How to Start Husqvarna Chainsaw in 2023

Husqvarna is a leading brand that deals in the manufacturing of quality chainsaws – and the quality of these chainsaws is the very reason that most professionals prefer using Husqvarna. Ideally, the general construction of most chainsaws is identical; however, variations might occur as the model changes. By now, I am going to add a detailed guide on starting mechanism of Husqvarna chainsaw – and this similar information will be applicable to around all models of Husqvarna with little variations.

After years of my experience with this incredible power tool, I can certainly state that there is nothing difficult in starting and using a chainsaw; but still, it is suggested to go through a detailed guide for the sake of your security and efficient use of a chainsaw.

Therefore, considering the basic realities of the Husqvarna chainsaw, I am here to answer your question that how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw.

Starting Husqvarna Chainsaw – Troubleshooting

For some of you, it might sound strange to discuss the starting procedure of a chainsaw which apparently seems simple enough to be done by anyone who is even ignorant of the use of this tool. However, I would say that there are certain technicalities that can only be countered when you have proper knowledge of your chainsaw.

How to Start Husqvarna Chainsaw

So, to avoid any problems and ensure your safety before you start your chainsaw, follow the given tips to start a Husqvarna chainsaw:

Starting a Cold Engine

How to start a cold engine? To do this, turn on the chain brake – if the chainsaw has a fuel pump or air purge, push it multiple times unless you see fuel enters the carburetor. Activate the choke to further improve the mixture of air and fuel that enters the carburetor. Then pull the starting liver unless the engine starts. Pull the liver till the engine starts properly and then push the choke to half throttle. Accelerate the engine to let the combustion start at its maximum, and then lock the chain brake.

Staring Hot Engine 

Meanwhile, if the engine isn’t cold, or it is hot, you can start the engine straightforwardly without applying a choke. If still the ignition of the engine is problematic, use half throttle which requires complete activation of choke. Usually, when the engine is hot, it starts right away without any problem.

Before you start using your chainsaw make sure to have a look at the following functions;

1. Inspection of Inertia Function

For this purpose, turn the chainsaw off, and place it on a leveled surface or a stump. Let the chainsaw be pulled down under the impact of gravity. In this condition, the chain brake should engage when the guide bar of the chainsaw comes in contact with the stump of the surface on which it is placed.

2. Inspection of Chain Brake 

Inspection of the chain brake is inevitable because it might save the user from any unpleasant incident. Run the chainsaw for a few seconds while holding the rear and front handles of the chainsaw. To apply the brake, keep holding the front handle, and move your left wrist towards the guard. Once you apply the brake, the chain should immediately come to rest. Now, repeat the process to ensure that you are convenient to apply the brake with your right hand too.

3. Inspection of Lubrication in Chain 

This is another important factor that cannot be overlooked. The presence of enough lubrication is unavoidable between the chain and guide bar. The absence of enough lubrication causes excessive heat in between the parts which might cause malfunctioning. To check if the lubrication is enough or not, put the chainsaw on a log or stump for a moment – see if there is a line of oil on the surface, and the level of lubrication is fine.

So, having ensured these factors, you are now ready to start working with your chainsaw. For further convenience of yours’, I would like to add some more information associated with the use of Husqvarna chainsaws.

What do You need to Know When You Are Working with Husqvarna Chainsaw? 

If you are using a chainsaw manufactured by Husqvarna like Husqvarna 460 Rancher or Husqvarna 455 Rancher, you must not hesitate to abide by the given instructions;

1. Maintain a Firm Grip 

Do not risk yourself by losing the grip on the handles of your chainsaw. Maintain a strong grip on both handles of the chainsaw – your fingers and thumb must be around the handles. Keep your left-hand thumb behind the front handle – it can significantly reduce the power of potential backlash.

2. Contact with Chainsaw

While using it, do not be scared of going closer to it. You must hold the chainsaw firmly while being as close to it as possible. However, do not stand right behind the chainsaw; instead, stand at an angle to avoid being hit by the backlash. If you get close to the chainsaw, it helps you maintain a good balance.

3. Keep Yourself Balanced 

When you are working with this power tool, always find some flat surface to stand on where you could maintain the balance of your body. Place your feet apart, and put one of your feet a little ahead of the other foot – it gives a perfect balance to your body.

4. Bend Your Knees 

Working with the chainsaw, make sure that you never bend on your spine; always bend on your knees.

5. Lock the Chain 

Once you have completed one step and moved to the next one, always lock the chain to stop it from rotating. Unlock it when you are set to start work on the next step.

What Do You Need for Your Safety? 

Chainsaws are brutal if not dealt with care. Care is inevitable while working with this giant power tool. ensure that you have all the following safety gears:

  • A chainsaw helmet
  • Goggles with visor (if you do not have helmet) 
  • Logging or steel-toe boots to ensure the safety of your feet
  • Earmuffs (especially when you are working with gas chainsaw)
  • Protective chaps/trousers
  • Working gloves

You can go through a detailed guide on chainsaw safety gear, and ensure your safety when working with it.

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So, I have explained everything about the starting of Husqvarna Chainsaw, I am sure that you would have understood everything what I wanted to convey. Follow these troubleshooting steps if your Husqvarna chainsaw isn’t starting.

Meanwhile, these steps are not only helpful to start your Husqvarna chainsaw, but you can also apply these steps to start your chainsaw of some other model.

If you still have questions pertaining to the topic, let me know, I will try to resolve all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why will my Husqvarna chainsaw not start?

There can be multiple reasons; however, the most obvious reason is that the carburetor of your chainsaw can be clogged. This is a common problem when fuel remains in carburetor for long.

Q2. What is the button on top of a Husqvarna Chainsaw?

The button on the top of Husqvarna is decompression valve. It releases some of the compression from the chamber of internal combustion engine. It helps engine start easily.

Q3. How do you start a chainsaw engine?

In case of gas-powered chainsaws, you need to pull the rope to start the engine. If it does not start, inspect the amount of fuel in it. If fuel is present is appropriate amount, you should apply the choke. Now, you will most likely be able start your chainsaw.

Q4. What is Husqvarna smart start system?

Husqvarna smart start system is intended to facilitate users regarding easy start of the chainsaw. This technology creates more momentum when piston reaches its highest position. This increased momentum makes it easy for user to pull the rope and start it.

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