How to Port a Chainsaw? 3 Simple Steps to Increase Power

A chainsaw is one of the most common and widely used power tools for cutting and woodwork. However, a huge number of homeowners aren’t satisfied with compressor ratios and power delivered by their chainsaws because of the job isn’t done for which they bought the chainsaw. Buying a suitable chainsaw is a separate topic that we have discussed earlier; now you will learn about the porting of your chainsaw in the simplest possible steps.

What if your chainsaw does not match the power requirements required to complete the task? Will you replace it with a new one? Yes, you can do this, but it will be a costlier option that can be avoided by porting your chainsaw and increasing its power by fifteen to twenty-five percent. The procedure is related to providing chainsaws with a higher compressor ratio that ultimately results in more power. 

So, if you are interested to know about porting of your chainsaw or in simple words if you are interested in adding into the power of your chainsaw, the given information will help you learn the chainsaw method in detail. Before starting our discussion, let us have a deeper insight into the term “Porting Chainsaw”. 

What is Meant by Chainsaw Porting?

Porting a chainsaw is an entirely technical thing that might be difficult for beginners to understand. However, the given information will help you understand all the technicalities in simple words.

In porting, a couple of alterations are made in the chainsaw in changing of chainsaw carburetor, alteration of the timing of port, changing in the shape of the cylinder hear, and fine-tuning are included.

Once you have done with process, you will have the following benefits;

  • The power of chainsaw is increased. This is because the compressor ratio is increased which affects power curve, response time and torque of chainsaw.
  • Chainsaw will be easy to deliver the job resulting in lower wear and tear.

At the same time, chainsaw porting adds a considerable number of serving years in the life span of chainsaw.

How to Port a Chainsaw

Tools Required for Chainsaw Porting

Prior to start the process, make sure that you have all necessary tools in your toolbox. There is required a variety of tools to undergo complex tasks – followings are the required tools;

  • Protective gloves
  • Goggles for safety of eyes
  • A clean piece of cloth to wipe out dirt and oil
  • Metal file
  • Grinder
  • An air-powered drill
  • Thin gasket
  • Flashlight, and other necessary tools such as wrenches and screwdrivers

Once you have these tools, you are ready to move ahead.

How to Port a Chainsaw 2023?

The process comprises of multiple steps. Following is the detail guide on how to port your chainsaw;

1. Alteration in Exhaust

In the first step, the muffler of the chainsaw needs to be opened, and make the exhaust ports larger than they are. The enlargement of ports can be done using multiple methods such as using grinding and drilling.

Once there is enough gap, make sure that the exhaust path has enough space. Now, you might have a question in your mind that how to port a chainsaw muffler; followings are the steps required to modify the muffler;

  • Polishing of cylinder ports
  • Opening of muffler
  • Retuning of carburetor and removal of CAT muffler
  • Polish the piston to make it lighter
  • Remove excessive material of piston by turning down piston’s crown external part and cylindrical base
  • Replace an RPM limited coil with unlimited coil

2. Create More Space

Once you have created a significant space in the inner ways of the chainsaw, now it is required to create more space in the intake and exhaust system.

Usually, there can be many methods of doing this; however, I would personally recommend the procedure of milling which is easy to understand and perform as well.

Meanwhile, to bring the chainsaw jug lower, you need to perform squishing – for this purpose, you will use a thin gasket.

3. Improving the Transfer Ports

Having completed the second step, you will have improved the power of your chainsaw to a huge extent. To bring more power to your chainsaw, you need to further modify the compressor transfer ports.

You can polish and grind mechanical timing ports to inflict your desired alteration in them. At the same time, it is recommended to take out excessive material for the piston to make it lighter.

To add more alteration, get the RPM limit coil out and replace it with the non-limited coil. Doing all these arrangements, the engine of your chainsaw will be significantly powerful.

Therefore, these are the safest and most reliable methods to improve the power of your chainsaw without any risk.

Usage of Sawdust to Increase Power of Chainsaw

Using sawdust is one of the unconventional methods used to enhance the power of chainsaw. Sawdust is utilized to fill the combustion chamber to the brim.

This effect provides the engine with massive power and enables the chainsaw to swing at full speed. But this can be dangerous for users as well because the compressor ratio is extraordinarily high, and handling chainsaws might be more difficult than usual.

Although using sawdust brings a matchless power to your chainsaw, it causes overheating of the chainsaw that can destroy the combustion chamber is continue for a long time.

What You Need to Remember While Porting Chainsaw?

Porting is a highly technical method to increase the power of a chainsaw – however, a little mistake can destroy the whole setting.

Ports are sensitive and specific for their purpose; minor mistreatment can cause irreparable damage and reduction in the power of chainsaws.

Personally, I will not suggest you use sawdust to increase the power of your chainsaw because I have found it more damaging than beneficial.

Hand in hand, if you are looking for how to port a Stihl chainsaw such as Stihl 291; you can simply do it by enlarging the ports, modifying mufflers, and tuning the carburetor.

Advantages of Porting Chainsaw

  • Muffler’s backpressure gets significantly lowered
  • Carburetor becomes more efficient with retuning
  • Chainsaw runs better and works more efficiently
  • Maintains lower temperate while running, reducing the wear and tear
  • Ultimately improves the life span of chainsaw

It is a common myth found in chainsaw users that porting reduces life of chainsaw – it only happens, when you do something wrong or improper. If you do it well, you will surely enjoy the above-mentioned benefits from your chainsaw.

Risks Involved in Chainsaw Porting

Porting is beneficial if done in the proper way – however, it could be scary if something goes wrong. With minor mistakes, while working with ports, you can face the loss of the whole of your chainsaw.

Make sure that you are able to perform the procedure; otherwise, do not get yourself indulge in it.

Being a mechanical engineer, I love working with machines, and it was my passion for machines that led me to perform chainsaw porting around 7 times.

But I would suggest you stay away from performing this procedure if you are not good at repairing machines or if you are weak at working with machines. 

Still, if you want to improve the power of your chainsaw; you may hire a professional to do the job for you. 


Modification in your chainsaw can bring you many significant benefits such as increased power with an improved life of your chainsaw. The process is technical, so I would state it not be practiced by someone who is not experienced in dealing with machines. 

Once you have ported your chainsaw, there is no way back, and of course, no one would like to go back when they will have a chainsaw with an increased power and lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much porting of a chainsaw will cost?

The price that needs to be incurred for porting varies from model to model. Usually, porting costs you from $100 to $300. However, spending this much amount gives you the value of your money.

Q2. Will my chainsaw require more fuel after porting?

Porting is mainly performed to add in the power of the engine of your chainsaw. Although there comes no major changes in engine’s requirement regarding fuel, but still, you need to give it little more fuel than before. This additional fuel will help you maintain the increased power curves and the efficiency of the altered power tool.

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