually need.

Electric vs Gas Chainsaw

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are more energy efficient and cleaner than gas-powered chainsaws. Although electric chainsaws aren’t preferred and are deemed as suitable for heavy cutting and day’s long work, but they are worth considering option for optimum cleaning of yards.

Meanwhile, electric chainsaws can be further divided into Corded-Chainsaws and Battery-Powered Chainsaws. Battery-Powered chainsaw shows great flexibility in terms of usage; however, Corded-Chainsaw possesses more power, and offer their duty to do relatively harder jobs.

Uses Of Electric Chainsaw

Technically, the size of electric chainsaws is compact and they can be handled single-handedly – this is the reason that makes them perfect for small to medium-sized duties such as cleaning yards. This small-sized power tool can be a great thing to keep your garden in a presentable position.

You can simply turn your electric chainsaw ON, unlock the throttle brake, and start using it. You can trim extended branches of trees in your driveway or backyard, and continue the job without being fatigued due to its lightweight.

Another commendable feature of the electric chainsaw is that it is quite quieter than gas-powered chainsaws. As it runs on battery or direct power, so there is nothing like contaminated smoke that might exhaust from gas-powered chainsaws.

At the same time, electric chainsaws are truly efficient in terms of their manufacturing quality; it is less likely that you need them to get maintained by a mechanic. Paradoxically, gas-powered chainsaws are known to frequently visit the workshop of mechanic for maintenance.

Advantages of Electric Chainsaw

  • Light in weight and easy to carry from one place to another
  • Best-suited for yard works and trimming extended branches
  • No contaminated smoke or unburned fuel comes out of the exhaust
  • Does not create unbearable or damaging noise
  • Unusual to visit a mechanic’s workshop for maintenance
  • Compact in size and convenient to sort

Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaw

  • Professional users do not prefer electric chainsaws
  • Only suitable for light duties – not a great machine for heavy-duty sawing
  • Battery-powered saws only last for a limited time, and changing the battery is an unavoidable expense for the user
  • Corded saws limit the range of working area due to the limited length of the cord

So, these are the features, advantages, and disadvantages of electric chainsaws. I have tried to cover every aspect of an electric chainsaw, and hope that you also get all your apprehensions cleared about this.

Gas Chainsaws

When it comes to professional woodworkers, homesteaders, loggers, landscapers, and arborists, a gas chainsaw appears to be their first choice. Gas-powered chainsaws are reliable for heavy-duty sawing and cutting firewood. Inarguably, a mixture of gas and foil might be a cause of irritation for users; however, the steadfastness, and power of cutting make it an alluring option for workers.

Uses of Gas Chainsaw

Gas-powered chainsaws have been the primary choice of professionals regarding both commercial and home-based settings. This power tool comes up with extraordinary resilience against stubborn firewood and combines portability and power as well.

This tool perfectly matches all the requirements that should ideally be present in all saws used to do medium to large-sized duties. It does not matter whether you are cutting hard tree-like hickory or some soft wood, this chainsaw always meets all your expectations.

Advantages of Gas Chainsaw

  • Perfectly for heavy-duty cutting
  • Much faster than an electric chainsaw
  • Able to cut huge logs and branches
  • Improved bar-oiling system
  • Supporting long guide bars

Disadvantages of Gas Chainsaw

  • It creates damaging noise (Earmuffs are necessary while using it)
  • Might cause smoke full of contaminations and unburned fuel
  • Far expensive than regular electric chainsaws
  • Heavier than an electric chainsaw
  • More care is required while using this

Now, having gone through the advantages and disadvantages of both electric and gas chainsaws – you can better understand what you actually need.

Electric vs Gas chainsaw – Which Type is Right for You?

What is the nature of the task in which you want your chainsaw to assist you?

This is the primary question that you must ask yourself before you make a purchase. If you have nothing heavier to do with your chainsaw, and looking for a tool to make your garden look presentable – I would suggest you the electric chainsaw which is cheaper, lighter in weight, easier to handle and creates lesser noise than a gas chainsaw.

On the other hand, if you have heavy duties to perform with your chainsaw – you should better choose a gas-powered chainsaw which is more powerful and faster than an electric chainsaw. Although, it is expensive and requires more maintenance, still, it is worthwhile.


I have told you everything about electric and gas chainsaws, and I hope that you will have understood everything I intended to tell you. Meanwhile, I am also hopeful that this guide will help you make a prudent choice regarding the purchase of your chainsaw.

Still, if you have any ambiguity, please ask your question, and I will try my level best to make it clear to you.

Thank You!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Are battery chainsaws as powerful as gas?

No, battery-powered chainsaws are not more powerful than gas-powered chainsaws. However, the capacity of battery can be increased to deliver more power. Usually, gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful and offer greater power output that battery-powered chainsaws.

Q2. Is electric chainsaw powerful?

Electric chainsaws are directed to electricity – the electric power is then converted to the mechanical power. In simple words, electric chainsaws are also powerful enough to bring a might tree down. Furthermore, the nature of the tasks decides if your chainsaw is capable of doing the job or not.

Q3. Are electric chainsaws safer than gas?

Electric chainsaws are directly connected to the power source – hence, there are no emissions and no fumes of unburnt fuel. So, it can be said that electric chainsaws are safer than gas-powered chainsaws.

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