Parts of Chainsaw

Parts of Chainsaw – Explained in Simple Terms

A chainsaw is one of the most incredible power tools with a huge list of major and minor mechanical and electrical parts. If you own a chainsaw or you are planning to buy it for yourself, it is better to have an idea about the parts of chainsaw and their functionality. From the outset of …

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How to Measure a Chainsaw Chain

How to Measure a Chainsaw Chain? Chain Size Guide

A chainsaw is an incredibly power tool that comprises of number of integral parts. Each part of this tool holds unique importance, and the same is the case with the chainsaw chain. Like any other serviceable power tool, the chain of your chainsaw might wear out compelling you to change it with a new one. …

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Chainsaw Safety Gear

Chainsaw Safety Gear – 6 Chainsaw Equipments For Protection

A chainsaw is one of the most versatile and powerful tools that might turn horrific if not used abiding by the standard instructions. After learning the use of chainsaw, it stands unavoidable to know about important chainsaw safety gears. When choosing protective gears, it must be your concern to meet the safety standards of that specialized …

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How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain be

How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain be? Guidelines & Tests

Similar to any other tool, the chainsaw demands maintenance – and for this power tool, maintenance is meant for taking care of bar oil that needs proper filling, thorough cleaning of carburetor, and accurate tension in the chain of the chainsaw. Tension in the chainsaw chain is directly associated with its performance, if the chain …

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How to Cut Down a Tree with a Chainsaw

How to Cut Down a Tree with a Chainsaw? 5 Safe Steps

The chainsaw has been one of the most famous and power tools that facilitate cutting, limbing, pruning, and felling trees. Its considerable advantages are surely accompanied by some serious disadvantages that might occur if you start using this ‘widow maker’ without knowing about its proper use. However, I will not let it happen, and this …

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How to Tighten a Chainsaw Chain

How to Tighten a Chainsaw Chain? 6 Easy Steps

The chainsaw chain is one of the fundamental parts of this power tool; during cutting, stresses and vibrations might reduce tension in the chain which results in compromised efficiency and halted cutting effectiveness. To overcome this inefficiency user might need to exert more pressure down to the chainsaw, and in worst cases, the chain may …

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How to Measure Chainsaw Bar

How to Measure Chainsaw Bar? 4 Quick & Easy Tips

A chainsaw has been quite a wonderful power tool used in the cutting of firewood. However, to get the best and maximum out of it, you need to have proper knowledge about its components. If you are using the wrong chain with an inappropriate bar, you will certainly increase the risk of accident for you …

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How to Use a Chainsaw

How to Use a Chainsaw? 10 Tips to Use it Safely & Effectively

From the outset of this article, I would like to make it clear that a chainsaw is one of the most dangerous power tools that you can use without a license. However, mistakes might bring irreparable losses – so, it is recommended to take great care while using a chainsaw. Stick to the following safety …

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How to Sharpen Chainsaw

How to Sharpen Chainsaw? With File & Electric Sharpener

Similar to any other tool you have in your arsenal, the chainsaw also requires proper maintenance and care to do its job effectively. You can get your chainsaw sharpened by some professional, but you have chance to learn that how to sharpen chainsaw in order to complete the job on your own and save some …

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Why was the Chainsaw Invented

Why was the Chainsaw Invented? Chainsaw & Childbirth

What was the purpose behind chainsaw creation? The answer could be surprising and horrific as well for some of the readers, however, it is not as bad as it sounds – the reason for inventing the chainsaw was to assist in childbirth; yes, you heard it right. Until the Caesarean Section was inline, all babies …

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