Husqvarna 130 Review 2023 ( 16 Inch ) – 38cc Gas Chainsaw

If you are looking for a good chainsaw to handle small-sized cutting and pruning jobs, Husqvarna 130 appears as one of the best choices. This is a perfect entry-level gas-powered chainsaw that helps you felling small trees and cut stubborn firewood. The versatility and compact design of this power tool make it easy to handle and use. Despite being a less-expensive model in the lineup of Husqvarna, it possesses certain latest technologies which make it better than conventional saws.

With its 38cc X-Torque engine it generates an output of 2 horsepower and yields a torque of 1.84Nm.

It has been equipped with a low kickback chain mechanism which doesn’t let it be the fastest-cutting small chain; however, it cuts quite well.

You can start this chainsaw in the least attempts, and make it cut the firewood in the desired way.

Similar to the Husky 135 Mark II, Husqvarna 130 is perfect for small as well as odd trees – it provides users with the ultimate convenience of converting mighty logs into fine slices.

So, if you intend to have a chainsaw that can serve you in the longer run, Husqvarna 130 should be among the preferred chainsaws. Being an entry-level chainsaw, it doesn’t have a bundle of features – however, it is still one of the best chainsaws for light jobs.

Husqvarna 130 Features 

Husqvarna is a leading brand that manufactures chainsaws and a variety of other products; meanwhile, there is a massive variety of chainsaws that ranges from heavy-duty chainsaws to light-duty chainsaws. The followings are features of the Husky 130 which is a beginner’s chainsaw;

1. Performance 

Having several advanced features, the Husky 130 offers a smooth performance. It has a centrifugal air cleaning system that does not allow larger dust particles to pass through the filter and enter the inter-combustion chamber.

This mechanism considerably improves the life of the engine. To counter the effect of vibrations, there is a LowVib mechanism that absorbs most of the vibrations and avoids the user from being exhausted.

Furthermore, it has a 38cc X-Torque engine that makes it fuel efficient. Emissions from the engine are also rare due to this advanced technology.

2. Design 

This power tool has a compact and simple design; users can easily hold it for hours while using it. It has a fuel pump that has been designed to start the engine in early attempts. Most of the time, extra air gets trapped in the carburetor which does not let the engine start.

But this is not the case with Husqvarna 130 because it has a combined choke/ stop control system – this system eliminates extra air from the carburetor and avoids flooding in the chainsaw.

Therefore, when it comes to starting the engine of the Husky 130, it will not take more than 2 to 3 attempts, and you will be able to start the job.

3. Advanced Safety Mechanism

Whether you are a seasoned logger or you are using the chainsaw for the first time, your safety should always be the priority. Improving the safety standards in their chainsaws, Husqvarna adds an inertia-activated chain brake which stops the chain from rotating on the guide bar if kickback occurs. The chain stops rotating immediately and the user remains safe from serious injury.

Hold the chainsaw firmly from both the front and rear handle, set it on the wood from where you want to cut it, push your chainsaw a little down on the wood, and start cutting without any problem.

4. Ergonomics 

Chainsaws have evolved as a need of almost every homeowner, and it has also become necessary for manufacturers to streamline chainsaws that offer reasonable ergonomics. There is nothing different with Husqvarna 130 – it offers a firm grip for users and they can keep holding and using it for hours without any problem.

Start your chainsaw in a few attempts, and convert your driveway or backyard into a more presentable place to sit and enjoy.

5. Durability 

There is nothing more important than the build quality or durability of any machine, and the same is the case with Husqvarna 130. The build quality of this machine is incredibly well; it has a 16-inch guide bar which is made up of steel and a sharp chain rotates on it to cut wood. If used with proper care, this machine can serve you for years.

What I personally recommend to you is to clean your Husqvarna 130 before you store it after use. Take proper care of its lubrication; otherwise, you may not use it for an expected period of time.

Personal Testing of Husqvarna 130

By now, I have used several chainsaws; however, I will rank it among the best chainsaws for lighter jobs. I used this machine for one and a half years, and throughout this tenure, I didn’t find it causing any trouble.

Although some people complained about its flimsy plastic hand guard and problems with the carburetor, I didn’t experience anything like this. Meanwhile, for small-scaled jobs, you can also consider battery-powered chainsaws such as Husky 120i.

So, based on my personal use of this chainsaw, I am going to rate it different. Do consider these ratings when you plan to buy a Husky 130 and decide accordingly;

Build Quality
Fuel Consumption
Cutting Speed
Run Time
Ability to Handle Hard Jobs

Overall Rating

Therefore, on the basis of my personal experience with this machine, I will recommend it to those who are looking for a quality chainsaw for light cutting jobs. In the category of lower-power gas chainsaws, I will rate it 7.5 out of 10.

Meanwhile, for heavy-duty cutting tasks, you can also consider Echo CS 590.

Overall Rating

Husqvarna 130 Specifications

After reading Husqvarna 130 Review, it is also mandatory to relate its basic specifications;

Husqvarna 130Specifications
Maximum Speed 9000 Rpm
Idling Speed 3000 Rpm
Cylindrical Displacement2.3 cu.inch
Recommended Bar Length16 inch
Oil Tank Volume2.6 litre
Sound Level Measured114.34 db
Fuel Consumption725 g/Kwh
Power Output2.0 Hp
Exhaust Emission (CO2 EU V)804 g/kWh


I have personally used this chainsaw for a long time, and I found it extremely convenient in terms of handling, starting, and using. You may complain about its flimsy plastic handguard, but overall Husqvarna 130 is a worth using machine.

Do remember that I am recommending this chainsaw only for small-sized cutting jobs, for harder jobs, it is better to look into the details of Husqvarna 450 Rancher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What cc is Husqvarna 130?

The cylindrical displacement of Husky 130 is 36.7cc. This is a perfect setting to deliver the required power. This is an entry-level chainsaw that can help you perform cutting, trimming and pruning.

Q2. What is the weight of Husqvarna 130?

This is a light-weight chainsaw that you can easily hold to deal with some handy jobs. The overall weight of the item is 5.67 pounds.

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