Echo CS 310 Review – 30.5cc 2-Stroke Engine Chainsaw

Echo CS 310 chainsaw is one of the best models for medium-sized cutting jobs. This chainsaw is an excellent choice to make if you are looking for a durable and powerful chainsaw for a relatively lower budget. Being a lightweight cutting tool, it helps the user to maintain a firm grip on it while using it – meanwhile, it offers enough power to cut deep down through the toughest woods.

This chainsaw is suitable for homeowners and seasoned loggers; with its 2-stroke powerful engine, it offers enough power to cut any wood.

The bar length attached to the chainsaw is 16 inches, and I would recommend you use a similar bar for better efficiency.

Hand in hand, this power tool is incredibly simple to maintain and hold – due to its side-mounted chain tensioner, you can easily adjust the tension of the chain.

For the convenience of users, there has been installed i-30™ starting system which makes the starting mechanism more efficient and faster.

The automatic clutch-driven oiler responsibly delivers the oil to the chain when required. In short, this is a highly commendable machine that can serve your cause in the longer run. If you require a chainsaw with more power, you may have a look at Echo CS 590.

Echo CS 310 Chainsaw Features 

Similar to Husqvarna, Echo has gained solid ground in the field of chainsaws – in the huge line-up of chainsaws, Echo CS 310 has emerged as one of the best chainsaws for professionals and experienced users as well. Followings are prominent features of this power tool;

1. Engine and Power 

If you need a good chainsaw under your budget, CS 310 is there to be chosen. With its two-stroke engine that has a cylindrical displacement of 30.5cc, it delivers a commendable amount of power that can shear the hardest wood.

Similar to CS 490 and CS 590, this chainsaw also produces a power of 5.3 horsepower. It means, if you have this chainsaw, you can easily cut down sturdy and robust trees. Working at high speed, it gives a cut in 5 seconds.

On the other hand, the chainsaw has been equipped with an i-30™ starting system – this mechanism reduces the user’s effort when it comes to starting it. 

2. Performance 

Compared with regular chainsaws, CS 310 shows an excellent performance against all types of wood. During my personal use of this chainsaw, I found it extremely convenient in holding and using. With its tool-less access air filter, you can easily clean the filter.

Hand in hand, larger dust particles that might damage the internal walls of an internal combustion engine are not allowed to enter the engine. This is how the engine lasts longer.

Similarly, there is a vibration-reduction system attached to the chainsaw, it absorbs most of the vibrations while using it, and the user remains safe from fatigue.

3. Safety Measurements 

Echo CS 310 is one of the most powerful chainsaws available in the line-up of the Echo brand’s chainsaws. Whether you are using a low-powered chainsaw or a high-powered chainsaw, care is inevitable.

But when you are using a beast like CS 310, it becomes more important to abide by the safety precautions. To ensure the safety of the user, the manufacturer of added an automatic chain brake system that stops the chain from rotating on the bar.

In the case of Kickbacks, the chain immediately stops rotating on the guide bar, and the user remains safe from any serious injury.

4. Automatic Clutch-Driven Oiler 

Lubrication of the chain and bar is one of the most important factors that decide the longevity of your chainsaw. If the chain is not lubricated in time, it might get rusty and its sharpness may get dull. This thing ultimately affects the efficiency of the chainsaw.

After some time, the chain becomes permanently damaged, and then there remains no other way than to change it. But this is not the case with CS 310 chainsaw.

There is an automatic Clutch-Driven Oiler system that provides the chain with enough lubrication when required.

5. Ease of Use 

All the chainsaws manufactured by Echo almost have similar designs and shapes. Due to this design, it remains highly comfortable for users to use this chainsaw. Holding it from the rear and front handle, you can cut mighty logs without being fatigued.

You can use bars of different sizes considering your convenience – bar sizes of 14 inches and 16 inches are more suitable for users.

Tested Review of Echo CS 310 2023 

This is an impressive cutting tool that delivers extraordinary power while being too compact in size, and too low in weight. I will certainly recommend this machine to all users, but this is not a beginners’ chainsaw, if you aren’t professional, you should take start with the Husqvarna 120i or Husqvarna 135 Mark II.

So, I will recommend this chainsaw to all experienced chainsaw users who are looking for a powerful chainsaw for wood-cutting purposes. The followings are the ratings for different features of this chainsaw;

Build Quality
Cutting Speed
Run Time
Ease of Use
Safety Measurements

Overall Rating

Overall, this is worthwhile chainsaw under your budget. Based on my personal use of this chainsaw, I will recommend it to experienced homeowners and loggers. If you aren’t experienced about using chainsaw, you must start from an entry-level chainsaw.

The best thing about this chainsaw is that it is cheap in price, but its features are quite attractive.

Overall Rating

Specifications of Echo CS 310

I have explained every important feature of this machine in aforementioned paragraphs. Now, followings are some of the necessary specifications of this product;

Echo CS 310Specifications
Power Output5.3Hp
Engine Displacement 30.5cc
Recommended Bar Length16 Inch
Minimum Bar Length14 Inch
Oil Capacity 8.8fl.oz
Ignition SystemDigital
Warranty 5 years consumer / 1 year commercial
Dry Weight8.8lb


Inarguably, CS 310 is an excellently durable power tool which suits the needs of most of the loggers and ranchers. However, for homeowners, it might be a little bit heavier than their requirements. Overall, this is a perfect chainsaw for landscaping, shrubs, pruning and trees.

Meanwhile, it becomes more powerful chainsaw when used with longer bars; but with longer bars, more care becomes inevitable, and of course, a beginner must not try it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the fuel mix ratio of Echo CS 310?

This is a gas-powered chainsaw that utilizes the mixture of oil and gasoline to generate the power. Meanwhile, the ratio of gasoline to oil has been very important for all gas-powered chainsaws – so, the recommended fuel mix ratio of this chainsaw is 50:1.

Q2. How much horsepower does Echo CS 310 have?

This is a powerful chainsaw that delivers a desirable amount of power for experienced loggers and ranchers. With 5.3 horsepower, this is among the most demanded chainsaws.

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