How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain? 5 Easy Steps & Precautions

A chainsaw is a complex power tool that comprises both mechanical and electrical parts – to continue working with chainsaw demands you to take great care of it; especially, when it comes to storing it. Usually, blades on the chainsaw chain get entangled when it is stored for long or remain unused. However, this is nothing to be concerned about, and the problem can be sorted out – considering the need of the hour I will tell you to untangle a chainsaw chain.

Since entangling is a common problem with chainsaws; however, a good and responsible owner must know to untangle a chainsaw chain and keep it in its working position. For this, you must know that a chainsaw chain doesn’t have blades, rather it has sharp teeth that might entangle with each other.

Therefore, if you often come across this problem with your chainsaw chain, you are in desperate need to know about the untangling of a chainsaw chain.

Before I take you through the procedure of untangling a chain, I would prefer to counsel you in a few lines about safety precautions.

Safety Precautions 

You need to comply with all safety precautions before you start working on untangling your chainsaw chain. Find a flat table, and put your chainsaw on that for untangling purposes. From the outset of the procedure, put ON your chainsaw safety gloves to avoid any injury that might be caused by the sharp teeth of the chainsaw chain.

Secondly, make sure that you have enough oil for lubrication between different parts of the chainsaw. Commonly, parts of the chainsaw get rusted when it is stored for a long, and bringing them back to their working position requires sufficient lubrication in between the parts.

Meanwhile, it is also suggested for you have some basic tools in your toolbox such as pliers, screwdrivers, wrench and etc. You may not need these tools; however, having them in your toolbox may offer a solution to an unpredictable problem.

Hand in hand, I also recommend you wear protective glasses before you start working on untangling your chainsaw chain. Though it seems to have no concern with eyes, still the debris and dust particles may cause irritation in your eyes.

Once you are done with these safety precautions, you are ready to start untangling procedure of your chainsaw chain.

Untangling a Chainsaw Chain?

If you have experience using a chainsaw, you will be well-convinced that there is nothing worse than having a tangled chainsaw chain.

It may frustrate you for that moment, but there is a simple way to get out of this anguish.

So, the following is a detailed and step-by-step guide on untangling of a chain on chainsaw;

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

1. Put Chainsaw on Flat Surface 

It is important to prepare your mind prior to starting working. Put the chainsaw on a flat surface and clean it well. Make sure that you separate the chain from the chainsaw. Wear protective gloves while taking the chain off from the guide bar. Remember that you cannot untangle the chain when it is attached to a chainsaw.

2. Lubrication of the Chain 

It is important to ensure that the chain is free from debris or every type of gunk – inarguably, a dirty chain could have been a potential reason for the tangling of the chain. Later on, add some bar and chain oil to create the required lubrication between the knots – if it is a small know, the remaining process might be quite simple for you.

Typically, a well-lubricated chain helps you hugely to continue the process smoothly. If the chain is not lubricated enough, it may not be able to move smoothly and take a lot of your time. If you have a new chain that has entangled in the box, you can skip adding lubricating oil and move to the next step.

3. Make Two Small Loops with One Large Loop 

This step demands you to find two loops on the opposite side of the chain – once you find them, hold one loop in each hand. If it is knotted, it may be difficult for you to make some space for holding loops. While holding one loop in each hand increase the distance between them up to three inches. While doing this, you will see the formation of a larger loop beneath it. This is how, you will make two small loops and one large loop – once you are there, you are ready to move to the next step.

4. Raise the Chain 

Keep on holding the chain from two loops you made earlier, and raise it in the air. The larger loop beneath two small loops will start reducing in size – wait unless the lower loop gets straight and stiff, and then it will start slipping through the smaller loops you made. Let this happen because the chain is releasing knots and untangling itself.

5. Repeat the Process 

If there are still knots or the chain is still not fully untangled, you can repeat the process. As the chain is in a circular shape, so the problem will certainly get resolved using this technique of making two small and one large loop.

So, having done these steps, you will surely be able to untangle your chainsaw chain.

How to Prevent Tangling of Chainsaw Chain? 

Honestly speaking, tangling isn’t preventable wholistically; however, it can still be reduced by complying with the given instructions;

  • Ensure that chain has no gunk or debris before you store it
  • Separate the chain from chainsaw may also be useful
  • Keep the chain lubricated enough
  • Teeth of the chain must be sharp enough to avoid tangling
  • Store it in a place where it could not get rusty

If you follow these aforementioned steps, it is truly less likely that you face tangling problem with the chain of your chainsaw.

Precautions After Untangling of Chainsaw Chain

Having successfully untangled the chain of your chainsaw, the job isn’t over yet – make sure that you consider the given things before you start using your chainsaw;

  • Put the chain on chainsaw in right direction
  • Check the tightness of chain on the guide bar
  • Use required amount of guide bar oil to let the chain rotate freely on it

These are important factors to consider before you start using your chainsaw again.

Final Words

Chainsaw is among the most dynamic and versatile tools – so are the problems associated with it. Here I have explained everything you need to know about how to untangle a chainsaw chain, and hope that you will have got clear picture of every step. It is usual for your chainsaw chain to get entangled, so there is nothing to worry about – follow the guide, and get rid of this problem.

If you still have any question regarding the topic, you can ask me!

Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you untangle chain loops?

This is quite simple – find the two loops on the chain, and hold one with each hand. Take both loops apart from each other, and it will make a larger loop beneath them. Raise the chain in the air unless the larger loop gets straightened and stiffened – once you are there, it will itself start falling to the bottom resolving the loops.

Q2. How do you unknot a fine chain?

It is nothing hard to unknot a fine chain. Simply add some lubrication on the knot, and raise the chain into the air while stirring it a bit. Keep stirring the chain in air for 1 to 2 minutes, and the knot will be gone.

Q3. Do chainsaw chains get stretched out?

Stretched chains are pretty much normal in case of chainsaw chain; specially, if you use your chainsaw too frequently. If you keep the chain loose, it can get of the bar and cause a serious injury. This thing necessitates the need of adjusting right amount of tension in chain of chainsaw.

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