How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Dremel

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Dremel? 9 Step Guide 2023

Chainsaws have been around for a long – by now, it has emerged as a need of every homeowner who has a garden or backyard to maintain. Although it is a versatile machine that possesses the ability to deliver the job even in harsh circumstances, still it requires maintenance which includes the sharpness of the …

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How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain? 6 Simple Steps

As a person who has been working with machines throughout his professional career, I know how horrifying a power tool can be; especially, the chainsaw that features a chain with sharp blades moving at high speed on the guide bar. Although the engine is the most essential part, the cutting is done by chainsaw chain …

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How Does a Chainsaw Work

How Does a Chainsaw Work? Complete Working Mechanism

Chainsaws have been the most commonly used power tools used across the USA, and in most parts of the world. Being well-known equipment to cut trees, a chainsaw has emerged as the need of every homeowner. If you already own a chainsaw or you planning to buy a new one, you are in true need …

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Top Chainsaw Brands

10 Top Chainsaw Brands in 2023

The time has gone when axe and heavy-duty wood cutting machines were used to clear the landscape and make your lawn more presentable. Now, we have chainsaws that get the job done more precisely and easily. Meanwhile, there are many brands that manufacture chainsaws – some of them have good public recognition, while some good …

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How to Use a Chainsaw Sharpener

How to Use a Chainsaw Sharpener? Electric & Manual

Sharpening your chainsaw is one of the most important factors that ascertain the cutting efficiency of your chainsaw. If the edges chainsaw blade is dull, it will be less likely for that chainsaw to deliver a smooth and nice cut. Before the blades of your chainsaw chain are damaged enough to be replaced, it is …

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How to Adjust Chainsaw Carburetor

How to Adjust Chainsaw Carburetor? Step by Step Guide

Chainsaw is one of the widely used power tools in the United States, and yet a huge number of users do not know how to take proper care of it and maintain its efficiency. A carburetor plays a pivotal role in determining the effectiveness of a chainsaw, and while working with different types of woods, …

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How to Clean a Chainsaw

How to Clean a Chainsaw? 6 Easy Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

Whether you know it or not, the sawdust, debris, and lube oil on the bar of your chainsaw surely reduce its effectiveness. Meanwhile, knowing how to clean a chainsaw appears to be the most suitable solution to this problem – once you know the whole procedure, you will be able to thoroughly clean your chainsaw …

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How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain

How to Untangle a Chainsaw Chain? 5 Easy Steps & Precautions

A chainsaw is a complex power tool that comprises both mechanical and electrical parts – to continue working with chainsaw demands you to take great care of it; especially, when it comes to storing it. Usually, blades on the chainsaw chain get entangled when it is stored for long or remain unused. However, this is …

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What Size Chainsaw Do I Need

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need? For Pruning, Cutting Large Woods

With a bunch of options, you might be baffled, “what size chainsaw do I need?” The choice might be confusing to make, as there are a number of factors to consider in the nature of the use of the chainsaw tops among all. Whether you are planning to buy or rent a chainsaw, knowing what …

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Types of Chainsaws

Types of Chainsaws – 5 Different Types and Uses

Chainsaw is a versatile power tool with an exceptionally well ability of cutting woods, trunks, branches, and trees with a fast-rotating chain that spins around its guide bar. Mainly, there are two parts of a chainsaw; one of them is a long metal guide bar while the other is a small cylinder for fuel either …

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